Interesting Ways to Earn Cash From Facebook

Facebook is a lucrative platform for its daily active users, and a variety of opportunities exist to get your hands on some cash. You’re getting it all wrong if you think Facebook is only for socializing. There are tons of money to make on this social media platform. Facebook monetization is a real thing. This is the perfect article to help you get started.

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What Is Facebook Monetization?

Facebook monetization refers to anything you do on the social media platform that earns you money. As long as you’re providing value on Facebook and making money through it, it is Facebook monetization.

Many experts believe that users of the Facebook platform on their mobile phones are the perfect demographic for monetization through advertisements. All the major mobile advertising networks and Facebook have already tapped into that market.

However, it is important to understand how to monetize your Facebook account and what types of people are likely to be successful. You can monetize as many pages or profiles as you wish. However, always remember that you are competing for the same real estate or ad space.

How to Monetize Facebook Videos

There are several ways of monetizing your videos on Facebook. One of the easiest ways is through in-stream ads. You’ll have noticed those ads that pop up midway through a video on Facebook. As a video creator, you can take advantage of this to make some cool cash. Facebook in-stream ads are of three types:

  • Pre-roll ads
  • Mid-roll ads
  • Image ads

Pre-roll ads are those ads shown just before the video starts playing. Mid-roll ads are shown in the middle of the ad. Image ads are static ads that don’t interrupt the video. Instead, they are displayed under the video.

In-stream ads aren’t for everyone. There are some eligibility criteria to meet. They are:

  • Minimum of 10,000 page followers
  • No less than five active videos
  • Videos that are at least 60 seconds long
  • No less than 600,000 minutes of view time in the past 60 days.

Member-Only Content

Content creators can also create a paywall for your premium content directly on Facebook. Previously creators had to create member portal websites to monetize their exclusive content. It is now easier with Facebook.


Facebook has rolled out many new monetization methods to help publishers deliver more quality content to their subscribers and earn more from their content. This means that publishers can now invest their time and resources into creating engaging, fun and quality content. How’s that for making cool cash?

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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