Facebook Ad CPC: What it Means and How it Works

Social media marketing is one of the most prominent methods used by businesses to promote their brand. One of the best platforms to post your social media ads is Facebook. By doing so, you should learn Facebook Ad CPC.

Earning through Facebook marketing can go in various forms. One of them is “Cost-Per-Click” or “CPC.” Businesses rely on this to monetize their social media marketing efforts.

This article will introduce to you Facebook Ad CPC. You will learn about its various concepts as well. Apply what you will learn to your following Facebook marketing plans.

Facebook Ad Benchmarks

Facebook is one of the fastest-growing advertising networks. The number of advertisers using the site has doubled in the last 18 months.

You may have been overwhelmed on Facebook. You may be one of the 2 million advertisers who started advertising on it. In the past two years, you know the feeling of using FB for your social media marketing efforts.

There are countless targeting options on Facebook, and performance differs for each client. 

Like Google Ads, Facebook’s performance can differ depending on the industry. What numbers should you be looking for in your market?

The following are the Facebook Ad Benchmarks you should know about.

  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Facebook by industry.
  • Next is the Average Cost per Action (CPA) on Facebook by industry.
  • Lastly, the industry’s average cost per Click (CPC) on Facebook.

A chart shows the median spend across these Facebook metrics for eighteen industries: 

  • Apparel
  • Auto
  • B2B
  • Beauty
  • Consumer Services
  • Education
  • Employment & Job Training
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Fitness
  • Home Improvement
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Services
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Travel & Hospitality

What is Facebook Ad CPC?

In this article, you will focus on learning about Facebook Ad CPC.

CPC means “cost-per-click.” It refers to the price of each click on your Facebook ad that you pay.

CPC optimization is possible if you want to attract as many visitors as possible. If you choose this option, Facebook will try to get you as many clicks as possible.

This is the official list of clicks that factor into your cost per click on Facebook: 

  • Clicks to visit another website
  • Call-to-action clicks that go to another website (i.e., “Shop Now”)
  • Installing an app
  • Clicks to Facebook canvas apps
  • Clicks to view a video on another website

The Ideal CPC

Facebook ads have a good CPC of $0.94. Therefore, expect to pay $940 to drive 1,000 visitors to your online store.

The lower the CPC, the better for your expenses.

Facebook ads typically cost $1 per day when they are billed per impression. If you’re running more intensive campaigns, you can see results from $5 per day.

To Wrap Up

In this article, you can find all the details about Facebook advertising and the best CPC price point. Thanks to the significant data and insight you can find here, you can now maximize your profits. Also, you can concentrate on improving your business.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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