How to Determine the Best Email Subject Line Length

Subject lines matter. Like the titles of blog posts, they…

Subject lines matter. Like the titles of blog posts, they capture the reader’s attention and provide a snapshot of the email’s contents. Even when they are short, subject lines can significantly affect your campaign. This article focuses on the importance of email subject line length and provides helpful tips.

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What is an Email Subject Line

An email subject line is a one-line summary that often includes the sender’s name and the content of the email. Subject lines are limited to 60 characters.

The subject line invites the recipient to open the email and read its contents.

Emails are a staple of any marketing effort, and they help businesses reach a wider audience. Good subject lines directly impact key email marketing metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and call-to-action conversions.

The Importance of Email Subject Line Length

Subject line length can affect the way your recipients perceive your email. Marketers need to understand that many factors affect the ideal length of your subject line. As with all forms of marketing, a cookie-cutter solution will often yield poor results.

Every subscriber list comes with different quirks and characteristics. Marketers need to vary their approach for every subscriber list they handle.

Subject Line Length Best Practices

There are two main points of reference for determining the ideal subject line length:

User Devices

The same content may look different depending on the device it’s viewed on. An eight-word subject line may look fine on a computer screen and crowded on a mobile device. 

Studying the devices your recipients used to view your emails is essential. It allows you to determine a subject line length that fits their screens.

A subject line cut off doesn’t just look dull; it can also irritate users because the message becomes incomplete. Most users might simply ignore the email if they don’t know what you’re trying to offer them.

Previous Subject Line Performance

You can also look at the data related to previous subject line lengths to determine the best approach for a given audience. If a specific length performs well with X type of recipient, similar subject line lengths will likely yield similar results.

Again, remember to add variations to your subject lines and personalize them if you can. Nobody likes a cookie-cutter job, and nobody likes receiving an email template.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that the more effective emails land at the top of a prospect’s inbox. A big part of creating effective email newsletters is creating compelling subject lines. Seemingly trivial factors such as subject line length can significantly impact your email campaign’s success. 

Research is the key to determining the right subject line length for a particular email list. Take the time to test your approaches before you send your emails to people.

Frequently asked questions

How long should an email Preheader be?

The preheader can be extended to 250 characters, but we advise 90 characters. Preheaders are usually able to be found in the first 5-8 words, although you should still think carefully of the following words.

Does the length of the subject line matter?

Subject lines that are longer perform better. Adestra, a U.K.-based email provider, says this boosts response rates. The company examined more than 1 billion emails to determine whether subject lines of 90 characters and more produced the highest response rates. Also, 30 characters or less played well.

What is the ideal paragraph length in a business email?

If a fact is important, put it in its own paragraph. In fact, shorter emails will have one or three paragraphs. Avoid exceeding five lines and rarely exceed seven lines. Reports that are more descriptive should have paragraphs of seven lines.

How long are most subject lines?

According to Return Path and their research after analyzing more than 2 million emails, most subject lines are between 41-50 characters long. When it comes to keeping the subject line to 35 characters, it is definitely worth trying.

When drafting an email do you keep the line length?

In most cases, a subject line length is between 28 and 50 characters. A 40-100 character preheader is ideal. Ideally, 50 to 125 words are enough for email copy. A CTA should be between two and five words.

How do you optimize a subject line?

In order to optimize email subject lines, it is important to identify which elements of your subject lines your audience is most likely to respond to. To avoid common mistakes such as: Too long – two full sentences are too long. No personalization.

How many characters should email subject be?

Web-based readers may find that many email programs cut their subject lines when viewing them. This is usually around the 55-character limit. Mobile inboxes, on the other hand, usually cut off subject lines at about 30 characters.

Should email subjects be short?

The best subject lines are ones or two (5 to 10 characters) with the most words. Performance is second behind a total of 14 words. A small two-to-four word reduction reduces clicks and opens.

What makes a good email subject line?

Don’t let the subject lines be left to chance when composing marketing emails. Creating short, descriptive subject lines gives the reader a reason to explore your message further.

How long should your subject line be?

Keep the message short For many recipients, particularly those reading your email via mobile devices, shorter is often better. The maximum length of your words is 9 MB and 60 MB.

What subject lines get the most opens?

Why do you send me emails with question subject lines?””. Incorporating their name helps to make their email more personal, which will help it stand out in their inbox.

How to Determine the Best Email Subject Line Length

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