Free and Effective Grant Writer Job Description

Are you looking for a career that combines grant writing with grant research and grant development? If so, the grant writer job description could be the perfect fit for you!

Grant writers work to secure grant funding from organizations, foundations, or government entities. Read on to find out more about grant writing as a profession.

Who Is a Grant Writer?

Grant writers are professionals who help organizations secure grant funding. They research grant opportunities, develop proposals, and submit them to grant-making organizations.

Grant writers must be able to communicate the goals of the organization they represent. They should demonstrate why the proposed project is worthy of grant funds. 

Duties and Responsibilities for a Grant Writer Job Description

1. Research Grant Opportunities

A grant writer must be able to identify grant funding opportunities that align with the organization’s needs and goals. This involves researching grant-making organizations, reviewing grant guidelines, keeping current on grant program changes, and staying up-to-date on grant deadlines.

2. Develop Grant Proposals

The grant writer is responsible for developing well-written grant proposals that describe the project. It highlights its importance, and provide a clear budget outlining how you will use the funds. 

3. Submit Grant Applications

Once the proposal is completed, it’s time to submit it to the granting organization. The grant writer is responsible for submitting grant applications by application deadlines and following up with organizations regarding proposed grants and potential grant awards.

4. Manage Grant Funds

A grant writer may manage grant funds awarded to the organization. This includes tracking expenditures and reporting on grant progress by grant guidelines and regulations. 

5. Stay Organized

Grant writers must stay organized by maintaining accurate records of grant activities, including notes from meetings with grant makers, copies of submitted applications. Add other documents related to grant funding opportunities. 

Skills Required for a Grant Writer Job Description

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1. Excellent Writing and Communication Skills

A grant writer must write clear, concise proposals that effectively communicate the organization’s needs. They must also be able to negotiate with grant makers and build meaningful relationships with grant-making organizations. 

2. Knowledge of Grant-Making Processes

Grant writers need to understand grant-making procedures, guidelines, and regulations. This includes a comprehensive knowledge of the application process and the types of projects that receive funding from various grant makers. 

3. Research Abilities

Grant writers should have strong research abilities to identify relevant grant opportunities and collect pertinent data. Data like financial statements, demographics, etc., for inclusion in grant proposals. 

4. Attention to Detail

Grant writers must be able to pay close attention to grant guidelines and regulations. This is to ensure grant proposals are completed accurately and submitted on time. 

5. Time Management Skills

Grant writing can be time-consuming, especially when working with multiple grant makers. The grant writer must have excellent time management skills to meet deadlines and complete grant proposals within the allotted timeframe. 

Qualifications and Experience Required for a Grant Writer

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing or a Related Field

Most grant-making organizations prefer to hire grant writers with an educational background in creative writing, grant management, or a similar lot. 

2. Previous Grant Writing Experience

Grant writers should have at least one year of prior grant writing experience, either as freelancers or in an organization setting. 

3. Knowledge of Relevant Software Programs

Grant writers should be proficient with word processing and spreadsheet software programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. 

4. Understanding of Nonprofit Organizations

Grant writers need to understand the structure and operations of nonprofits and their goals, mission, and financial needs to craft grant proposals effectively. 

5. Certification

While not required, many grant writers pursue grant-writing certification to stand out from the competition. This demonstrates their expertise in the field of grant writing. 


Q: What Is Grant Writing?

Grant writing is researching grant opportunities, developing grant proposals, and submitting them to grant-making organizations to secure grant funding for projects or initiatives. 

Q: How Much Does a Grant Writer Make?

The salary range for grant writers varies depending on experience and location. According to PayScale, the average hourly wage for grant writers is $20.18 per hour. 

Q: Where Can I Find Grant Writing Jobs?

You can search for grant writing jobs on job boards such as Indeed or LinkedIn Jobs. There are organization websites that may list open positions directly. You can also explore freelance grant writing opportunities through online platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. 

In Summary

A grant writer could be the perfect job for those who have a knack for grant writing and researching grant opportunities. Grant writers are responsible for crafting grant proposals that accurately reflect an organization’s needs.

They provide persuasive arguments for why their project should be funded and adhere to grant-making regulations. To succeed in this role, grant writers need strong research abilities, excellent communication skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the grant application process. If you possess these skills, you may want to explore grant writing as a career! 

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