How to Write an Urgent Email Subject Lines

Inboxes are cluttered more than ever due to the overwhelming…

Inboxes are cluttered more than ever due to the overwhelming volume of emails sent and received today. Because of this, you must be sure to capture readers’ attention right away for them to read and respond to your emails.

Your subject lines are vital to your email. People use it to determine whether to pay attention immediately, put it off until later, or ignore it. Many senders treat the subject line as an afterthought. This results in their emails being sent to the bottom of their inbox.

In today’s post, we are going to look at the best urgent email subject lines that grabs the readers attention immediately.

Why Are Subject Lines Important?

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Let’s say you want people to read your emails and respond appropriately. Then, you must give careful consideration to the subject line. Any type of response, whether it’s a quickly responding email, a response to a non-pressing email, or any other type.

For your subject line, you don’t have to write a book. Your subject line gets cut off if you exceed a specific character limit. As a result, your message has less of an impact.

Consider how you can convey your message in a subject line without making it too lengthy or complicated. There is no universal guideline for how long a subject line can be, but the shorter, the better.

A good subject line should also be pertinent to the email’s content. It may seem obvious to you, but to many people, it isn’t!

Making sure your subject line is pertinent to the information in your email, improves its chances of capturing the recipient’s attention. Additionally, it makes it much simpler for them to search for and locate the email if they need it in the future.

How to Make Your Emails Feel Urgent!

How can your email marketing convey a sense of urgency? What matters is how you give your subscribers the information. Continue reading for a description of the procedure and samples of email copy, subject lines, preheader text, and calls to action.

Including a deadline in your email copy is one of the most common ways to make it seem exigent. Setting a deadline will increase conversions, whether you’re promoting a hot deal or giving away tickets to an event.

Subscribers should receive praise in your copy for utilizing the offer within the allotted time.

You need an answer to a problem quickly when you’re facing one. If your company can address a prevalent issue, a subscriber’s need to find a solution and sense of urgency will increase.

Try framing your offering as a solution to a problem to persuade your subscribers to take immediate action.

Your subscribers will take action if they have the chance to obtain something rare. Have a popular video game that is in short supply? Did you restock a popular item? Are the products you’re offering limited edition?

Your subject line and preheader are elements of your email that should convey a sense of urgency. Word choice is crucial to communicate a sense of urgency in this situation.

Make your email sound exigent to draw attention to its content.

Use the word “urgent” in your subject line and preheader because you likely used one of the above-mentioned dire strategies.

For instance, your email’s preheader and subject line should entice the reader by revealing that it is about a flash sale.

More Tips on Giving Urgency to Your Emails

Emphasizing a sense of urgency can motivate people to take action. You can raise the opening, click-through, and click-to-open rates by using phrases like “sale starts,” “back in stock,” and “sale now.”

Pushing time limits and deadlines, however, can quickly become tiresome. Some products appear to be on sale for a limited time always.

The constant barrage of dire offers wears on readers.

Emails can sometimes be pressing. Others aren’t.

Some people demand a prompt response. Some inquiries can wait until the following week. However, unless you stated explicitly in the email’s subject line, your recipient won’t be able to tell when it arrives.

You can tell a recipient how pressing an email is, what you need them to do, and by when you need it done. How? By using urgency labels in the subject line. These may aid in making your email stand out from the rest of the junk in their inbox and draw them in.

Best Examples of Urgent Email Subject Lines!

Now that you know why subject lines are essential — for emergent emails especially — we’ll look at some examples.

  • 2 Days Left To Renew Your Subscription
  • Only 2 Seats Left For The Flight You Were Looking!
  • Create Your Free Account Now!
  • You Need To Update Your Device For It To Work
  • Your Credit Card Points Expire in a Week, Hurry And Spend Them!
  • Need Help With Writing Something RIGHT NOW? Keep Reading!
  • Don’t Check This If You Want To Miss On Great Deals!
  • Learning Never Stops — Discounts For Online Courses End Today!
  • Come And See While It’s Still Free!
  • Our deals end this day — Don’t Waste Any More Time!
  • Limited Time Opportunity On Helmets
  • Warning: This is Your Final Chance To Save Hundreds!
  • [IMPORTANT] Your Account Will Be Shut Down
  • Use Our Help In An Emergency
  • [Time Sensitive] Use Your Coupons In The Next 2 Days!


If you’re looking for a subject line that will get people to open your email, try one of these urgent email subject lines. Email marketing and other forms of digital communication often use a subject line for urgent matters.

It’s up to you what kind of urgency works best for your business, but we hope this article has given you some ideas! Have any other uses come up for urgent email subject lines? Let us know below or on our social media pages – we love hearing from our readers!

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a catchy subject line?

  • Example of successful email subject lines.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Don’t forget to include your familiar email address.
  • Avoid the “no-reply” name of the sender.
  • Use personalization tokens
  • Segment your lists
  • Do not make false promises.
  • Tell them what is inside.

How do you mention urgency in an email?

Put the email as priority mail to get their attention to your request: “[Urgent] – [What you need there] by [When] — Thanks for your help! ”. This way, they know what you need without pressing into your mail.

Is it rude to put urgent in email subject?

It is clear that subject lines that say “URGENT” or “ASAP” are completely unmeaning of the recipient. If your email is that urgent, pick up the phone and call the person. In the rare instance when an email is actually urgent, labeling it as such in the subject line is unnecessary and sets a strong tone.

How do I write a high priority mail?

In order to send a high priority email message, make sure the “Home” tab is active and click “New Email”. Enter your recipient’s email address, subject line, and body of the message. Make sure you’ve activated the “Message” tab. If the message has high priority, click “High Importance” on the “Tags” section of the “Message” tab.

How do you express urgency in an email template?

  • What your rival lacks”.
  • Do you know how your company compares to others?”.
  • I’m thinking about your problem with X.
  • “Taking X step”
  • This is our biggest takeaway from today’s call.
  • (Y) achieving Y bt [date]”.
  • Fewer suggestions for accomplishing your goal?
  • How the customer got Z results”.

How do you write urgency in writing?

  • Set a Deadline. The ad of urgency is unlike anything else.
  • Use Time-Sensitive Language
  • Scarcity-based Demand Management
  • Keep your writing short.
  • Directly and clearly call to action.

How do you politely say urgent?

  • “.. Because of [date and time]”.
  • “When you have a chance [at the following day, before tomorrow, this week].”.
  • I apologize for the urgency, but could you please send me X, Y, or complete Z at your earliest convenience?”.
  • “EOD”

What is a good subject line for emails?

  • In the subject line, answer open-ended questions.
  • You should give a clear command on your subject.
  • In your subject line, include a deadline.
  • Avoid shortening your subject lines.
  • In your email subject line, avoid spam words.
  • Don’t forget to use a teaser subject line to get people to open your email.

How do I send an urgency email in Outlook?

  • Make a new email by clicking New Email.
  • In the Tags group on the Ribbon, select High Importance – or Low Important -.

How do you write an email with deadlines?

  • According to day/date/schedule.
  • We’ll need this next day/date/date.
  • The deadline is specific to us on day / date.
  • We must meet our deadline by day or date.
  • Due date for this task is the day or date of the task.
  • We have set the deadline for completing this task.
How to Write an Urgent Email Subject Lines

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