Start Reaching Prospects with Great Outreach Emails

Learning how to write an outreach email is among the fundamental tasks of any aspiring marketer. Outreach emails are potent tools for extending your reach and presenting business opportunities to prospects. If you want to learn how to craft them properly, read til the end. 

But first, let’s establish a few basics.

What is an Outreach Email?

 An outreach email is a message sent to someone with the intention of establishing or furthering a relationship. People send them for personal or professional reasons, and the tone of the email will depend on its purpose.

There are four types of outreach emails:

  • Prospecting Emails
  • Follow-up Emails
  • Link-building Emails
  • Guest Blogging Emails

Prospective Emails

These are emails that attempt to reach out to potential customers and partners. They are non-intrusive, and they allow recipients to respond at a time convenient to them. These emails can have many different tones, from friendly and helpful to aggressive and persuasive. They assist customers and draw attention to the brand. A prospective customer is usually very receptive to these emails as long as the offer is relevant to their needs.

Follow-up Emails

A follow-up email is an email sent after an initial contact or conversation. Its purpose is to maintain communication, keep the conversation going, and build on the previous interaction. 

Follow-up emails are important because they provide an opportunity to continue the conversation. There are a plethora of reasons a prospect may not have responded yet. A follow-up email is a polite request for a response and a display of interest.

Link-Building Emails

 Link-building emails are a type of email that is used to promote and encourage other websites to link back to your own. These types of emails are a form of online marketing and are typically used in order to improve search engine optimization. But that isn’t the whole picture. 

Link-building is also a way to build a network with potential partners. They create opportunities for long-term collaborations. Link-building networks also create a network of information and resources that’s beneficial for both parties. This is because such a link improves the visibility and reach of both websites.

Guest Blogging Emails

Guest blogging emails are a type of email that is sent to the owner or administrator of a blog. Their main purpose is to get a guest to blog on a website. Guest blogging brings many of the benefits of link-building, except they involve entire blog posts instead of links.

It’s not enough to understand the types of outreach emails. Aspiring email marketers must also learn how to write an outreach email. It is a fundamental skill, not just for email specialists but for all professionals who wish to find new opportunities.

The following section outlines a few tips.

How to Write an Outreach Email

Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

Start with an Interesting Subject Line

An interesting subject line is crucial if you want your prospect to read the rest of your email. It outlines the content of your email and sets the stage for the bulk of your message. Subject lines are the first thing email recipients see. Keep your subject lines accurate, brief, and compelling.

For example: 

  • “Are you ready to take your business to the next level?”
  • “I have a simple solution to [pain point].”
  • “Here’s an idea for [opportunity].”
  • “I really liked what you said about [topic].”

Do Your Research and Personalize Your Email

Nobody responds well to cookie-cutter solutions of any kind. It isn’t any different with outreach emails. The key purpose of doing your research on a prospect is to determine your angle of approach and the relevance of your offer. 

The other purpose is to gain the information you can use to personalize your email. Many studies show that a significant number of respondents are more likely to open emails with their names in the subject line. When conducting research, make sure to find out information such as:

  • Prospect’s name
  • Their company
  • Their role or job position
  • A prospect’s accomplishments

This information will help you create an email that sounds as though the email was made specifically for them. (As it should be.)

State Your Value Proposition Clearly and Briefly

It’s likely that your recipient is a busy person. Even if they aren’t busy, it’s best to assume that they are. Get to your point straight away, and make sure to highlight the most important concepts. Focus on how you can bring value to your relationship and how you can help them meet their goals.

Focus On Mutual Benefits

A partnership must be mutually beneficial for a prospect to consider working with you. It’s easy to focus on your own goals and needs, but this is a rookie mistake. Remember that you’re asking a prospect to invest in your business, company, or project. You need to focus on how it’s worth their while.

People are rarely altruistic, and a proper businessman will always focus on how your partnership can benefit their goals.

Finish Your Outreach Email with a Clear CTA

A call to action is a clear, straightforward request for attention and action. It outlines the next steps your prospect must take if they want to take things to the next level. 

A clear CTA is essential because it provides a sense of direction. It also gives your prospect a clear direction on the next set of actions. CTAs guide leads further down the sales funnel, and they can mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.

Send Tactful Follow-Up Emails.

Follow-up emails are an important part of outreach email campaigns because they build on your previous efforts. If you don’t receive a response from your prospects, send a follow-up email to show them you still want to offer value.

Follow-up emails are important because they can triple your response rate. However, they must be crafted and sent skillfully. Nobody wants a cluttered inbox. Bombarding your prospect with follow-up emails is the easiest way to get your emails marked as spam.

Follow-up emails must be short, professional, and straight to the point.

In Summary

An outreach email is an email meant to establish a line of communication with a potential business partner or investor. They are not limited to marketing campaigns. Professionals can use them to open career opportunities related to their expertise. 

While writing successful outreach emails requires skill and creativity, you can start can by building good habits. Remember these simple tips as you hone your skills. You never know when your outreach email could land you an opportunity of a lifetime.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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