Creative Email Subject Lines for Event Reminder

So you’ve got an event coming up, and you’re scrambling…

So you’ve got an event coming up, and you’re scrambling for a great email subject line to keep your invitation cycle flowing smoothly. Look no further! This article has great tips for making a great email subject line for event reminder. It also has a long list of subject line examples you can get inspiration from.

With a great subject line for your event email reminders, you’ll be able to get your recipients to respond much faster. You’ll also be able to get them excited to attend the said event.

Your subject line is the first thing people see. It should be eye-catching, interesting, and catch your audience’s interest. Follow the tips in this article, and you can make a subject that can do just that.

What Is an Email Subject Line?

Your email’s subject line is a general topic or motive for what is inside the email. It’s also the first point of contact for a potential customer.

According to a study, 47% of all emails are opened because of their subject line. The use of personalized email subjects is also a proven way to increase open rates by as much as 50%.

This is why it’s important to have your subject line be a strong selling tool. A great subject line should pique the reader’s interest and make them want to open the email.

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5 Key Strategies for Making Event Reminder Subject Lines

1. Keep It Simple and Concise.

Subject lines need to be simple and concise, so your recipient can easily understand them.

They are usually limited to 9 words or 50-60 characters. When making your subject line, avoid using complex words. Make sure to keep a tight focus on the subject of your email.

2. Personalize It

Emails that are personalized, timely, and relevant are proven more effective. A personalized email subject line does more than just sell the event. Writing a personalized email subject line is one of the best ways for you to connect with your contacts and make a sale.

People want to be constantly reminded of the events they go to and the information they learn when attending those events. Make a personal connection to the recipient and help connect with them using a personalized email subject line.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

By including time-sensitive phrases in your subject, people will be more likely to respond or prioritize the email over others in their inbox. Some phrases that create a sense of urgency include:

  • This offer is good for 24 hours only.
  • Take advantage of our flash sale!
  • Few seats left at this discounted rate.
  • This is your last chance.
  • Just one spot left!
  • Running out of time!

4. Spark Curiosity

Your email subject line should provide enough information to intrigue the recipient to open the email, ask questions, and find out more.

People are naturally curious, which drives them to take action. If your subject is interesting to them, they can’t resist clicking on your email to find out what it is about.

5. Use Active Voice

Using an active voice for your subject line will make it easier to understand. Instead of saying, “Your attendance at the event will be highly appreciated,” you can say, “We look forward to seeing you!.” The latter statement sounds a lot more excited and inviting.

Examples of Creative Email Subject Line for Event Reminder

For Company Meetings:

  • Conference Room Today: {Date}
  • We have an emergency meeting at 3 PM. Please reply to confirm your attendance.
  • We will have a meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM! See you there!
  • Meeting tomorrow! Please confirm your availability as soon as possible.
  • Quarterly Sales Performance Discussion: Conference Room, 6 PM Tomorrow.

For Events:

  • We’re excited to see you at this year’s {Event Name}
  • Get ready for {Event Name}!
  • Are you excited for {Event Name}? Because we are!
  • 4 Things you need to bring to {Event Name}
  • Don’t miss out {Event Name}

For Webinars:

  • Join us tomorrow at {Webinar Event}
  • Get ready for this year’s best {Webinar Event Name}!
  • The largest webinar in town is here: {Event Name}, Limited Slots, Register Now!
  • Only the Finest Speakers at this year’s {Webinar Event Name}!
  • This is your last chance to see {Speaker} live at {Webinar Event Name}

What to Include in Your Email Event Reminder

An event reminder email is simply a notification that reminds your target audience about the location, date, time, and other information about your event.

There are five main things that every email event reminder should contain. Remember these, so you won’t miss mentioning any important information.

Event Name

Include the complete name of the event. You can also mention what it’s about and the topics it will focus on.

Time and Date

Be exact when giving the time and date details for the event. Include the start and end date and time. If you need participants to show up earlier for registration or stay later for the finale, communicate this information to them.


Share the location of the event in a way that will help participants to locate it easily. You can include landmarks or Google Map coordinates. Include the floor and room numbers if necessary.

What They Should Prepare

Participants need to know what they need to bring, if necessary. This could include their laptops, headset, water, and anything specific to the event.

Additional Information

Some additional information that may be relevant to the event are:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Event Rules
  • Dress Code

When Should I Send My Email Event Reminder?

The perfect time to send your reminder email will vary depending on the situation. Make sure to send your emails during office hours. And don’t forget to remind customers about the event at least a week prior and again on the event date.

To Wrap Up

Keep the subject lines of your event reminder emails brief, personal, and brand consistent. A good subject line gives a nugget of content to keep the reader interested in the email. It also provides a quick and easy way to communicate your big sale, event, or brand-new product.

By using a good email subject line for event reminder, you’ll improve your click-through and open rates. And you may even get some new loyal customers!

Frequently asked questions

What can I say instead of gentle reminder?

  • That’s a nice way to describe it.
  • friendly reminder
  • memento n
  • courteous reminder
  • just a reminder
  • little reminder
  • small reminder
  • kind reminder

What makes a good subject line?

A good subject line is usually personal or descriptive, and gives people a reason to check out your content. You should keep your audience in mind and try different words and phrases to see what they prefer, no matter what your approach is.

How do you use gentle reminder in a sentence?

  • The fact that his strikers are now at boiling point in the Championship promotion race may have been a reminder to his strikeforces. (2015).
  • Just to remind you that an election is scheduled today. (2010).
  • It is important to keep an eye on them for the constant reminders you need.

How do you ask someone to participate in an event?

You can use the expression “I am calling to invite you to.. (event)” to explain why you are calling people you don’t know well. If you are talking to someone you know well, just mention the event and ask if they want to come. “I am hosting a party at my house on Wednesday.”.

How do I send a reminder email example?

Dear Name, we hope you are doing well. We want to remind you that your next appointment with organizer’ is scheduled for date and time. We hope to see you there in the future.

Is it correct to say gentle reminder?

The notion of gentle reminders is nothing friendly. A warning signifies there will be a new reminder afterward, or a fine or repercussion. A superior to an inferior is normally known as ‘Kindly’. Send a letter to the boss.

How do you write a reminder email for an event?

Template for a simple event reminder, Hi [Name], Touching base to let you know that [event name] is just a week away. Don’t forget to keep track of our exciting news – you won’t want to miss out. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

What is a good subject line for a follow up email?

Keep the same subject line they used in which they replied, with «RE:» in the subject line. For your follow-up emails, the subject line should read: “Re: We are still finalizing the schedule.”. Why is this an effective subject line to follow up? The recipient will recognize it right away, so it gets opened quickly.

What do you say in a party reminder?

Remember, you should tell guests you’re looking forward to the party with your final reminder. Add a tongue-in-cheek reason why they should be doing so. An example is “great cocktails, amazing people, and free high fives.”. If you do not like emojis, delete them if you cannot.

Is touching base a good subject line?

It also provides a great alternative to overused subject lines such as “Checking in” or “Touching base,” which have zero value. In addition to appearing wasteful and inconsiderate of the prospect’s time, they don’t work. The “Touching Base” was actually failed 50% of the time.

What is subject in email with example?

The subject line and the sender’s name are the two most prevalent things people look at in their inbox. You should use a familiar name. If possible, send an email from a real person. A company like MailerLite, for instance, works well because the reader can recognize the company and the name adds a personal touch.

How do you write a subject line for an invitation?

  • Watch out for [Event Name].
  • [Event Type] in [Geographic Location]: [Name].
  • Join us at [Event Name]! Hi [Name], free [Date]!

What is a good subject line?

Think about how your email will benefit your recipients when you select a concise subject line. Make that benefit clear to everyone. For example, “Increase your open rates by 50% today” is more appealing than “How to increase your open rate.”.

When should you send an event reminder?

Let attendees remember your event and whet their appetite for reminders three times during the event. A week before the event, a day before it, and the day of the event. It is common belief that the best time to send such messages is during non-working hours, although this will depend on how many participants you have.

Can we write gentle reminder in email?

An email sent before something else happens, for instance, reminds you about a meeting that is coming up. An email sent after something failed to happen, for example, a reminder that an invoice has not been paid.

Creative Email Subject Lines for Event Reminder

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