How to Outline a Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay

Most college and high school writing assignments involve writing an argumentative essay. Sometimes it can be challenging to write for adults.

Though some research may be referenced, an argumentative essay uses personal opinions. Many students are unfamiliar with a thesis statement for argumentative essay outlines for these types of papers. A thesis statement is meant to answer the question: “What is the main point of the argument?” 

 However, most people only realize this after the first paragraph or two. A strong thesis statement for an argumentative essay will help you to be unique from the rest and build your confidence. This resource will help you quickly develop a clear thesis for your paper. 

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Tips to Create a Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay Outline.

Although your thesis statement is only one sentence long, it is an essential part of your argumentative essay. The thesis appears in your introductory paragraph, sums up your argumentative essay, and primes the reader for what lies ahead.

Here are some tips to help you convey your point clearly and concisely

1. Think of the Topic As a Question and Answer It

Make a big question in the title of your essay or within the first few sentences. Write more as a question or a series of questions than as a thesis statement or answer. Ask the question, “How do we determine whether a word is really misspelled?” In your thesis, you might say, “How do we distinguish misspellings from mistakes?” versus “Should a word be misspelled?” or “Can we distinguish a misspelling from a mistake?”

 Think about answering that question in your thesis statement. In this method, intriguing questions draw readers in and encourage them to keep reading until they find the answers. 

2. Present Your Arguments and Then Refute Them

Explain why you disagree with the idea that contrasts with your belief. Use Evidence and demonstrably demonstrate your credibility with this method. This method encourages readers to keep reading and consider and disagree with your writing.

Use examples such as Thesis statement, Claims and explain why you believe each claim is valid. In this method, it’s best to have enough Evidence and to reply with research that supports your beliefs. This provides the readers with a debate rooted in facts, empirical Evidence, and consistent arguments.

Truthfully and thoroughly, stating things the way they are is not a dogmatic form of presenting to show readers a particular way of looking at things. 

3. Point Out Your Key Points

Explain what you will do to back up your main point. It is effective because readers will clearly understand what you’ll discuss in your essay. If you are forming a clear argument that seems to lack importance, you can use the key points to help structure things.

You will then allow your readers to decide on the significance of each of your main points. This will show how the rest of your essay fits into your main point. You can also use it to keep organized and on track. 

Argument Types and How to Use Them for Essays

Consider how you’ll present your argument when you decide what you’re arguing and know your thesis statement. You can make your arguments in three different ways:


Your main argument should be presented, as well as your opinion, and you should convince the reader that your argument is the best one. As an argument’s most common strategy, this is Aristotelian because it’s the simplest way to think.

When your audience doesn’t already know a lot about your topic or has strong feelings about it, a clear and concise presentation of the facts is an excellent way to go.


Accept the opposing side of the argument, explain your point of view, and explain why your issue is most beneficial to the reader. This type of argument can effectively address polarizing topics since it acknowledges both sides and presents the middle ground. 


Have your claim presented, provide grounds to support that claim, and then justify your claim.

Similarly to polarizing topics, this kind of argument is effective on both sides rather than both, focusing on facts presented in a way that makes a claim challenging to argue. 

Final Note

It is easy to draft a thesis statement for rhetorical, persuasive essays on any particular issue. But when it comes to thesis statements for argumentative essays selecting the correct thesis statement can be a tad tricky while using Evidence and concluding. 

 It is not as easy to write a thesis specific to a given argument type as it is to use rhetorical speaking strategies. In short, choosing a thesis statement for an argumentative essay is something you will have to do on a case-by-case basis, not in a general sense. Good luck! 

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