Flight Attendant Job Description: a Free Guide

Dodging turbulence and jet lag, flight attendants traverse the skies with ease as if it were second nature. With unfaltering service and expertise, these professionals are resolute and approachable, ensuring a safe journey for travelers while providing an unparalleled level of hospitality.

This guide will walk you through what it takes to become a successful flight attendant. In addition, you will find flight attendant job description templates to ensure you get only the best attendants.

What Are the Core Duties of a Flight Attendant?

Flight attendants are the lifeline of a commercial flight, and their core duties are essential to ensure safety and satisfaction for travelers. Flight attendant duties can vary from airline to airline but generally consist of the following:

  • Preparing cabins for take-off and landing 
  • Responding to passengers’ needs in-flight
  • Carrying out emergency procedures
  • Deescalating heated situations 
  • Assisting medical emergencies 
  • Monitoring passenger behavior 
  • Handling customer service issues 
  • Collecting payments
  • Reconciling lost items 
  • Stocking onboard amenities
  • Ensuring the timely completion of the trip
flight attendant standing between passenger seat
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Pre-Flight Duties

A successful flight attendant is both knowledgeable about aircraft and emergency protocols as well as capable of providing exceptional customer service with poise. Before take-off, attendants must check cabin security, including seatbelts, carry-on luggage stowage, overhead compartments, lavatories, galleys, oxygen masks, and other emergency equipment. 

In-Flight Duties

Once airborne, they respond to passenger requests such as serving meals or beverages, answering questions on destinations, connecting flights and others; facilitating purchases through point-of-sale terminals; reporting irregularities during the trip (i.e., disruptive passengers); and providing instructions in case of an emergency. Furthermore, they offer assistance to special needs passengers and help maintain a pleasant ambiance throughout the journey. 

Flight attendants also need to be proficient in communication skills in order to interact effectively with diverse passengers and crew members. Throughout the day, they juggle many tasks simultaneously while remaining calm and composed under pressure. 

Post-Flight Duties

After disembarking, they confirm that all items have been collected from the plane and securely stored in the cargo hold. Additionally, they perform end-of-day cleaning activities, and complete paperwork for later use by maintenance crews. Finally, most airlines require attendants to be presentable at all times. This includes maintaining a neat and professional appearance while adhering to uniform standards outlined by each company. They may also receive additional training periodically to stay abreast of industry trends, changes in technology, updated safety guidelines and new customer service protocols. 

Flight Attendant Job Description Templates

Hiring a qualified flight attendant is easier when you have a good flight attendant job description. Check the templates below for inspiration.

Template 1

We are seeking an experienced flight attendant to join our team of passionate travel professionals. The ideal candidate will have a well-honed skill set in customer service, hospitality and safety regulations as it pertains to aircraft. 

In this role, the individual is responsible for creating an inviting atmosphere on board the aircraft and ensuring passenger comfort during their travel experience. This includes providing detailed information about the flight itinerary and responding to requests with poise and professionalism. Additionally, they must adhere to all FAA regulations while serving food and drinks, conducting pre-flight announcements and performing emergency procedures if needed. 

To be successful in this position, you should possess excellent communication skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure. You should also have a comprehensive understanding of international aviation laws and airline policies. Ultimately, we want someone who is committed to delivering exceptional service at every stage of the journey. 

Minimum requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • At least one year of experience working as a flight attendant 
  • Valid passport 
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills 
  • Strong knowledge of safety protocols 
  • Proficiency in English language 
  • Dedication to providing outstanding customer service

Template 2

We are currently looking for an experienced flight attendant to join our team. The ideal candidate should be passionate about travel and have the ability to provide exceptional customer service while working under pressure. A successful applicant must have excellent communication skills and outstanding knowledge of international regulations, flight safety procedures and emergency protocols. Additionally, they should demonstrate top-notch organizational abilities, as well as familiarity with food handling regulations and requirements. 


  • Ensure passengers’ comfort by providing them with pillows, blankets and other amenities 
  • Provide information regarding airline policies, procedures and destinations 
  • Inform passengers of arrival times, baggage claim regulations, connecting flights and available services 
  • Assist passengers with disabilities or special needs and ensure their safety during the flight 
  • Prepare and serve beverages and meals according to specified menus 
  • Check cabin appearance before departure and maintain cleanliness during the flight 
  • Greet passengers upon boarding and offer assistance with stowing luggage and finding seating locations 
  • Monitor passenger behavior to prevent any disruptive incidents 
  • Answer questions related to emergencies such as onboard medical issues, lost luggage, and accidents 


  • High school diploma or equivalent certification 
  • Must have a valid passport/visa allowing unrestricted global travel 
  • Previous experience in the hospitality industry is preferred but not mandatory 
  • FAA-approved Basic Emergency Training Certificate 
  • Ability to react calmly in stressful situations 
  • Excellent communication skills in English (familiarity with additional languages is desirable) 
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to diverse backgrounds 
  •  Capability to stand for long hours at a time on moving aircraft

To Wrap Up

Overall, flight attendants serve as a crucial link between airlines and travelers, guaranteeing the best possible experience for everyone aboard. This is no easy job, and you must ensure you get the right fit. Thus, you should write detailed descriptions like the ones above.

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