Ways to Write a Paper in APA Style Essay Structure

No matter who is doing the writing, there are certain parts of crafting an APA-style essay structure.

These parts include outlining the paper, creating a title, finding and integrating sources, and structuring the document to flow from research to theory, application, the conclusion. 

It’s essential to take the time to familiarize yourself with these different parts of your paper before starting the writing process so that you can produce a robust and coherent piece. Reading this accessible guide will help you learn about APA’s key elements and the requirements of the latest version. 

What Is the APA Style Essay Structure?

The American Psychological Association (APA) has created a set of formatting guidelines and citation rules for its publications. Let’s look at its point of view.

Professional papers, scholarly writings, and student works must meet a standard of academic integrity. Sociology, philosophy, and anthropology use APA in a variety of fields. This determines how to structure educational content and present elements of the work you have written using effective strategies. 

Guidelines for APA Style Essay Structure

Here are a few tips for the APA essay format. Starting with the APA essay you are working on, here is the general outline.

We recommend checking specific guidelines given by your instructor since they may not have some requirements included in the official APA Publications Manual. You can find examples of how APA papers should be written and then purchase a good paper sample. Below are the rules: 

1. Indent the First Word

You must include a running head on every page with 50 characters with spaces. This is a shortened version of your paper’s title. The title page should consist of your header with the phrase “Running head” and after the colon – “TITLE OF YOUR PROJECT” in capital letters. A running head should be left-justified. 

2. Page Title

The title page of professional publications and college manuscripts for high school students are covered by various guides in APA 7. Four pieces of information are present on the Title Page: Your work’s running head, title, authorship, and institution affiliation are your names.

The teacher’s name, the course number, and the due date for this task are listed on a student document. The page header should be flush left, and the page number should be rife at the top. 

3. the Abstract

On the new page, the Abstract is introduced. The header should include the words “Running head .”Click on bold the word “Abstract” on the first line. You don’t need quotation marks, underlining, or italics for this project. Start summarizing the research you have conducted and mentioning the key findings. Do not insert this paragraph. Make sure you have written a minimum of 250 words. It should contain a topic, questions, participants, methods, data analysis, results, and conclusions. Please explain what your work means and what research you plan to do next. Remember, the whole abstract should look like a single paragraph. 

4. Referencing

Make sure that it’s not bold and italicized. You should list the sources alphabetically according to the author’s last name. Hang an indent. In this section, you should include all of the sources you have read and cited in your work. To avoid plagiarism, you should make an entry for every article in your document. 

5. Citations

A parenthetical reference accompanies all APA citations. Each book, webpage, article, or other source must follow specific instructions. You can simplify your life and use an online citation generator to cite all your sources without difficulties. You need to find a reliable APA citation generator, enter the ISBN or URL, and both in-text citation and complete reference will be generated automatically. 


In the conclusion of your paper, restate your main points and support their importance to your thesis. Also, mention your remaining research, if there is any. Remember to summarize your paper’s strengths and weaknesses and what, if anything, you would like to see for your essay, research, or article in the future.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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