How to Write Effective Discount Email Subject Lines

Discounts are always a major factor influencing the shopping experience for customers. If you want to drive sales and increase the number of your subscribers, try email subject lines with discount and special offers.

Email is one of the most effective ways to promote any form of a bargain. Giving discounts to your customers is an effective way to skyrocket your email open rates. However, with so many deals and discounts available, it can be challenging to stand out and compel readers to order via your email.

Discover the importance of discount email subject lines, how to create them, and a few samples shown to be effective in generating sales. Let’s get started!

man walking inside mall collage
man walking inside mall collage

Why Are Discount Email Subject Lines Important?

To get your email campaigns noticed, you must ensure you get your subject lines right first. That’s why having the right subject line is so important. If you use discount email subject lines well, you can entice delighted customers to make a purchase.

An email’s subject line is the first thing a recipient sees. It is the subject of discussion. It has a significant impact on whether or not the content is viewed. This is regardless of how well-written the content of the email

Most people open their emails based just on the subject line. It’s also vital to note that more than two-thirds of people will mark an email as spam based on its subject line alone.

Subject lines must lure an opening in order to find out what content awaits them, much like the cover of a book.

What Factors Make a Good Subject Line?

Good subject lines drive readers to click through and help the author reach his or her desired level of engagement.

Using descriptive language and creating curiosity might help you design a compelling email subject line. However, there are a few extra tricks you can employ in sales.

How to Write Effective Discount Email Subject Lines

Email marketers strive to be approachable and at the same time be formal in their emails. There is always a need for balance.

Effective email subject lines show readers what they’ll gain by clicking the link. They make customers feel a sense of urgency and offer sales deals for a limited-time.

Emojis are a good choice, but avoid using them in conjunction with clickbait. When creating a new strategy, honesty is an excellent place to start.

You can be straightforward about how your company might benefit them, but be imaginative in your approach.

How to Get the Best Subject Lines for Your Discount Emails

It’s time to start writing the copy for your email campaigns now that your plan and templates are in place. Sugarplum sales won’t dance into your bank account if you don’t follow these standard email marketing best practices.

Before you push the “send” button on your email, follow these four basic guidelines.

1. Make It Mobile-Friendly in Length

40 percent of mobile app users access their email accounts. If your email subject lines are longer than 60 characters, you’ll want to ensure they’re optimized for mobile consumption. Open rates can be greatly increased by using concise subject lines in some emails.

2. Experiment Using A/B Split Tests

Sync the preview text with the actual text. However, not all email service providers will show the preview text, which should go hand in hand with the subject line you’ve chosen.

It is essential to maintain the most critical information in the subject line. The preview text should compliment the subject line. Regardless of the service provider the recipient uses, subject lines are displayed.

3. Use Emoticons and Personalization

Regarding email marketing, nothing beats the power of a well-crafted personal message. You can’t go wrong if you don’t go overboard.

We recommend writing a unique subject line for your launch email to get people’s attention. You can then utilize customization in the final emails before your promotion finishes to re-create the sense of urgency.

Remember not to be too pushy. If someone continued calling out your name to gain your attention, you might perceive it as intrusive or sales-y.

Emojis can help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox by adding a splash of color and fun. Using emojis excessively, on the other hand, could make you appear unprofessional.

4. Apply Humor and Themed Phrases

To increase the number of people who open your email, include themed phrases and references.

When it comes to email marketing, using humor can be a particularly effective strategy. People are more likely to click on an email if it has a catchy headline, a clever pun, or a cultural allusion.

Email Subject Lines That Work for Discounts

Our library of discount email subject lines has proven effective in helping you get your message in front of your customers. See what we have compiled for you.

  • {Firstname}, Yule Not Gonna Believe This
  • Save. Big. Now
  • The Biggest Sale of the Year Starts NOW
  • Big Deals Incoming
  • Yule never believe these discounts!

For mega deals and sales:

  • Get Ready 2 Save Big
  • Deals This Good Only Happen 1X a Year
  • Who’s been a good elf this year?
  • Warm Up Your Winter 4 Less
  • Take 10% Off Sitewide. You’re Welcome

To Wrap Up

Email remains a tried-and-true method of achieving sales targets, even in an era where digital platforms and promotional strategies are continually evolving.

It’s impossible for everyone to have the best email subject line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t construct a good one. If you utilize the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll have a strong base for writing a good subject line.

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