A Unique Guide to Better Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights page provides valuable information to track user interactions…

Facebook Insights page provides valuable information to track user interactions on your Facebook business page. You can see a wealth of information on your content, audience, and ad performance.

With Facebook Insights, you can determine the best time and day to post and what content is most popular. The valuable data ranging from page likes, engagement, reach, and demographics will help you understand how your content resonates with your audience.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the powerful Facebook Insights tool.

How to Access Facebook Insights Page

To access the Facebook Insights page from your desktop, go to your Facebook Business Page. Then click Insightson the left-hand menu under Manage Page. It will open the main Insight dashboard with an overview of your Page’s post, audience, and reach results.

Here, you’ll see information on Facebook page likes, reach, age of audience, actions on the page, and much more. The whole thing might look overwhelming at first, but it’s pretty easy to navigate each segment.

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Five Key Segments of Facebook Insights

There’s a lot to learn about how your business page is doing from the data on Facebook Insights. There are some key data that will help you extract important information to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. Let’s look at the significant segments of Facebook Insights in detail.

1. Overview: Know How Your Page Is Doing

In Facebook Insights, the Overview tab does more than it says. First and foremost, it clearly shows the complete summary of your page. Besides, it also analyzes the key metrics for your recent posts and compares your page with other similar Facebook pages.

Page Summary:

The Page summary section displays the main metrics of your page, including page likes, engagement, and reach over the past week. It also shows graphs for the period and tells you how much change was made from previous periods. A quick assessment of your Facebook Page performance can be found here.

Most Recent Posts:

As the name suggests, this section is for upholding the key information on the recent posts on your page. The data display the published date, targeting, post type, reach, and engagement. You can quickly get a sense of how well your Facebook Page is performing in this section.

Pages to Watch:

Using the Pages to Watch section, you can quickly compare your Page with a few other Pages you want to watch. Any Page you click on will display its most popular postings from the last seven days. This section is great for tracking how your Facebook Page is doing compared to your peers and competitors.

2. Likes: Where All Your Page Likes Came From

You can learn more about your Page’s likes using the Likes tab. This section shows everything from the growth and average to the source of likes on your page. When you click on the Likes option, you will be shown the demographics, location, and age groups of your page followers.

There are graphs to provide the pattern of overall Page likes and how many Likes your Page receives each day. It breaks down the data into how many organic or paid Likes your page received. While having net positive Likes is excellent, keeping an eye on the Unlikes trend is also important.

3. Reach: the Reach of Your Page & the Factors Affecting It

The Reach tab provides you with information on the reach of your Facebook Page and posts with variables that influence that reach.

The Post Reach graph will show the data on how many people your post has reached. It can be an efficient technique to evaluate your organic reach over time and the effectiveness of your advertising.

4. Page Views: Who Viewed What Sections of Your Page

The Page Views tab shows the information on your page views and traffic sources. The amount of times your Page was seen overall is the Total Views. However, the Total People Who Viewed Your Page refers to the number of people who visited your Facebook page. The number of visits from the same person will only be counted once.

The Top Sources section shows a graph with the top five traffic sources that brought visitors to your page. Knowing this information enables you to put more effort into those sources and boost your page views.

5. Action on Page: What People Did on Your Page

In the Actions on Page tab, you may learn what visitors do while they are on your page. Some common actions Facebook considers are: Get directions and clicking on the website, phone number, or your action button.

Local businesses may be more concerned about how often people want directions to their place or ask for their phone number. However, online businesses will be more focused on the frequency of website clicks.

The Bottom Line

This guide breaks down what analyzing the insights of your Facebook page entails. It shares the key segments of your Facebook page, giving you an overview of each segment and what it means for your business. Facebook Insights shows off the numbers that are important for your online business. Hope you find this article helpful!

Frequently asked questions

What information can Facebook Insights give a business about its followers?

It displays you the days and times of day that your fans are online, the paid and organic reach of your posts, and interaction with them (comments and likes). It also allows you to compare different types of engagement for different types (links, photos, status updates).

How do you analyze Facebook Insights?

The process of accessing Facebook Insights is simple: go to Facebook Page Manager and click Inseights. Facebook Insights displays the data range for the default period of 28 days, but you can change this to suit your needs.

How do I use Facebook Insights for market research?

What are other clicks on Facebook Insights?

The number you want to look at is the “Other Clicks” number. Clicking a link, watching a video or entering a photo is a post click that isn’t a click. Clicks can include clicking on people’s names in comments, clicking on the like count, or clicking on time.

How can I make my Facebook Insights better?

Take advantage of these trends to learn more about your audience. People is an area from the Insights menu that’s devoted to demographics. Engaging with positive people: Find out what posts people love to interact with. Increasing the number of likes, shares, and comments you post each day, you can produce content that promotes similar engagement.

How do you use Insights?

Go to your profile. Insights is located at the top of your post grid. Tap on Stories you’ve shared in the past under Content You Shared. You can look for the story you’d like to see more insights in.

Which is one of the most powerful reports in Facebook Insights?

Regressions of Facebook’s marketing performance: This report typically includes organic and paid activities. Furthermore, it is important to mention that facebook performance reports have the most comprehensive data.

What are the KPIS for Facebook?

  • Post Engagement Rate
  • Post Type: Reach
  • Sources of page views.
  • Follower Demographics
  • Actions on Page
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Impressions & Frequency
  • Number of Fans

How do businesses use Facebook Insights?

  • Visit your business page on Facebook after setting up an account.
  • When you’re on the “Overview” page, you’ll find a dashboard with three main categories.
  • Scroll down to see your most recent posts.
  • Lastly, we have insights from your competitors.

How we know who visited my Facebook profile?

The Facebook app doesn’t let people track who views their profiles. The functionality is also not provided by third-party apps. Please report any apps that claim to offer this capability.

When should you post Insights on Facebook?

Researchers say the best time to post on Facebook is between 1pm -3pm during the week and Saturdays. In addition, engagement rates were 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. During the week and Saturdays, your best time to post to Facebook is between 1pm and 3pm.

How do I know if my Facebook page is doing well?

Click on “Insights” on your Facebook page, in the top white bar. You’ll see Your Five Most Recent Posts if you scroll down. You can find a column called Reach which shows how many times it was shown to your followers. Organic (non-paid) is the lighter orange bar.

What is the most important Facebook metric?

There is nothing more important than the number of engagements a post gets on Facebook. In addition to getting comments, likes, and shares from your posts, Facebook is more likely to rank them higher and enable you to reach a larger audience.

How do you Analyse Facebook post data?

Click on Audience Insights at the top of your Facebook page. Choose the Overview tab and then Export Data. If you select Post Data, a pop-up box will appear with 3 types of data.

Are Facebook Insights free?

It is free to use Facebook’s analytics tool. Term rates for a full suite start at $100/month, with a 14-day free trial.

A Unique Guide to Better Facebook Insights

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