How to Write an Essay for Beginners: Effective Guide

Writing essays is not something that everyone enjoys. But essay writing is a key skill useful in high school, college, and even employment. Therefore, learning how to write an essay for beginners and pouring your thoughts into a piece of paper should not be understated.

Having a stress-free writing process starts with reviewing the basics and following a common pattern. This article will guide you through the steps to craft a good and effective essay.

The Primary Stages of Essay Writing

Putting all your ideas of the subject matter immediately on the paper is not the right approach to start writing an essay. Many students make the mistake of writing their essays without properly understanding the key stages.

Essay writing involves three important stages, each with its distinct purpose. While the actual essay writing is the most significant component, the other two stages are equally crucial.

Here are the primary stages of essay writing:


Before you start writing anything on paper, the first step is to plan out your content and outline the structure of your essay. Define your essay topic and make sure the subject is something you know a little about or are interested in. Come up with an appropriate thesis statement which is the central argument you want to make in your essay.

Then research the topic and write a thorough outline based on your findings. With proper research and outline, your essay should have a framework to build upon. Keep in mind that the preparation stage will always make your writing process much easier.


The actual writing process of the essay is the most time-consuming part. At this stage, you’ll structure your essay and write down all your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on paper. You’ll focus on refining and expanding your thoughts throughout the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


The final stage of your essay writing is revision. You will review your essay one last time and make a few last corrections if needed. Check your essay for its coherence, and make sure of the logic and relevance of each point. You must cite your references and properly back up your fact with supporting details. Additionally, you can look for formatting, grammatical, and punctuation issues.

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How to Write an Essay for Beginners

You can break down an essay into five sections: one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion. However, it’s not a strict structure but a generally accepted one.

If you’re a beginner in the essay writing process, it’s good to stick to the traditional structure and understand what each section entails. Let’s look at each section of essay writing in detail.


As the name suggests, your introduction paragraph aims to introduce your topic. A strong introduction must start with a hook or anything that draws the reader in and piques their interest.

One of the crucial elements of the introduction is the thesis statement which typically appears toward the end of the introduction. The thesis statement is a phrase that highlights the argument, viewpoint, and main idea that you want to develop throughout the essay.

Throughout your introduction, include a brief summary of what to expect and mention a few points you’ll expand on in the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs hold the most weight of your essay. You should develop your ideas and discuss every issue related to your main topic in the body paragraphs.

Generally, your essay should contain three body paragraphs, with each one addressing a unique issue or idea. You can consider each of these sections as evidence. When these paragraphs are combined, they serve as supporting points to fully back up your thesis statement.

But make sure each of the body paragraphs is connected in some way so that the essay flows. The points should be sufficiently distinct, but they also need to be related to one another and unquestionably to your thesis statement.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that each body paragraph advances your point to prevent wandering off-topic or writing irrelevant information.


Many students struggle with how to conclude an essay and often rush through it or keep it aside. But this part of your writing is just as crucial as the rest of the essay.

In your conclusion, you shouldn’t introduce any new concepts; instead, you should restate your primary arguments and demonstrate how they support your thesis statement.

The conclusion is essentially the same as the introduction in terms of structure and substance. But instead of introducing your essay, it should summarize the key points and close the argument of your essay.

Wrapping Up

While essays may seem simple, a lot goes into them, so it takes time and effort to work on one. Despite this, the result is worth it for many people for a number of reasons.

Essay writing is a crucial skill required in many aspects of your academic and professional career. If you’re just a beginner or someone who needs to polish the basics of essay writing, this article can help you!

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