Letter of Recommendation for Law School: Tips & Templates

A letter of recommendation for law school is a formal document that assesses an individual’s suitability to study law. It should be written by someone who knows the applicant well and can speak to their academic ability, work ethic, and character.

This article provides effective tips for writing a perfect recommendation letter for law school. We also have templates you can use to help you write a flawless piece. 

Effective Tips for a Letter of Recommendation for Law School

A letter of recommendation can be essential to your law school application. Aligning yourself with respected professionals in the field will help boost your admissions profile. Here are some valuable tips to consider when writing a letter of recommendation: 

1. Frame Your Message Appropriately

Keep in mind that you are addressing the Admissions Committee and serving as a reference for the candidate’s character and skill set. Make sure your letter paints a flattering portrait while still being honest. Try to avoid coming across as biased or insincere. 

2. Stick to the Facts

Be specific about what you know about the candidate’s qualifications and capabilities – citing relevant examples whenever possible. Detail how they have demonstrated their strengths both inside and outside of class, work experience, or extracurricular activities. Remember that less is more – focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to sharing supporting details.

3. Mind the Length Restrictions

Most letters should be no longer than one page, so make every word count! Concisely describe why you feel the individual would be an asset at law school without rambling on unnecessarily.

Template for Letter of Recommendation for Law School

Hey INK can make writing a recommendation letter easy for you. Simply input basic details, and you get brilliant pieces such as the ones below. Check out our samples!

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Sample 1:

Dear Admissions Committee,

 It is my great pleasure to recommend John Doe for admission into your law school. I’ve had the privilege of knowing John as both a student and colleague for many years. His intellect, work ethic, and passion for the law are evident in everything he does. 

John has distinguished himself as an exemplary lawyer with his unwavering dedication to justice and public service. He has an incredibly sharp legal mind enabling him to grasp complex legal concepts quickly. In addition, his ability to think critically and challenge conventional wisdom makes him a formidable opponent in court debates. 

Most importantly, John genuinely cares about others – something that is reflected in all of his professional interactions. He takes great pride in assisting people less fortunate than himself and diligently advocates for some of the most vulnerable members of society. I believe John would be an outstanding member of your law school community. He will learn from and contribute significantly to its unique culture.

Closing Greetings,


Sample 2:

To Whom It May Concern, 

I have had the pleasure of knowing [Name] for many years and can attest to their qualifications as law students. A model of academic excellence, [Name] has achieved an outstanding record at [School], consistently ranking in the top percentile of their class. 

In addition to being highly intelligent and motivated, they possess excellent oral communication skills and are unafraid of public speaking. They would be an asset to any legal institution, and I enthusiastically recommend them for admission into your law school program. 

If you have any questions or require further information concerning this recommendation letter please do not hesitate contact me at (phone number). Thank you very much for your time consideration on this matter. 


[Your name][/Your signature[/

To Wrap Up

A letter of recommendation for law school is most beneficial when it is written by a professional who knows the candidate well. A potential law school candidate’s file may be strengthened if you can attest to the person’s academic ability and writing skills, among other things.

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