Get Started With Meta Business Suite Today

Imagine a place where you can manage all your marketing campaigns, ad accounts, and Facebook Pages. Pretty great, right? With the Facebook Business Manager, you won’t have to imagine anymore!

If you don’t know much about the Facebook Business Manager, recently rebranded as the Meta Business Suite, we’re here to help you. This is a highly beneficial tool that can help your business greatly.

You can use it to keep on top of all your Facebook marketing campaigns and effectively manage your account. So keep reading to learn how to get started with using the Business Manager.

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What Is Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager, or the Meta Business Suite, is a free tool that centralizes Facebook, Instagram, and marketing tools. You can use it to create or schedule posts, stories and ads for your business. Other than that, it allows you to grant partial or full access to different employees and assign them different roles within the platform.

Meta Business Suite makes it easy to view notifications and respond to messages quickly, whether you’re using it on desktop or mobile. You’ll find helpful insights to optimize your efforts as you go.

How to Set up Facebook Business Manager

Setting up your business account is easier than you might think. Once you have your Business Manager account set up, you’ll be able to advertise for your business and manage your profile easily.

Follow these simple steps to set up your account:

Go to

Before going to this link, ensure you’re already logged in to your Facebook account. This link will lead you to the Meta Business home page. Look for the Create Account button next to the Login button. Once you’ve found it, click it.

Fill in All Needed Details.

To start creating your account, you will need to fill in your business name and email. Make sure you’re using a business email. After entering these, click Submit.

Confirm Your Email

After clicking submit, an email for confirmation of your account will be sent to your business email. Click the link inside the email, so you can confirm your new account.

Adding Facebook Pages to Your Meta Business Manager Account

Since this is a new account, your Facebook pages still aren’t connected to it. You’ll immediately see an Ad Account Performance section on Meta Business Manager’s homepage. Scroll down to see the Pages section.

Go to Business Settings

Once in the Pages section, click Business Settings > Add > Add a Page.

Type in Your Page Details

A pop-up will appear when you click Add a page. It will ask you to enter your Facebook page name. You can also choose to type in your page’s URL. After this, click the Add Page Button.

Wait for the Confirmation

This will only take a few minutes. Once the pages have been successfully added, you’ll be able to see a green check on the pop-up window. And you’ll be able to access your page from the Meta Business Suite portal.

How to Grant Access to Employees

  • Go to the side panel that’s located under Business settings. Click Users > People.
  •  You should be able to see a blue Add button highlighted below. Click it.
  • Enter an employee’s email address. Facebook will send them an email with access permissions.
  • Click on for either Employee access or Admin access. After determining their type of access, click Next.
  • You can assign your employee to any of the assets on the right. Create roles and tasks for each asset by clicking on it. When you’ve finished, click Invite.
  • An invitation will automatically be sent to your employee. You can click Done if you’re finished, or you can choose to add more people.

Business Manager Features You Should Know About

Facebook Pixel: If you install Facebook Pixel, Facebook can track people trying to access your website through their Facebook accounts. This way, your website can reach people with ads on Facebook after they’ve visited your site.

Split testing: Use A/B testing to optimize your ads and know which ads lead to the highest conversion rate. Create an A/B test by going to the Conversions tab in the Facebook Ads account, clicking Create, and then Insights > A/B.

Conversion lift: The conversion lift is a tool to ensure that your ads effectively generate conversions and sales.

Brand lift: Helps you figure out how your ads affect your brand image. This way, you can optimize ads for better brand awareness.

To Wrap Up

Whether new to social media marketing or looking for improved methods, understanding the Meta Business Suite can help level up your business. There are tons of features you can take advantage of, so check out all the cool ways you can use them!

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