Sales Report Letter: a Writing Guide With Template

Sales reports are effective tools that present clear interpretations of sales data for analysis and decision-making. They help salespeople understand sales and return rates for online retail enterprises. Sales reports are presented in a sales report letter, which is why you need to know how to structure such a letter. The example of sales report letter in this guide will help you get familiar with the document format.

The sales report gives the company valuable information about the company’s sales performance. Sales report include information like items ordered, quantity ordered, and invoice sum.

What Is A Sales Report?

A sales report is a document that tracks a business’s sales progress. It is a written record that shows how many sales a company generates daily, weekly, or monthly. They can aid in monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), which gauge a business’s progress in terms of sales.

All sales personnel, from agents to executives, can use this data to spot trends, improve their decision-making, and work toward achieving departmental objectives.

Companies use the data to analyze customer behavior, improve customer retention, and set customer service goals.

How to Create a Sales Report

Here are some tips that will enable you to create your sales report:

1. Understand your goals

Creating a sales report starts with setting the goal with your sales team. Why do you want to make a sales report? Your goals will help you decide how long your sales report will be and what it should include.

2. Collect your data.

Keep track of your sales KPIs during the entire period. You may already use a point-of-sale system or other marketing tools to track this data.

If you require more specific data, consider purchasing business intelligence software. These solutions occasionally provide a dashboard interface for interpreting data as it happens, and automatically generating presentations and data visualizations.

3. Display your data

You can easily display your business data in your online business listing and show your business acumen. Display your data to invite reviewers to your site to capture as much data as possible. Put the data to work and promote your business by sharing data with your clients.

Make sure you can communicate your data effectively with your audience. Using visualization and graphic design techniques, you can show trends better and get readers to find the information they need quickly.

4. Enhance the report’s look

Consider how the report appears to your audience to make it more enticing and understandable. Particularly if you’re reporting to someone without a history in sales, include labels and notes to clarify the figures. You can include images and colors to support your argument further and add visual appeal to your report.

Importance of Sales Reports

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Sales reports are important because they help you determine if you’re on the right track with your business.

The sales report letter is essential because it indicates the overall condition of your business to decision-makers. You need to keep track of your sales, benchmark your progress against your competitors, identify problem areas, and take action immediately. The sales report letter helps you achieve this.

Companies use this report to examine employee performance and determine how to improve sales in the short or long term. An ongoing sales reporting process can enable companies to track metrics over time, helping them analyze areas of the business continuously.

Example of Sales Report Letter

[Name of company]


Monthly report from [start date] to [end date]

Team performance data

Rates of lead conversion

[First sales rep]: [percent]

[Second sales rep]: [percent]

[Third sales rep]: [percent]


[First sales representative]: [Touch points]

[Second sales rep]: [Touch points]

[Third sales representative]: [Touchpoints]

Lead response time

[First sales rep]: [number of minutes]

[Second sales rep]: [number of minutes]

[Third sales rep]: [number of minutes]

Revenue closed

[First Sales Rep]: [Money earned from closed deals]

[Sales rep two]: [Money earned from closed deals]

[Third sales rep]: [Money earned from closed deals]

Performance improvement over last month

[First sales representative]: [% change]

[Second sales representative]: [% change]

[Third sales rep]: [% change]


A sales report is a tool for analysis that offers perceptions of the effectiveness of various sales operations inside a business. Sales teams use these reports to identify patterns and insights to raise the caliber of their goods and services. 

The data collected from the analysis is reported in a sales report letter. The example of sales report letter above will guide you in structuring your report.

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Sales Report Letter: a Writing Guide With Template

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