Effective Guide to Resume Headline or Summary

What is a resume headline or summary? Why is it important? — Is that what you ask? You’ve come to the right place!

A resume headline or summary is a brief, eye-catching statement that summarizes your qualifications. It’s the first thing employers see, so it needs to be catchy and persuasive.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to write a compelling headline or summary for your resume.

What Is a Resume Headline or Summary?

A resume headline or summary is a brief, catchy statement that quickly communicates your skills and experience to potential employers. It’s important to ensure your headline or summary is well-written and tailored to the job you are applying for.

It must grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read further. If done correctly, a good headline or summary can be the difference between getting an interview call and being passed over.

Why Is a Resume Headline or Summary Important?

There are many reasons why a resume headline or summary is important.

Firstly, it helps to briefly summarize your skills and experience, which can be quickly scanned by potential employers. This lets them see if you have the qualifications they are looking for right away.

Secondly, a well-written headline or summary can help personalize your resume and make it stand out from the others.

Finally, it can be used as a marketing tool to highlight your unique selling points and show how you could benefit an organization.

In short, a good headline or summary is an invaluable part of any resume. It briefly showcases what you have to offer an employer.

How to Write a Good Resume Headline or Summary?

Below are tips on how to write a good resume headline or summary:

1. Address your audience. Tailor your headline or summary to the position you are applying for. Use keywords and phrases that will interest the reader and make them want to learn more about you.

2. Keep it concise yet informative. Summarize who you are, your skills and experience, and what value you can bring to a potential employer. It should not be more than four or five sentences.

3. Make it stand out! A good headline or summary should be eye-catching so that hiring managers will take the time to read further into your resume document. Try using strong verbs such as “managed,” “created,” etc., rather than bland words like “did” or “worked on.”

4. Be sure of your facts before submitting. Get feedback from friends, family members, professionals, or online resources if needed. Edit and proofread the final draft several times for grammar and punctuation.

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Resume Headline or Summary Examples

Make sure your headline or summary tells the audience exactly what your qualifications are and what you can offer the hiring manager. You must briefly list the skills and qualities relevant to the job you are applying for.

Below are some resume headlines or summary examples to inspire you:

Resume Headline Example 1:

A top-performing sales representative with 5+ years of experience seeking a new opportunity in B2B sales and information technology service management.

Resume Headline Example 2:

A dedicated salesperson who consistently exceeds quota and has a proven track record in revenue growth.

Resume Headline Example 3:

Five-year career veteran specializing in human resources management with diverse experience in recruitment, interviewing, training & development, and Employee Relations.

Resume Headline Example 4:

A career-focused professional with over 5 years of experience in the service industry and a proven track record of providing great customer service.

Resume Headline Example 5:

A dedicated financial planner with 10+ years of experience providing sound investment advice to clients.

Resume Headline Example 6:

Results-Driven Operations Manager with 10+ years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries

Resume Headline Example 7:

Creative Graphic Designer with 7+ years of experience who is passionate about branding, web design, and user interface/experience (UI/UX).

Resume Headline Example 8:

Experienced Software Engineer with 4+ years of hands-on development experience working in various languages such as Java, Python, and NodeJS.

Resume Headline Example 9:

Led teams to success as an IT Manager for the past 5+ years, managing budgets upwards of $1M.

Resume Headline Example 10:

Senior Software Engineer with 10 years of experience developing mobile and web applications.


So, what is a resume headline or summary? Now you know the answer and its importance in the job market. Make sure to compose a compelling resume headline to stand out from the crowd.

An effective resume headline gives people an overview of your work experience. It describes your qualifications in terms of what you bring to the table. Use the examples in this post to craft a headline or summary for your resume that will get the attention of potential employers.

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