How to Write Winning Breakup Sales Email 

You probably have heard of “breakup,” but you might not have heard of the term “breakup sales email.” If you’ve tried to contact a prospect severally, but all you get is silence, you get stuck. You’re not sure if the prospect hasn’t read your email or if you’ve lost the deal. Sending them a simple breakup email can provoke a response and help you confirm whether the prospect is still interested.

Breakup emails are one of the most effective follow-up email formats to use if your prospect has not responded to your multiple follow-up emails. When done right, breakup emails can help you improve response rates and bring those cold prospects back into your sales cycle. 

What Is A Breakup Sales Email?

Sales breakup emails are the last emails you send a prospect that has gone cold for a long time. Additionally, it is the final communication after meeting the minimum sales requirements to acquire a new customer. You should write this email in a very polite tone, even though your efforts in closing a sales deal have failed. 

If your prospect has stopped returning emails and no longer appears to engage with your brand, your best option would be to move forward. It could be that they’re just not interested in your product. Breakup emails with a personal, professional, or friendly tone could spark a conversation or at least bring about resuming the relationship. All it takes is one well-written email to start the process of resolution.

The breakup email acknowledges that the prospect hasn’t responded to your emails or engaged with your brand. Your approach to a prospect’s absence of interest speaks a lot about your brand.

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Why Prospects Go Cold

After a few email exchanges, prospects shift to an order process. These people are primarily interested in learning more about your products or services. It’s the right time to get them signed up for your e-commerce site or follow up with them by phone. More than likely, they are going to go through with their purchase.

However, some other prospects can go cold. Here are some reasons why.

1. Already cold prospects

If a prospect goes cold, chances are they’re already cold but can’t tell the salesperson to his face to go away. But the fact remains that prospects don’t suddenly go cold. 

This category of prospects would let you keep speaking to them for you to think they are warm. In earnest, they were cold lead, so they would hardly show it. If you are communicating with prospects, observe their responses to determine if they are just polite or warm.

2. They’re having a tough time making decisions or have bought from someone else.

Your prospects are probably just having a tough time deciding. Or they bought from someone else in the meantime.

If the prospects have already purchased from a competitor brand, you may not have convinced them enough. If prospects are frustrated with the salesperson but need the product or service, they’ll go elsewhere. 

3. Hot prospects went cold due to pressure

A hot prospect can go cold if the seller is moving too quickly and mounting pressure on him. If you don’t align your timeline with theirs and do not engage your prospects, they may feel uncomfortable. 

How to Know if A Prospect has gone cold

Cold prospects are those that are not already connected to you and your brand. Instead, they are trying to determine if your product or service is worth their time and money. You can usually tell if someone is a cold prospect by how they react to your sales email

Cold prospects usually ignore these emails, do not open them, or click “delete” once they get sick of reading them. 

Why Breakup Sales Email Is Effective

A breakup email breaks off a relationship with a prospect after you have had an active relationship with them for a long time. In a breakup email, you outline why you need to move on. You also remind prospects of the value they have been getting from you and give them your last advice. A decision about re-uniting with you or settling in is ultimately theirs. 

Keep in mind that some may email back to let you know they are still interested in your offer, while others may not. The typical response is that they are still interested but don’t have the budget right now, and they’ll return later.

Tips for Crafting Effective Breakup Sales Emails

Breakup sales emails are as effective as the way they are conveyed. These tips will help you make the most out of your breakups sales email:

1. Be simple and precise

There is no need to tell an entire story in a breakup email. It should be short and straightforward. Rather than slog through ambiguity or lengthy explanations, let your focus be on the point. When it comes to getting the point across, precision is key. Be clear, so there can be no doubt in your prospect’s mind about your intentions.

2. Keep an open door for future engagement.

The breakup sales email doesn’t exactly mean you’re shutting the door on your prospect. It’s important to leave it open since you might want to open it in the future. Include a call to reconnect with your offer.

Saying thank you for your time with us is a great way to leave the door open. 

3. Offer value before walking away.

You may still want to provide value that can help your prospect. You may want to offer resources and links that will assist your prospect in addressing a pain point. This is a great way to show your prospects that you’re committed to providing value. 

You can also include a recap of your product or service if it applies to their pain point. 

Breakup Sales Email Template

Subject line: Hello [Prospect name]/Closing the loop

Hello (Prospect’s first name)

I’m sorry we haven’t been able to connect regarding your [business goal]; I wanted to give it one more try.

Are you available for a 15 to 20-minute call (date and time)? I have a few ideas that could improve your business.

Since you’re at the forefront of the [niche/industry] industry, you might find these resources useful.

  • Resource 1
  • Resource 2
  • Resource 3

Hope to hear from you!


[Your Name]


A breakup sales email marks the end of the relationship with a prospect. You can use it to “put out the fire” from a frustrating experience. That is, with someone who hasn’t responded to any of your emails in a long while.

With a breakup email, say your final goodbyes and close the chapter on the person, leaving the door open for future sales interactions. You’ve probably done everything possible to move the prospects dial-up in your favor, so it’s okay to move on. Organize your campaign to find prospects who may be suitable for your offer. 

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