Effective Inside Sales Email Templates to Try

Are you aware of the number of emails that people send every day?

To be singled out in someone’s inbox, you must go the extra mile to convince, interest, and capture your prospect’s attention. You don’t need to write something lengthy to achieve that. Inside sales email templates will help you to write a well-formatted email that will convince potential clients to get in touch with you. 

When your email is long and ill-constructed, it will be ignored. You must communicate value to get the recipient to open it. This article will teach you how to write better emails that will provoke a response from your receiver.

What Is A Sales Email?

A sales email is a business outreach correspondence that introduces a product or service to prospective clients.

A sales email is known to promote existing relationships with clients and build better relationships with new clients. If you can communicate with your client via this method, it will aid in the development of your business.

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How to Write Effective Sales Emails

This four-line structure will help you to write better your sales emails.

1. Opening line

It’s important to address the recipient by their name and state your intention; your email should be about your recipient and not about you. Addressing your prospects by their name will determine the rate of responses you’ll get.

2. Offer line

One of the ways to get an immediate response is to use urgency or scarcity. Mention that there are a limited number of products that you want to sell. You can also highlight a solution to a problem you discovered, which will provoke a quick response.

3. Closing line

Your call to action should be simple. This means that all your reader will have to do to say a yes or a no. You shouldn’t ask too many questions or say unimportant things at this point. Your call to action can be a question: Would you like to get this product now?

4. Signature line

Your signature line should include relevant information like your contact info, name, links to other resourceful information, and anything else that is basic.

Inside Sales Email Templates


AIDA is effective because it follows a structure from the popular sales technique. It gets your prospect’s attention, provokes their interest, builds their desire, and encourages them to take action. AIDA technique works every time and will give you your desired result.

Hello, (Name)

Could your group manage 20 more leads every week?

I ask because other clients in (their industry) have experienced tremendous outcomes after just two meetings with my consulting team.

We just started providing consultancy services to (notable person or firm), and we’re already getting great outcomes.

Even though it might seem too good to be true, why not try it out for yourself?



2. The “Giver”

Hey {Name} 

In my investigation on [industry], I found that [pain point] is a significant commercial challenge. Does that also apply to you? 

If that’s the case, I came upon this [content] that you might find helpful. It describes the history of [pain point] and how the top individuals in [their industry] overcame it. 

In my studies lately, I’ve come across a lot of insightful material on the sector. Are you open to discussing them over coffee next week? 

Best regards 


This template works because sharing valuable solutions to problems will likely help you build rapport and encourage further communication.

This sales email template performs best when combined with relevant, high-quality content that is entertaining, instructive, or both. You can make the follow-up process simple by asking for feedback after sharing content.

3. Features – Advantage – Benefit

Hi {Name},

{Your company} offers {features}. It helps you to {advantages}. This implies that {benefits}. Does this interest you?


This works because it highlights two or more key features of your products. It also explains how helpful your product or service will be to your prospect.

4. Cliffhanger.

Hi {Name},

A client of ours {name} used {product} to put out its book to interested buyers. In less than 48 hours, they generated 600 leads. Are you interested in knowing how that was achieved?


This works because humans are naturally inquisitive, and not giving out the full information will make them curious.

5. Target one person, not a hundred.

Hi {Name},

You don’t have to dwell too long on {problem}. Do you know it can take you a lesser time to accomplish? Our {product} makes it easier. {Product features} Are you ready to achieve more in less time?


Remember that different individuals will read your email even if you have a large audience. It is best to write as if you are referring to just one of them with a call to action at the end.

6. Permission Wanted.

Hello {Name},

I am contacting you because I have ideas to help you generate more leads. This will help increase your clientele.

Could I reach out next week to share my ideas with you?

Warm regards, {Signature}

It’s rare for people to ask permission before marketing their products or service. Asking permission shows that you respect your prospects’ decisions. This may interest your prospect enough to give you a positive response.

7. Help me; I’m lost!

Hello [name], 

I’m looking for the ideal person to talk to at your organization about (pain points and typical industry problems). Could you direct me to the right person and the most effective method of contacting them? I appreciate your assistance in advance.



It is innate for humans to offer help. So, when you ask for help, they’ll naturally want to respond to you. Try it out!

8. Problem Solver.

Hello, {name} 

I know you are having {a problem}. Michael, one of our product experts, just finished putting out an estimate for {another customer} and discovered a way to cut costs by 50%. Should I also ask Dan to get in touch with you? 



People jump at the idea that there’s a solution to their problem. They’ll be moved if there’s a success story to your claims. 

9. Add more value.

Hello, {Name}

I stumbled upon a report that you’ll find helpful. It is related to an email I sent you about increasing your clientele.

If you are interested, let’s discuss this on a business date.



Offering your value for free is known to be highly effective. You should try this and see how fast your prospect will respond to you.

10. Cut the B.S

Hi {Name},

I’m {Name} from {organization}. I’ll cut to the chase, as I know you’re busy. Your team can use our {product} to garner more sales. The majority of our customers pay only {cost} for this service. I’ll give you the details if we jump on a call tomorrow at {Give 2 possible times}. 


Time is a valuable resource. Your prospect will appreciate it if you don’t beat around the bush. You should state precisely why you have sent an email without telling a long story.

More Effective Inside Sales Email Templates

11. ACCA

Whenever you compose a cold email, you should have a specific action in mind as your aim. Make sure the reader understands which course of action you want them to take. Because it is so actionable, the ACCA formula is a terrific tool for this. ACCA is short for:

  • Awareness: Highlight the situation.
  • Comprehension: Describe how it affects your potential client and how your solution can help. 
  • Conviction: Make people want the answer you’re promoting. 
  • Action: Include a call to action 

Hello [Name}, 

Sending emails and getting no response can be discouraging. For this reason, hundreds of salespeople use {product} to mass-personalize cold emails. Want to see how we can reduce your time on email outreach? 

Please let me know if you are available for a call tomorrow at {Give two possible times} so we can continue our conversation. 


12. The “Rapport Builder”

Hello, {Name} 

I saw on LinkedIn that we are both a part of the {common connection} and that you have launched a new office in {city}. 

I’d like to know if you’d be interested in attending our {conference} in December, given that you’re now a local. And since you hold similar views on clean technology and sustainability. 

One of the keynote speakers is an internationally famous “Industry” expert. On December 11th, the conference gets underway in “City.” 

Do you need a registration form from me? 

Sincere regards, 


Building rapport may be incredibly effective with pre-call discovery. Most people are also active on social media, which can be a great way to learn more about their interests. It can also be great for discovering what you can use to strike up a dialogue, as this sales email template does.

13. The “So What?”

Why should the reader be interested in what you have written? When you compose your email, ask yourself the “so what” question. This will keep your copy concise and compelling.

Hey {name},

It’s simple for you to scale and automate your email marketing thanks to the {product}. Additionally, it personalizes your emails, which encourages a greater response rate. 

Are you available for a call tomorrow at [provide two times] so I can go into further detail? 


14. The “Friend of a Friend”

Hello {Name}, 

Yesterday at lunch, {mutual connection’s Name} recounted that you were looking to {accomplish specific goal}, and it just so happens that my company specializes in {achieving specific goal}. 

He reasoned that connecting could be advantageous to both of us since I just assisted a {happy client} in improving their {goal-related measure}. 

Are you available for a brief call on Tuesday at 10 a.m to discuss this issue more? Cheers, {{Signature}}

A sales email template emphasizing a connection with the receiver will help them relax more quickly than usual. And may even give you credibility right away. It’s important to note that the first sentence—about sharing a meal—has a lot of impacts.

It demonstrates that you aren’t simply some random acquaintance trying to capitalize on their name. The email reads more like a partnership than a sales pitch since you’ve supplied evidence of that relationship.

15. The “String of Pearls”

The “String of Pearls” approach combines two or three powerful instances of how your product works into one email. 

Hello [name],

Salespeople like you use {product} to send better emails. We assisted {customer} in producing 500 emails in just 72 hours. We assisted {customer} in obtaining a 72% response rate on cold emails. The same is true for you; we can help. 

Can we talk tomorrow at {give possible times} so I can go into greater detail? 


16. Be Specific (But Give Nothing Away)

The ‘Be Specific (But Give Nothing Away) concludes our list of inside sales email templates. This copywriting strategy lures the reader to want to learn more. Give them a line of copy that teases them with details. Though challenging to execute, it is effective.

Hello {name} 

We at {company} intensify cold email outreach. Response rates to cold emails from our clients are 72%. Looks good, doesn’t it? Are you open to a call tomorrow at [provide two times] so I can go into more detail about what we do?



Writing your sales email letter should be easy if you use the inside sales email templates provided in this article. Remember to include the most important details when you state the purpose of your email. When you do, there is a higher possibility of getting a response from your prospect.

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