A Guide to Writing the Structure of Comparison Essays

Writing a comparison essay puts two or more things side-by-side and explains their differences and relationships.

It’s a common, basic writing form that most students use daily in their college careers. However, there are all kinds of differences between good and bad comparisons, and it can be challenging to know what makes for a good comparison essay, especially for those who need to be stronger in this genre.

This article will help guide you to write a structure of comparison essays.

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How to Write the Structure of Comparison Essay

1. Start by Thinking With the Venn Diagram

Comparative essays are often distinguished for their analysis. You will need to brainstorm before you begin writing.

Venn diagrams are great visuals for brainstorming compare and contrasting essay topics. A Venn diagram is an ensemble of circles that overlap each other In one process, the characteristics of the first subject are shown, and in the second circle, those characteristics are displayed.

The circles overlap and exhibit traits that are common to both issues.

2. Make a Thesis Statement

Once you have mapped out the similarities and differences between your topics, you will begin to understand their relationship. This process will allow you to develop your thesis statement and topic sentences. Try to use your thesis statement as a map to create your essay. 

3. Draw up an Outline

When you’ve spent time with your data, your prewriting process moves on to outline.

You should follow the standard format of a good comparison and contrast essay: Introduction paragraph, body paragraph, and conclusion. Keep your outline intact as you write. The outline is perfect for preventing meandering essays from writing tightly

4. Create the Introduction

An excellent introductory paragraph sets the tone for your entire essay. Openings should start with a rhetorical question or a bold statement. Make a list of the subjects you will examine in your essay after creating your hook. Toward the end of your introduction, there should be your thesis statement. 

5. Draft the First Body Paragraph

Start by explaining one area of comparison between your first and second subjects in a topic sentence.

Using the issue of two different countries and your paragraph topic’s political structure, you can begin by adequately describing each country’s politics. Writing at least two sentences about the differences between the countries political systems is possible. 

6. Do the Same Process for the Following Paragraph

Comparative essays usually include several points of comparison. Therefore, plan to write at least three body paragraphs addressing your two subjects from various perspectives. Your paragraphs should be transitioned with transition words. 

7. Finish up With a Conclusion

Creating a good comparison essay requires a great conclusion. By this point, you can confirm your thesis about how your subjects are different and alike.

Your concluding paragraph is your chance to present any final insights and consolidate your paper’s thesis. You shouldn’t introduce new information in your next paragraph; This can summarise the entire essay.

8. Check Your Essay

Proofreading is necessary for you to complete your essay. Make sure each subject gets the same amount of space in the article.

If you need help understanding which topics are both similar and different, consider your point of view. Also, make sure spelling, punctuation, and overall clarity are checked. 

Final Note

Essays may seem daunting to complete, but when you know how to do them, you can master the game.

When you know how to write a comparison essay structure, you will no longer be at the mercy of your teacher. However, make sure to also research more about each of the topics of the essay and their subtopics. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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