Best Landing Page Layouts to Inspire You

A well-designed landing page can attract prospects and convert them into high-paying customers. But how do you create a top-notch landing page that stands out? This guide’s best landing page layouts will give you a glimpse into what works. 

Each landing page example in this guide is unique in its way, as every company uses its styles of design and content. However, they all include the company’s valuable information with a clear call to action.

The key is to identify the best details for your brand and use them to your advantage. 

What Makes A Great Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page used for marketing and advertising purposes. It gives the visitors a hint into what a brand is about and then prompts them to take the next action. Lead generation landing pages typically offer visitors value, like e-books, free trials, or contest entries, in return for their contact details. 

Landing pages differ from a company’s main website but can also be incorporated into business websites. These pages are important because they set the tone for the website’s overall experience. Most businesses use landing pages to showcase features and benefits of a brand’s offerings and provide a call to action for visitors. 

Here are a few basic practices for high-converting landing pages:

  • Ensure your page offers a clear and concise value statement, so visitors instantly understand the page’s purpose.
  • Ensure your primary headline matches the ad or email CTA visitors clicked to land on the page.
  • Display testimonials and social proof to back up your page claims.
  • The landing page should focus on a single offer with a primary call to action (CTA).
  • Make your CTA stand out by using a distinct color and contrast, including whitespace and direction clues.
  • A/B testing can help you identify which of the two variations of a feature works best in driving conversions.

The Best Landing Page Layouts

When creating landing pages, there are certain structural, visual, and content guidelines that will help make your page stand out. Here are some real-world examples of landing pages to give you a glimpse into what works.

1. Goby

Goby’s landing page is well-crafted and visually appealing. The main focus of the brand is at the top of the page. It reads “Brushing perfected,” which makes visitors curious about what the company offers. 

Why it works.

  • Anatomy of a toothbrush: A section of the page details every aspect of the toothbrush. 
  • Social impact message: Shoppers are more likely to support a brand that gives back to the community. A section of Goby’s landing page contains the company’s social missions. It highlights that Goby donates a percentage of what it makes from every sale to a Student Outreach program. 
  • Social Proof: The landing page displays customer testimonials on the page. It also showcases carousels of Instagram photos at the bottom, with each image portraying the toothbrush as trendy and a must-have. It also displays the Instagram handles of influencers that have endorsed Goby, making it easy for viewers to see what each influencer says.

2. Calm

Calm is a sleep and meditation app that aims to control anxiety and provides relaxation and a boost in energy. Visitors are greeted with the landing page when they visit the app’s site. The landing page is simple and minimal, and above all, it conveys the product’s benefits pretty effectively, encouraging visitors to start immediately. 

Why it works

  • Short and sweet: The message is clear, straightforward, and minimal. The headline reads “Meet Calm,” offering a feeling of tranquility. 
  • Clear purpose: Calm spells out its services in a readable font and invites the viewer to get on the path of wellness. It reads: Better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety? Sign me Up!
  • Soothing colors and photography: The landing page reflects the brand’s name; it is serene with a calm color scheme. It also displays an evening sky with bright stars – these soft colors create a sense of calm.

3. Netflix

Netflix’s landing page highlights its benefits while making it easy for prospects to sign in. Its simple design, combined with its direct call-to-action, is what makes this a top-notch landing page. 

Why it works

  • One-field form: It’s super easy to get started – visitors only need to enter their email. A complicated form can be an instant red flag that scares visitors who aren’t very savvy away.
  • FAQ: At the bottom of the landing page, there’s a FAQ section with specific questions that Netflix users may have. This lets visitors get an idea of the benefits quickly. 
  • Straightforward content: The information on Netflix’s landing page is short and easily digestible. The benefits are clear, and the features are enough to entice visitors to sign up. 

4. CD Baby

CD Baby is a fantastic example of how a landing page ad can be clear and concise. The brand is a music distributor that helps independent musicians get on top platforms to reach a wider audience. They also ensure that musicians receive the royalties they deserve.

Why it works

  • State benefits: The landing page is concise and straight to the point letting the user know how they can benefit from their service.
  • Lists top streaming platforms. Musicians want to reach a large audience. Knowing they can get to top streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon) is a big deal. CD baby’s landing page includes a list of top streaming platforms they help their customers get on.
  • Video. The landing page features a video that highlights the pain points of musicians and demonstrates how CD baby can solve the problem.

5. LinkedIn

Almost everyone owns a LinkedIn profile today, but only a few people have upgraded their accounts to LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn’s landing page specifies the benefits of upgrading your account, especially for job seekers looking to stand out. 

Why it works

  • People over product: LinkedIn’s landing page displays beautiful photographs of smiling job applicants with images depicting the features of the Premium features. The photography signifies that the premium account make it easy for job applicants to stand out in the job market. 
  • Jump links. Because LinkedIn’s landing page is quite elaborate, there are links at the top of the page. This makes it possible for visitors to go directly to places that interest them the most. The jump links make it easy for users to navigate the landing page.
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Wrapping Up

A landing page usually contains the main selling point or features of a brand’s offerings. It aims to entice visitors to sign up for or subscribe to something or purchase an item or service. A well-designed landing page drives massive conversions. The best landing page layouts in this guide will help you create landing pages that convert.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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