Back End Engineer Job Description: Duties, Skills & Template

When a hiring manager wants to recruit a back end engineer, a thorough job analysis of the role is performed. This analysis would include duties, qualifications, and skills that should be included in a back end engineer job description.

Who Is a Back End Engineer ?

A Back End Engineer is an experienced computer programmer specializing in developing server-side logic and applications. They design, create, test, and maintain complex back-end systems that support web and mobile services.

 Unlike Front End Engineers, they focus more on data’s structural integrity than user experience. As such, they must have an advanced understanding of database technologies, programming languages, networking protocols, security principles, system architecture, and software engineering best practices.

Primary Duties of a Back End Engineer

A Back End Engineer is responsible for developing server-side web application logic, integrating with the front-end components to deliver a complete solution

They manage core data services and processes and optimize the application for speed and scalability. This involves knowledge of Java, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, client-server, and microservices software architectures. 

The engineer must be able to handle complex algorithmic challenges while writing code that can be reutilized across multiple applications. To ensure optimal performance, they must deploy their solutions frequently and effectively debug issues when they arise. 

Overall, it’s an exciting role that offers immense rewards to those who embrace its many complexities. 

Essential Skills and Qualifications of a Back End Engineer

A Back End Engineer requires more than just technical prowess; they must possess an array of “essential skills” to excel in their role. Some of these skills are; 

1. Excellent Problem-solving and Debugging skills

A robust back-end engineer needs excellent problem-solving and debugging skills to create efficient systems. Troubleshooting can be arduous, from complex system designs to minor code details. 

2. Sound Understanding of Server Architecture

A sound understanding of server architecture is indispensable for implementing data storage solutions. This includes knowledge of databases (i.e., SQL/MongoDB) and expertise with frameworks like Java or NodeJS for handling requests. Knowing how to work with APIs and develop RESTful services is also critical to allow front-end developers access to the data. 

3. Authentication Protocols and Security Measures

Familiarity with authentication protocols and security measures is paramount, ensuring data integrity and user privacy are safeguarded. Lastly, experience with scripting languages such as Bash or Python makes developing automation scripts that integrate multiple processes effortlessly. 

The effective back-end engineer is a persistent problem solver who can use cutting-edge technology to create novel solutions while maintaining security and stability.

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Template: Back End Engineer Job Description

Company XYZ is looking for an experienced Back End Engineer passionate about delivering innovative solutions. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience building and managing large-scale applications, including developing back-end APIs that integrate seamlessly with user interfaces. 

The successful applicant must be comfortable creating robust algorithms and optimizing code performance. Expertise in software engineering best practices such as data structure, object-oriented programming, unit testing, version control, and security protocols is essential. The ideal candidate must be able to rapidly troubleshoot bugs and secure design architectures. 

We seek a self-motivated professional who can work collaboratively with our dynamic team of engineers to deploy complex projects quickly and effectively. An aptitude for working closely with cross-functional teams, learning new technologies, and communicating is imperative. Aspirants should possess excellent interpersonal skills, which will come in handy while liaising with stakeholders on technical matters. 

We look forward to your application if you have what it takes, then we look forward to your application!

To Wrap Up

A back end engineer job descriptionis usually hourly, contracting, or salaried. They may also be afforded a lot of freedom to exercise creativity. Overall, the job requires a knowledge of different programming language implementations.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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