How to Write an Excellent Welcome Email to New Employee

Hiring new staff for your company is exciting. What’s more, the onboarding process allows them to feel at home even if they are a new to your office. Writing a welcome email to new employee is a great way to make them feel they belong.

Aside from their onboarding process, you should welcome your new employees enthusiastically. It increases their motivation to work more effectively and engage with their new colleagues. A simple welcome email can do the job for you.

This article will teach you how to write a welcome email to new employee using three easy steps.

What is a Welcome Email to New Employee?

A welcome email is a proforma-like email that new employees will receive to initiate them into the company culture.

It intends to welcome them to the team and make them feel they belong. 

The management sends this email at the beginning of the first week the employee joins the company. 

These emails contain personal information about the company and its history. It also carries necessary details on the work location, phone number, email address, and the official address of the office.

You can also include other information they may be looking for, including additional services you offer.

Making a welcome email to new employees can be done in three easy steps.

3 Easy Steps in Making a Welcome Email to New Employee

Did you hire new personnel for your company? Congratulations, because new talent has been added to your team! Are you worried if they will feel welcomed in your workplace? Be anxious no more!

Here are three easy steps in making a welcome email to new employees.

1. Get to Know Your New Employee Better

Writing an email for your new employee requires a lot of effort. If you want to make them feel welcome to your company, send them good wishes through a message.

The first thing you need to do is get to know them more.

Ask for their Details

First, you need to know the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email 
  • Contact Number

After knowing these details, you can ask them about their likes and dislikes.

This step helps you get to know them more, so the email you will write personally directs them.

Relate with Them

Another effort you can make in getting to know them more is by relating with them.

Ask them what they had for breakfast or when they got up. Talk to them about current events or new company projects.

It’s great to make them feel welcome in the workplace through constant interaction. That way, you will know the perfect welcome message for them.

2. Introduce Your Company

After getting to know your new employee better, it is time to introduce your company to them.

Share Company Details

Since you asked for their details, it is time to share your company’s information.

The following are some of the details you can share with them:

  • Company Name
  • Workplace Address
  • Company Email
  • Contact Number
  • The Name of the Operations Head or Human Resources Manager

Enlighten Them About Basic Company Guidelines

In your email, you can include at least three words describing your company’s guidelines.

It is ideal for letting your new employees know about the company’s values, so they know the moral and operational standards. However, you should keep in mind to let them know about this in a neutral tone.

Remember, you’re trying to welcome your new employee through the email you are composing.

3. Compose the Body

After sharing all the above details and getting to know them more, it is time to compose your email’s body.

There are a few things you should remember in writing your welcome email.

Be Friendly

Your email should not sound too formal and stiff. The intention of the email you are trying to compose is to make them feel comfortable with your company. 

Showing them that you are not like typical bosses that bully their new employees develops trust in them.

Be Accommodating

In writing your welcome email, you should also sound accommodating.

First, ask them how they feel after getting accepted for your company’s job posting. Then, you can tell them how proud and excited your company is to have them join the team.

Also, you can tell them that if they have any questions, they may feel free to ask you anytime. 

Be Encouraging

The last thing you should consider in writing your welcome email is encouraging them with their new job. 

We have all experienced feeling the nerve whenever we encounter new things. Most of the time, it affects our ability to work correctly.

You can use words that motivate them and tell them how the company looks forward to their outstanding performance.

To Wrap Up

New employees in your workplace open new opportunities for your company’s success. When new talent arrives, they deserve a warm welcome, from a cheerful hug to a motivating welcome email. Nothing beats a work environment that looks forward to the success of one another.

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How to Write an Excellent Welcome Email to New Employee

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