Free Guide for Writing Project Overview Summary

A project overview summary is a document that provides a high-level executive summary of your project. It should include the purpose of the project, what you expect to achieve, who will benefit from it and the cost. There may be slight variations in the exact content, but the goal remains the same.

A project overview summary describes in outline form the key points of a larger project. It should be concise and easy to understand for anyone who reads it. This guide will help you write an effective project overview summary for your own projects or for those of others.

How to Write a Project Overview Summary

The purpose of your overview summary is to give readers a quick snapshot of what the project is. You don’t expect everyone to be patient enough to dedicate their time to reading your entire project plan.

It outlines the goals and how you plan to implement them. In order to write an effective one, you need to understand the objectives of your audience and structure your information accordingly. The following tips will help you get started: 

Start With a Brief Introduction

Keep your introduction short and to the point. This will introduce your project to the reader. It should answer the question, “what is this project all about”? At the end of your brief introduction, a reader should have an idea of what the project is about. Essentially, it explains what the project is and outlines its main goals.

Describe the Process

Your subsequent paragraph should describe how the project will be carried out. It should outline any major steps or milestones involved along the way. How the project will achieve the stated need should be included in the paragraph as well. This paragraph should mention the most important components of the project, the expected benefits, and the potential risks in the process.

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Outline Your Desired Outcome

Your final paragraph should outline what you hope to achieve. Here, you summarize what you aim to achieve at the end of the project. If it’s a redesign of a website, state why you’re doing it and what the outcome will be.

Example of a Project Overview Summary

If you’ve ever felt that writing a step-by-step outline for your project is impossible, fret not! A project summary can be quite helpful when it comes to summarizing your project in a more concise, concise way. If you need an example to follow, you should check these free templates.

Template 1

This project will improve the water quality of a local stream. The project begins with the installation of new fencing along the banks of the stream to keep livestock out. This will help to prevent soil erosion and minimize runoff pollution. In addition, we will install check dams and diversions systems in key areas to reduce sedimentation and encourage groundwater recharge. Finally, we will plant native perennial vegetation along the stream corridor, which will stabilize soils, filter pollutants, and provide a habitat for wildlife. 

The objective of this project is to improve water quality in a local stream. At the end of the process, we hope to slow down erosion runoff and filter pollutants from entering our waterways.

Template 2

In this project, students will research a mineral resource and create an informational booklet about it. They will learn how to find information about their mineral, including its location, uses, and economic value. The goal of the project is for students to understand where minerals come from and what purpose they serve in our everyday lives. 

To begin the project, students will be given a list of possible mineral resources to choose from. They can then research their chosen resource using online sources such as geological surveys or other government websites. Once they have gathered enough information, they will compile it into an informative booklet. This booklet should include all pertinent facts, such as where the mineral is found, what it is used for, and its approximate market value. The finished product should be well-organized and easy to read, with plenty of accurate scientific data included.


Hope this quick guide on writing project overviews is helpful. To create a quick overview of a plan or project like the template provided above, you should use the Hey INK tool. You can use the tool to create your project summary within a few seconds. You only need to input your instructions and leave Hey INK to do the rest.

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