Claim of Value Essay Outline: Effective Guide

Let’s be honest; writing an essay can be daunting for many students. And many students are accustomed to the feeling of panic when they sit down to write. So, if you’re in search of an effective claim of value essay outline, you’re at the right place! A claim of value is a persuasive essay that makes an assertion about the goodness or inferiority of a particular idea.

Students are often assigned this literary analysis paper to create a strong claim and support it with facts and evidence from the text. And to ensure a correct flow of logic to make the writing comprehensible, you must follow the proper outline for writing the essay.

This article will guide you through the key steps of structuring your essay right.

What Is Claim of Value Essay?

A claim of value is a persuasive essay where the writer makes an argument for the moral or aesthetic value of a particular idea. It must be supported by making a reference to an accepted norm or by establishing a new standard. This claim value essay tells a personal story that gives evidence of the value that is personal, social, or political.

It also shares many characteristics with other persuasive essays. And by following a few simple rules, you can write an essay that respectfully and effectively expresses your values and opinions.

Claim of Value Essay Outline

Writing a claim of value essay is an art that lets you sell your ideas in abstruse ways. There are many ways to write a “claim of value” in your writing.

You can use rhetorical questions, logical connections, or direct comparisons. The idea is to use language that is creative to power up your argument.

Here are some key components to remember when outlining your claim of value essay:

Choose an Appropriate Topic

It’s best to choose a controversial topic to build your argument around and prove your position with proper evidence. Take a look at issues that affect your school or neighborhood, like tuition increases, religious freedom, student housing, or campus parking. Read the news to find out what problems are plaguing the country and the world.

Write a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement summarizes your essay’s core topic and helps organize the ideas in the paper. This one sentence introduces your subject and expresses your opinion.

Your thesis statement must be clear and debatable. It means that a reasonable person could disagree with you, just like it is with any other application of persuasive rhetoric. You must not be timid. Decide on your argument, and then be willing to stick with it.

Research About Your Claims

Make sure to research your arguments properly before stating anything in your essay. Statistics, expert quotations, historical data, examples, and predictions are examples of strong evidence that you can use. Avoid using logical fallacies because they could turn readers off and undermine your thesis.

Create an Outline of the Body Text

After writing your thesis statement at the top, list your reasons below the thesis with careful attention to the order of arguments. It’s possible to start off with your best case and end with your worst. For maximum impact, many writers save their strongest argument for last.

Write the Essay

Start off with a hook, such as a powerful statistic or heartfelt narrative. It’s best not to begin your introduction with the thesis statement as the first sentence. Place your thesis at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Support your thesis and argument with evidence in the body paragraphs. Reiterate your idea in the conclusion, and then close your essay by appealing to the reader’s sentiments.


Now that you understand what a Claim of Value Essay is, make sure you follow the correct outline when composing one. The goal of such an essay is to convince others that your topic is worthy of some attention.

Dive deeper into your claim and its relevance to the public and prove it with detailed explanations as to why it merits attention. This is done through research and practice to develop your skills and prove your thesis. Just remember the pointers mentioned in this article, and you’ll be good to go!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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