Key Steps for Writing Effective Essay Conclusions

The conclusion of your essay is like the ribbon that ties your work together. It is a point at the end of your essay that typically offers a convincing argument and reflects on what the piece discussed.

In order to write a more solid conclusion, it’s best to follow a proper conclusion structure for an essay.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps for writing an effective conclusion. We’ll also look at the main elements that comprise your conclusion structure. Are you ready to make end your essay with a bang? Keep on reading.

Importance of an Essay Conclusion

An essay can never be complete without a conclusion. This serves as the final word of the piece. The role of the conclusion is to encapsulate the essay’s main ideas, methods and transitions. It provides the reader with a summary of the essay’s overall focus.

Your conclusion also helps to:

  • Leave a permanent impression on the audience
  • Help in summing up your thoughts
  • Make the essay easier to scan

Conclusion Structure for an Essay

Your conclusion is the last section of your essay. It summarizes the main points throughout the essay’s body, including your thesis statement.

Every conclusion structure comprises three main parts: Answer, Summary, and Significance.


Remember to revisit your thesis statement in your conclusion, as in the introduction. Do not simply repeat your thesis word for word. Use the main keywords and arrange them accordingly in your conclusion.


The conclusion is your final chance to prove that all your points are connected. Make sense of the most important, relevant, and valuable main points from the essay body. Use similar keywords and ideas as body paragraphs, but don’t copy them directly.


Essays are often described as an attempt to sell a viewpoint on an issue. A good essay convinces the reader of how valid your argument is. An excellent essay goes a step further. It shows why the idea is particularly important or relevant to the topic.

In your conclusion, you can make several general arguments to push the essay further than simply summarizing it. Try to explain the implication of your idea, its importance, and the issues it raises.

Key Steps for Writing Effective Essay Conclusions

Essay conclusions help to leave a lasting impression on your reader. Writing a firm conclusion can be a challenging task. But there are key steps you can take to leave a lasting impression on your reader.

Restate the Thesis

An effective conclusion reminds the reader of the essay’s purpose and re-introduces them to your main point. Paraphrase these statements slightly while still ensuring the primary point is preserved.

Reiterate Supporting Points

In addition to restating your thesis, you should reiterate the points you made throughout your paper. Summarize your ideas or arguments in a concise and readable form.

Connect Your Opening and Closing Statements

It is often helpful to return to the opening line in your introduction. Try to connect your opening lines to your closing statements, providing the reader with an understanding of your thesis. This can help make your conclusion more cohesive.

Provide Some Insight

Your conclusion should leave your readers with a solution, insight, questions for further investigation, or a call to action. You can also end with a question to leave the reader with something to think about.

To Wrap Up

Your conclusion is a summary of all of the points drawn in your essay. It should be well-written, concise, and clear to the reader. Restate the thesis and any major supporting points for clarity and completion. Use the proper conclusion structure for an essay to end your essay strongly.

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