How to Write Effective Openers for Cold Emails

What do cold emails serve as their primary purpose? To create leads? To promote the business’s visibility? A conversion?

Most B2B businesses consider all of the factors as mentioned earlier to be equally significant. However, for a cold email to be effective, it must reach the prospect’s inbox, catch their attention, and prompt an opening and response.

When it comes to the final steps, did you know that before making a decision, people spend 74% of their time viewing the top two screenfuls of content? This indicates that when opening a new email, your prospect spends the majority of their time reading the subject line and opening line and only skims the remaining text until the very end.

They won’t continue sending a reply if the first sentence contains nothing interesting to comment on. Instead, they will simply delete the message from their inbox. Make sure to enhance the subject line of your cold emails if you want them to produce the desired results.

We’ve put together some advice on how to craft great subject lines for cold emails. In today’s guide we’ll look at some of great openers for cold emails! A good opening line for your sale company email will make or break your email campaign.

Emails that start with a good opening line for what they offer will help your prospects to open your email. Once you know what your prospects will like and look for, you will use the opening lines in the right way for great value.

Sounds interesting? Well then, keep reading until the very end!

What Are Cold Emails and Cold Calling?

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What does cold email mean? Why would you receive one? A cold email is a technique for generating leads and is crucial to the sales process. This is how a business or service provider introduces themselves to a potential client and, ideally, start a conversation.

Even though cold emails typically have lower response rates than other communication methods like cold calling, they also require less work from the salesperson (especially when using sales automation).

Since sales representatives who send out cold emails frequently have no prior relationship with the recipient, it can be challenging to master them.

Therefore, it’s crucial to create a cold email outreach campaign that connects with recipients on a personal level. Cold emails must be personalized, have interesting content, and convey a clear message about your product or service to be successful.

Cold emails have a significant advantage over cold calls in that sales representatives can quickly send messages to their entire email, even though they don’t provide the same level of control as cold calls do.

Sales teams that lack the resources to make a lot of cold calls can benefit greatly from the scalability of cold emailing.

Being thorough and refraining from spamming is key. Keep in mind that you’re attempting to strike up a conversation with your new client.

If not at a specific person, then at least at a particular persona of the buyer, email copy should always feel thoughtful and personal.

If your outreach isn’t working and you get less than 10% of responses, something is wrong.

Nevertheless, as more people hesitate to pick up the phone, many representatives are losing interest in cold calling as a strategy for generating new business.

Best Openers for Cold Emails!

If your email begins with a genuine value proposition piques the prospect’s interest, your chances of getting them to read it increase. Spend some time researching the business before sending a cold email, and then make an offer that your product can help with.

It is unlikely that your prospect has ever heard of you if you are one of many salespeople on your team. On the other hand, by mentioning a reliable individual you both know on your LinkedIn profile, you might raise the likelihood that your prospect will pay attention to what you have to say. Keep the email’s first sentence short and straightforward in this instance.

Your prospects enjoy being liked. By complimenting them on their accomplishments, they will be able to tell you you are a natural person interested in developing business relationships. A straightforward statement like “Congratulations on your recent promotion!” will work. 

When two people are connected in some way, people tend to trust them more. It might be a good idea to mention in the email opening line that you both support the same football team or were born and raised in the same place.

An effective opening line to an email is the best possible opening line. It’s unique, straightforward, and unquestionably attention-getting. The most challenging aspect of using a joke as a sales opening line is that it can be challenging to transition from the joke to talking about business.

Many cold emails are sent out to your prospects every day. Time and energy must be spent quickly skimming through every one of them. Sometimes the best business email opening line is to state your request clearly so that both parties can respect one another’s interests.

Worst Openers for Cold Emails!

You must also stop using the most overused and dull email openers, which are still employed by many businesses, to properly implement the strategies for a good business email opening line. Don’t be afraid to remove these openings from your cold email and replace them with more modern ones if you find them there. 

First bad example is I’d like to introduce myself. This expression has been overused and sounds far too formal. Simply because numerous other people are waiting to be introduced as well, your prospect doesn’t have time for you to present yourself.

Second bad example is I hope this email finds you well. Simply avoid. This stiff email greeting is a terrible way to start a conversation. In addition, by using this phrase, you are conveying to your prospect that they are just another email to you that doesn’t really interest you. Consequently, why should they care?

Third example is I apologize for disturbing you. If the goal of your email is to meet the needs of your prospect, why should you be sorry? It is advantageous for both of you if your business conversation continues. If that’s not the case, don’t write this possible prospect at all.

Fourth example is I decided to get in touch after seeing your page. This is a very ambiguous email subject line that does nothing to strengthen your message. Your prospect is already aware that you are contacting them to establish a connection. Just be more specific about how this relationship might be advantageous to you both right away. 

Fifth example is Have you had a good weekend? The opening line of this business email isn’t too bad overall. However, it might be perceived as overly informal if you are aiming at a particular industry.

Improving Your Sales Opening Lines for Your Company Emails!

Different types of emails exist. Both better and worse examples are available. Success cannot be assured by simply putting some words together and sending them out. By keeping in mind a few crucial best practices discovered through millions of emails sent, you can stack the deck in your favor.

This serves as your online business card. In the best-case scenario, your recipients will delete it without opening it if it is weak, generic, or spammy. At worst? They might mark it as spam, damaging your sender’s reputation and making it much more difficult to reach your intended audience.

Which type of email—personalized or generic—from an unknown sender are you more likely to open? You can quickly and easily make it about them by indicating their first name, location, company, or an earlier encounter.

We’re all so concerned about missing out that a limited-time offer, flash sale, countdown, or “just for you” subject line is sure to perform well. Just be sure to be sincere; if something isn’t genuinely limited-time or exclusive, don’t say it is because doing so will make them doubt your sincerity.

Does your subject line make the recipient aware of a clear and practical benefit? Is there a clear explanation of why they should read it? It should.

Making ludicrous promises you can’t keep may win you an opening, but it won’t result in a sale. Don’t make any promises or promote anything you can’t possibly deliver.

Come up with 25 subject lines. After selecting the two you think are the strongest, run an A/B test to determine which performs best.

You can warm up your cold outreach by keeping an eye on a potential customer or business and getting in touch when they take a step that suggests they might be interested in buying.

More Tips For Lines to Get Your Emails Opened By Your Prospects! Top Openers for Cold Emails!

Try to Reach The Right Prospect!

You need to know for sure you are contacting the appropriate clients before you start writing a cold email that people will open. You need to find the right person that will likely use your products. These clients will use your help and open your emails. They will get the point and let you an opportunity so send follow-up emails!

Which would you prefer—sending 100 emails to get 20 responses from prospects who don’t fit your ideal customer profile or sending 25 and getting five responses from prospects who do?

Prospects care about quality.

Beginning with a target analysis will help you maximize your outreach. Consider looking at data on demographics, such as:

Business size (for example, 1000 employees and more than $100M in ARR)

Location (for instance, Central America in general; Mexico City specifically)

Sectors (such as software, real estate, construction, and services)

Remove them from your email if they are in the wrong sector (or at an alarming stage of development). The last thing you want to do is waste time sending cold sales emails to prospects who aren’t a good fit for your company.

Then consider intent. This information is priceless if you have access to behavioral data from your CRM to support your cold call emails, like activity on your website or engagement with your brand on social media. Use that information to determine where the company is in the sales process. For instance, if they are already members of your marketing list, you can contact them immediately since they are a warm lead.

Start Building Your Outreach With a Great Contact!

You can learn many important things about your recipient thanks to social media like LinkedIn. It’s possible to check out to find the best client to reach out to. Since everyone uses LinkedIn these days, you will find a common link. Finding the appropriate person to reach, ideally a decision-maker is necessary if you are working with business prospects. I’ll walk you through a few of the options since there are many ways to accomplish this.

Of course, LinkedIn is where you should start, but to save time, use their search tools.

Think about the situation where I need to locate PepsiCo’s marketing manager. I could find their company page, browse through the available candidates, and eventually identify the ideal candidate. As an alternative, you could enter “marketing manager” into the search bar, and then add PepsiCo to the list of available companies.

I only need to click once to get the data I require.

Other approaches to locating the ideal contact for your cold email include the following:

Use the About Us section on the company website (if they have effective SEO, this should be simple to find).

To locate contacts, make use of a business database.

Ask the receptionist to connect you with the right person if they have a phone number listed.

Examine the annual report for any publicly traded companies. They might name senior leaders or critical figures within the company.

Use one of the email templates for referrals if none of the aforementioned tactics are successful. You’ll probably be able to contact the appropriate person by way of another member of their team.

Lastly, confirm that they have decision-making power. If not, locate the ideal candidate using one of the referral templates.

Don’t Forget to Customize Your Openers for Cold Emails!

It is appropriate to introduce yourself in a cold email, contrary to what many sales representatives believe. Personalize each email by introducing yourself and changing the opening line.

Instead of being a ready-made solution, cold email templates serve as a place to start when creating a tailored cold email campaign.

After choosing the ideal cold email template, change the body copy to reflect your brand and writing style to create much more distinctive emails. Let people know your name, job title, and employer. Inform potential customers of your motivations.

Following completion of the email body, use the following advice to personalize the line:

Make sure to only use their name when it makes sense to do so in the subject line.

Give as much detail as you can in the opening line. The open rate increases with the personalization of the line. Make use of figures, brand names, and numbers.

Play around with asking questions in the subject lines.

Keep your promises in the subject line. If there is a significant disconnect, you will see high open rates but low response rates.

Last but not least, if you’re wondering whether your cold call emails sound too much like a “marketing email,” then yes, they do.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide for openers for cold emails. If you think we’ve missed some good openers for cold emails, let us know right now! We love to learn!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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