How to Find a Facebook Profile From a Picture

There are different methods to search Facebook by image and find someone’s profile on social media. You may have a picture of someone you want to know more about and learn their name, work, or relationship status.

Facebook is a prevalent social media platform with billions of users and different profile pictures. Finding a profile and related data from a picture can be a little tricky. But the methods outlined in this post will help you cut it through. Let’s get started!

What Is Facebook Image Search?

Facebook Image Search is a method for locating a Facebook user’s profile using only an image. You can search for the profile using a photo ID, reverse image search option, or profile search.

If you know the name, you can also use the Social Search Engine to locate the profile. With Facebook’s Advanced search feature, you can narrow down your search.

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How to Search Facebook by Image?

Here are the two main methods to find the Facebook profile of a user using a picture.

1. Using Photo ID

A distinct Photo ID is given to each photo uploaded to Facebook. When you download a photo from Facebook, the same Photo ID remains a part of the file name by default. Knowing this number will help you find the source of the picture on Facebook. Try the following steps to find the profile of the person.

  • Right-click on the image and select Open in New Tab in Google Chrome or a similar option in other browsers.
  • Look at the picture’s file name on the address bar.
  • The file name will consist of three sets of numbers separated by underscores or periods. For example, 74567832_10107893414947521_2931549383902619138_o.jpeg.
  • Locate the middle set of numbers. In the above example, the underlined set of numbers is what we need.
  • Copy this set of numbers which is the Photo ID of the user.
  • Type the URL {Photo ID}.
  • Paste the Photo ID in the URL as shown in the above step.
  • Hit Enter and the Facebook profile of the person should appear.

Note: This method may be limited based on the user’s privacy settings. Still, you can try it out. Who knows, you might be lucky!

2. Using Reverse Image Search

A reverse image search is an effective tool for identifying the photo’s origin. You may find related pictures from the internet quickly with the aid of a reverse image search. When you upload an image onto the Search Engine, it will display similar images from around the web.

A reverse image search will only work if the Facebook account is public or the image is indexed by a Search Engine. There are different Reverse Image Search Engines to find related information from a photo.

Search by Google Images

  • Go to
  • A “Camera Icon” will be visible along the search bar.
  • Press on the icon to upload the image from your device gallery
  • Once you hit Enter, the results relating to the image will be displayed.

Search by TinEye

TinEye is a specialized tool only for reverse image searching. The steps are similar to Google Image searches. You need to upload the image or paste the photo URL to find associated photos and the websites that host the image.


There are many different ways to find Facebook profiles from a picture. You can find a Facebook user using the photo ID or reverse image searches on Google. Now you don’t have to worry if you only have a picture of someone you need to know more about. You can simply search Facebook by image to help you find the profile of the person you’re looking for. This article explains the two different methods to accomplish this task.

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