How to Write an Informal Essay Structure

Writing informally is the best approach for personal essays. Writing in the first person lets you be transparent and vulnerable with your reader.

Additionally, your essay is emotional — readers will connect with what you are telling them. The content of your essay is separate from the idea of the essay itself.

The essay is just a vehicle for the thoughts behind your words. To start, you must learn to write an informal essay structure. This will help you better communicate with your readers.

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What Exactly Is an Informal Essay?

Topics in an informal essay can range from personal to politically outwardly political. You cannot use “informal” in place of being informative or persuasive. The essay style is still employed: First-person communication without adhering to a traditional five-paragraph structure. 

 Also, you should write an informal essay that is “informal.” It is generally allowed to use slang and colloquialism in this essay. Although make sure you use caution and avoid using offensive or explicit terms.

When writing an informal essay, the conversation’s tone is similar to what you describe to a friend. What I find most appealing to this type of essay is to avoid overly academic writing. You must make the subject accessible to the average human. 

Steps to Building an Informal Essay Structure

1. Check Informal Essays Examples.

Before you try to write your own, looking at specific examples of informal essays can be beneficial. When you read someone else’s article, you can observe how they use less formal language and talk about their topic more personally.

Popular magazines often have short, informal essays on various topics. Read how other writers use this less traditional style to say what they want. Write down qualities or methods you might want to add to your essay.

For instance, if someone used a lot of slang that made the paper feel more personal and alive, you may want to try it in your essay if it feels correct and natural.

2. Pick Your Topic

For informal essays, the sky’s the limit. For students who know precisely what they want to write about, it’s music and horrifying to others who don’t know what topic to choose.

Here are a few suggestions if you fall into the latter category.

  • Think about 5-10 topics. 
  • Don’t self-edit; write anything that comes up.
  • Consider issues that are important to you or have a lot to say.
  • Make a list of any items you have a strong opinion on.
  • Eliminate the ones you think will not work better.
  • Choose the topic you feel is best suited for writing. 

3. Draft an Outline

While outlining is helpful, it’ll work well for an informal essay. It can be immature or unscientific, so organize your thoughts. Put together an outline for the ideas you want to cover.

Now that you have a strategy, you can fill in the blanks more quickly for the general introduction, problem statement, claims, introduction of evidence, and conclusion. 

4. Start Writing Your Essay

In informal essays, some of the best tools to help you out are “sample bullets.” These are short, one-sentence summaries highlighted in the draft of your essay.

They can be the difference between a great essay and a lousy one. They help you break topics into pieces that make sense and make reading your work much more manageable. Your outline, organized with sample bullets, really helps you. 

Final Note

Take time to proofread your messages carefully. When editing an informal essay, you are trying to find a slightly different set of criteria than in persuasive or other types of formal essays. The tone of your informal essay structure is also essential. If your style is too formal, then you will need to edit. Good luck and Happy Writing!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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