Facebook Reviews: An Effective Guide

With over 2 billion users, the social media giant Facebook…

With over 2 billion users, the social media giant Facebook is a powerhouse in digital advertising. With the ability to connect with people on all screens, Facebook is a great marketing platform for businesses worldwide. The Facebook Business Page offers the option to enable and showcase customer reviews. Your Facebook reviews can be the difference between a purchase and a pass.

Reviews are an integral marketing strategy businesses could harness to improve their brand image, boost online reputation, expand visibility, and influence buying decisions. The great news is it’s easy to enable the review functionality on your Facebook Business page! Let’s see how in this article.

What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook reviews or recommendations, are the feedback people give to a brand based on their experience with the brand’s product/service. Businesses can leverage reviews to establish trust, build reputation, and increase visibility.

Facebook business reviews, just like those on other business platforms, are valuable marketing assets for companies. They’re targeted at making your brand more discoverable and trustworthy. Consumers use these reviews to make buying decisions. People need social proof to know whether your product or service is worth their time or money.

Reviews are also helpful for understanding customer experience. They’re a big deal, so use them to your advantage to improve the consumer experience, attract more customers, and beat the competition.

How do Facebook Business Reviews work?

As a Facebook Business page owner trying to leverage reviews for your brand’s success, you must first enable reviews on your page. Doing so can boost your brand’s online presence, build your Search Engine Optimization strategy and boost profitability.

After enabling reviews, a query field appears in the “Recommendations or Reviews” section with the question “Do you recommend (business name)?” Your customers can respond by pressing the “Yes” or “No” button and adding further context to their recommendations, including text, photos, and tags.

How To Enable Reviews On Your Business Page 

  • Log in to your Facebook Business page.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab on the Manage Page section.
  • Navigate to “Templates and Tabs”
  • Enable Reviews through the slider

How Do I View Facebook Reviews on My Business Page

  • Go to your business page.
  • Click on the “Recommendations or Reviews” tab under your profile picture.
  • To find specific recommendations, apply the “most helpful” or “most recent” filter to sort your reviews.

How Do I Respond to Facebook Reviews on My Page?

Reviews appear like posts in the “Reviews or Recommendations” section of your Facebook Business page. You can respond to them by reacting with a “like” or “love” or commenting. When responding to a review on your page, ensure you’re doing so with your Facebook business account and not your personal profile.

The reviews on your page might not always be positive. So, learn how to respond to negative reviews as you do positive ones.

How your brand handles praise or criticism from customers determines the success of the brand. Brands can stand out by choosing the right words and taking feedback to heart.

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The Bottom line

The Facebook Business Review program is designed, so customers can leave quick feedback about their experience with your offerings. Reviews are valuable social proof for consumers. Consumers are more likely to trust a business with reviews than one without.

Reviews serve as a natural SEO rank booster; they boost your page visibility and build reputation and profitability in the long run. You should leverage this Facebook feature for your brand’s success.

Frequently asked questions

How do I write a review on Facebook 2022?

  • On the Reviews/Recommendations tab, click the Edit button.
  • To recommend the Page, click it.
  • In addition to providing your recommendation, upload a photo along with the recommendation text if you use a mobile device.
  • You can also choose a tag such as great service, amazing staff, or something similar.
  • Click Post

How do we write a review?

  • 1 A thesis. Make sure you understand the general message you want to convey before you begin writing.
  • 2 Likes and dislikes. The most glowing review may not include any dislikes.
  • 3 Your recommendation

How many recommendations do you need to get a Facebook rating?

Facebook Recommendations: How they Work. Reviewers are asked to provide information regarding whether or not they liked what they liked or didn’t like according to the option (“yes” or “no) they choose. Reviewers must write at least 25 characters before posting a review – no writing = no recommendation.

How do you write a good review on Facebook?

  • Find the business you want to review on Facebook.
  • You may also click the Review tab.
  • Do you recommend [Business Name]?
  • Business review: Write a review.
  • Under Sharing, select someone who can see your review.

Are FB reviews Anonymous?

Can customers leave anonymous Facebook reviews? Reviewers’ names and profiles are always visible.

Can Facebook reviews be trusted?

Additionally, 84% of the respondents in an October 2017 survey noted that they trust their online experiences as much as they do personal recommendations. Online reviews are quickly returned to businesses with positive reputations.

Why has Facebook removed my reviews?

Facebook has removed Reviews as part of its larger effort to increase local business Pages’ engagement and make them more useful.

Are Facebook reviews worth it?

Good reviews on your Facebook page help you establish a reputation in the marketplace and increase credibility. If your 5 star reviews are clearly visible, you will have higher confidence in your business than if you do not share them.

What is the point of sending stars on Facebook?

The Facebook Stars feature allows you to monetize your videos and audio content. As streaming, you can purchase Stars and send them to you, whether you are recording live, or you are listening in a live audio room. Every Star you receive, Facebook will pay you $0.01 USD.

How do you write a positive review?

  • Feedback should be useful, constructive.
  • It includes customer service as a range of concerns.
  • You must be accurate, specific, and honest.
  • Make sure to leave out links and personal data.
  • Keep it lively and friendly.
  • Update your review if needed.
  • Make sure you have the right domain name.

Is Google or Facebook reviews better?

Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews are equally helpful for your business. While Google may help you rank higher in the search engine ranking page, Facebook can help you collect and change people’s attitudes through interaction and solving questions.

Do Facebook marketplace reviews matter?

Even if a seller has not completed a transaction, you can rate them since their behavior may be a factor (e.g., communication, harassing messages). We value fair ratings for buyers and sellers. The scoring process uses ratings you’ve received.

How can you tell if Facebook reviews are fake?

  • Review reviews are either overly positive or negative. Reviews that are balanced aren’t going to be gushing or scathing.
  • Detail is scarce in this review.
  • Review is relatively short and lacks substance.
  • The reviewer does not have friends.

How many reviews do you need to get a rating?

You used to need five Google reviews for your star rating to appear in local searches, but according to what we’ve seen, Google displays only a couple of reviews for businesses with less than a few reviews. If you have a review or two, your star rating should display.

How does Facebook determine most helpful reviews?

A Page’s rating is based on a number of sources, like the reviews and recommendations that people share about business Pages on Facebook. Only pages that offer recommendations may have a rating, and pages that do not receive enough recommendations may not have soaring ratings.

Facebook Reviews: An Effective Guide

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