Vacation Negotiation Sample Letter- Requesting New Benefits 

An offer letter is a sign that a company wants you on its team. At the negotiation stage, you will realize how far they are willing to go to keep you around. Besides a boost in pay, vacation is also up for negotiation. And a vacation negotiation sample letter ensures you have your head screwed on right.

Both new and existing employees can bargain for more vacation time. If you feel drained and need more time to cool off, ask away!

Of course, this leaves you wondering how to get your employer on the same page as you.

Gaining mastery of negotiation may require time and experience, but this article is a step in the right direction.

Let’s help you get ready to negotiate below.

Why Negotiate Vacation Time?

Work-life balance is one of the secrets to living a healthy life. It’s easy to get carried away with work and eat into your personal or family time.

However, taking enough time off work offers a breath of fresh air. And it has proven to be a productivity hack.

So, the question is, why shouldn’t you negotiate vacation time?

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Vacation Negotiation Sample Letter Templates

Below, you’ll find two vacation negotiation sample letters.

Sample 1

Subject Line: Requesting Time Off for Vacation

Dear Sandy,

I’m writing to formally request time off for a much-needed vacation. I have confirmed with the Human Resources Manager that I have enough Paid Time Off (PTO) days to make this possible.

I understand the importance of being available to meet deadlines and other work-related obligations during business hours. However, this vacation can do wonders for my job performance upon return.

Please feel free to reach out during my absence if any questions arise regarding progress or deliverables associated with current projects.

I look forward to hearing from you soon about my approved leave of absence and thank you for your kind consideration.


[Your Name]

Sample 2

Hi Steve!

I want to express my utmost gratitude and excitement for being selected for this job. It is an honor to be considered, and I look forward to joining your team!

I understand that there may not be room in the budget to offer a pay increase.

But could you grant me more vacation time? This would make the offer even more irresistible, allowing me to relax and recharge during my tenure with you. Taking the extra time away from work will ensure I can return feeling refreshed and ready to perform at my best.

Looking forward to hearing your response.


[Your Name]

Final Words

Vacation negotiation is complex but rewarding. Crafting an effective letter can be daunting. But with the right attitude and persuasion, it’s entirely possible to get a successful outcome.

You can create an impeccable vacation negotiation sample letter to elicit a “Yes!” from even the most grumpy employer. With a well-written letter full of persuasion, personality, and emotion, get ready to take that dreamy getaway in no time.

Best of luck — now, go negotiate!

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