Designing Landing Pages: an Effective Guide

Landing pages are destination pages subscribers and prospective customers reach after they’ve clicked through a marketing campaign.

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into subscribers, customers, and other active users. Designing a great landing page is crucial to the overall success of a marketing initiative. This guide on designing landing pages examines the key elements of a landing page.

An effective landing page grabs visitors’ attention, provides valuable information, and persuades them to take the desired action. The first step in designing an effective landing page is understanding your brand goals and potential customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to design landing pages that convert prospects into high-paying customers.

Designing Landing Pages: 7 Expert Tips

Landing pages are the first impression your potential customer has of your brand. They’re designed to entice visitors to take the desired action. The design of your landing page is just as important as the content itself. It needs to give the user a reason to choose your product or service. 

Here are a few best practices for designing a landing page that converts.

1. Visual Simplicity

Visual simplicity helps humanize your message, improve visitor’s focus and appealingly showcase your value proposition.

A landing page that maintains simplicity and a minimalist design provides an excellent experience for the user, making it easy for them to convert. Here’s how you can maintain visual clarity.

  • Maintain whitespace that isolate the call-to-action from other elements, making it easier for visitors to understand and focus. 
  • Create contrast using large, bold fonts and illustrations to draw visitors’ attention. Choose high-contrast colors that draw attention to the call-to-action and trigger emotional responses.
  • Place elements in a way that maximizes the attention of your visitors and directs them to keep reading. For instance, use prominent headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Provide only necessary information needed to persuade visitors to convert. Too much information can seem off-putting to your visitors. Focus on clear, accurate information. 
  • Explain details in the easiest way the visitor can understand. Use bullet points, and ensure the information you put out is easily scannable.

2. Use Great Media

Clear and relevant Images and videos add to your landing page’s overall beauty and presentation. They also help persuade viewers to take action. Use images that tell a story that fits the tone of your brand, showcase your unique product, and create a connection with visitors.

Instead of using generic images, display images of real, friendly-looking people. Include pictures of relevant products/services to build trust and give visitors a thorough understanding of what they’ll get.

3. Use Relevant and Appropriate Colors.

Your landing page’s appearance, feel, and overall design will significantly impact how well it converts. Colors create an impact on page visitors and make the brand noticeable. Appropriate colors improve the user interface and generate positive emotions that limit the chances of a user abandoning the page without converting.

Make sure your color scheme isn’t extreme or messy and is easy to read. The colors you use should enhance the product’s value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Use colors to accentuate the most critical elements on the page, e.g., CTAs. A user’s eye will be drawn to these elements because they stand out. 

4. Include Trust Signals

Trust signals indicate that your brand and its offering are trustworthy, genuine, and authentic. They take various forms, like testimonials, trusted badges, and positive endorsements.

Trust badges could also be logos of well-known brands you have previously worked with and recognitions you received. Including these testimonials and badges on your landing page can confirm that you’re legitimate in your claims.

5. Keep Your Forms Short

The main purpose of the landing page is to drive conversions. If a user visits your site, you want to collect as much data as possible. However, keeping your forms as simple as possible is essential to accomplish that goal — less is more.

The more fields you ask your visitors to fill out, the more disinterested they’ll be. Only request important information in your conversion forms.

6. Use Catchy and Concise Headlines

The headline is the first thing visitors will see when they visit a landing page. It should capture the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged and interested. The headline should clearly state your offering and unique value proposition in clear and concise terms. 

A compelling headline conveys a sense of urgency. It is persuasive, catchy, brief, and highlights the problem the brand’s product solves. Use subheadings to further explain what your brand offers. Your headings and subheadings should be clear and convincing. 

7. Use Strong Calls to Action.

Call-to-action buttons are an essential part of a remarkable landing page. They’re the driving force behind visitors taking the desired action. The most effective CTAs lead people down a buying/signing/subscribing funnel as quickly as possible. 

Your CTA buttons should be clear and straightforward, making it easy for the visitor to complete whatever action you want. Use visual cues and suggestive imagery to direct visitors toward the CTA.

Bright colors that make CTA buttons stand out work best. Actionable phrases like “Start Now” and “Buy Now” are compelling for conversions. 

Wrapping Up

Landing pages are powerful tools for promoting a new product or service, generating leads, and acquiring new customers. A well-designed landing page will attract prospects and convert them into high-paying customers. Designing a landing page that converts can be challenging. This guide on designing landing pages will help you create a high-converting, results-oriented landing page.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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