Putting Attention To In Your Email!

There are numerous justifications for addressing a email or package to a specific recipient. If you do, there are ways to address a email that will help ensure that it reaches its intended recipient.

An email should contain an attention section to ensure people receive your message. This article explains the benefits of using an attention email, how to format the mail, and what additional situations may benefit from this.

In today’s post, we are going to look at how you can put attention in an email you send. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

What’s an Attention Email?

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You can make sure that you deliver your email to the correct co-worker as quickly as possible with attention emails. You can write an quickly email by writing a few key lines of information.

How to Put Attention in an Email?

We use the abbreviation ATTN, which stands for “attention,” in emails and other written communication to designate the intended co-worker. Putting ATTN in the subject line is the ideal way to use it in email correspondence.

This makes it obvious to whom you address the message, increasing the likelihood that the intended recipient will read your email.

Put ATTN at the start of the subject line. When applying for a job, for example, you might only have a generic email addressed to the company. However, you still want to get the attention of a specific person or division.

Writing “ATTN: Michael Douglas” in the subject line is the best way to accomplish this.

A different option is to write “ATTN: Human Resources” or “ATTN: Accounting” if you are unable to remember any names.

In the subject line, add any additional relevant information. You should include details related to the content of the email not only in your email to draw people’s attention.

Due to its increased relevance, people will open and read it more quickly.

A good example would be “ATTN: Michael Douglas re: Marketing Exec Position.

Upon the subject line’s completion, begin the email’s body with ATTN. You can also place an ATTN message in the email body or a document attachment.

In this manner, you can still specify who the message is addressed to while limiting the subject line’s purpose to that. When you are replying to an email and the subject line others wrote, you might need to do this.

Both the email’s subject line and body can contain the ATTN indicator. However, avoid doing that if it isn’t extremely urgent.

Tips For Placing Attention in an Email

When you are unable to obtain the email address of the intended recipient, use ATTN. If you don’t know the direct email address of a company or department, you can email the contact address listed on the company website.

Following that, you should use ATTN to make it clear to whom the message should be addressed in the subject line.

When you need to get one or two people’s immediate attention while writing a memo that might interest a number of employees, use ATTN.

In this manner, you prioritize those to whom the message is most important while still keeping everyone informed.

The message could be sent to the entire sales team with the note “ATTN: Mary Douglas re: Marketing KPIs.” Add a subject line. It is imperative to include a subject line in every email you send.

You have the chance to make your email stand out and give some information about its content at this time. Emails without a subject line annoy their recipients by forcing them to open the email to figure out what it is about.

Subject Line

Shorten the subject line. Only about 60 characters of the subject line are typically visible in email inboxes. Moreover, only about 25 to 30 characters are displayed on mobile devices. Avoid using long words if you can. Instead, keep it short but eye catching!

The most crucial information should therefore be written first in the subject line and kept brief. Whoever that’s reading your email should be able to know what the content of the email pertains.

The use of abbreviations like “ATTN” and “RE” makes it simpler to include more details in the subject line.

Make your writing catchy. Emails are frequently clogged with spam and promotional material, and many recipients delete them before even opening them.

Your email must be memorable if you are emailing someone you do not know well. By writing an attention-grabbing and creative subject line, you can grab the recipients’ attention.


Putting ATTN tag on your subject line is an easy way to create urgency about your mail in a business environment. At the end of the day, we are sending tens or hundreds of emails in a typical day at work. This short tag springs people into action, and tells the reader that they need to read your mail shortly.

If you want to be sure that people read your email fully, you can use the ATTN tag on the mail body as well. This is the best method to make sure that people open your emails and take action in a short time.

If you want help from a specific person, put his or her name after the ATTN tag to make it crystal clear. The coworker you are looking for will know that you need their help, and you won’t waste any more time!

Business environment can get hectic, with email chains that no one knows how it started. Tags like ATTN and others, save time and sanity of everyone involved in these emails. So, you should try to use this tool the right way for an effective email!

We hope you found our post on putting attention in an email useful. If you have any questions, let us know!

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