How to Hide, Disable and Delete Comments on Facebook

Rescuing your companies’ reputation can be stressless, if you know how to hide comment on Facebook.

It is typical to receive unpleasant or spam comments on social media. These remarks not only negatively impacts your Facebook reach or engagement but may influence a new customer. It can also affect the conversion or click-through rate of your brand. Hence, the need to combat negative remarks.

This post will address what kind of Facebook comments companies should hide, how to delete and disable Facebook comments. Let’s dive in!

person holding smartphone using facebook account
person holding smartphone using facebook account

Types of Facebook Comments You Should Hide

It is necessary to determine whether a comment merits consideration in the first place. There are instances when addressing a problem in the comments’ area is sufficient.

You violate Facebook’s community guidelines if you abuse the ‘hide’ feature. You should hide these kinds of unneeded comments:

1. Vulgar Language

It is simple to hide behind a computer and write insulting remarks online. Therefore, brands must be cautious and remove racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks. Any improper comments can diminish the credibility of a professional profile.

2. Objectionable Comments

Facebook’s users can report other users’ comments if they deem them objectionable. A small but vocal group of consumers speak up when they see your company’s name being used in a negative context online. For the sake of your audience’s trust, you can delete the comments that have been reported to you.

3. Content for Self-Promotion

Some Facebook users promote their services on the Facebook pages of other businesses. These users could be your competitors or not, but they can still have an impact on your conversion rates. Marketers can undoubtedly utilize the hide option to block other firms’ promotional links on their pages.

4. Non-Related Content

Comment that isn’t relevant to the post you make on Facebook is spam. For example, You advertise a sale of your services, and someone fills the comment section with irrelevant nonsense and dead links.

Spam remarks could negatively impact customers’ shopping experiences. Anyone following such a link will immediately leave your Facebook page and never return.

Now that you know why we could hide Facebook comments, let’s look at the process of hiding them.

Simple Steps to Hide Comment on Facebook

If you see a comment on Facebook that you don’t want visible, you may easily remove it by following these steps:

  • Access your Facebook account.
  • Locate the comment you wish to conceal 
  • Tap the ellipsis (…) to the right of the comment.
  • Select “Hide Comment” from the menu.

When you hide a comment on Facebook, it becomes grayed out. The remark won’t be visible to anybody else in the room, neither will the poster receive updates.

 A Facebook user could choose to hide a comment from everyone but themselves and their friends. Additionally, they could respond to the hidden comment. Once you hide a comment, you will no longer receive notifications when it receives a response.

How to Unhide Comments on Facebook

You can also show comments on Facebook again by doing the following:

  • Find the hidden comment that is grayed out.
  • Click the tiny three dots to the right of the comment.
  • This time, choose “Unhide Comment” from the menu.

You can make the original comment visible again by making it not hidden. If you accidentally hid a helpful comment, you can use the unhide function to return it.

Simple Steps to Delete Facebook Comments

There may be times when you want to get rid of comments completely. It’s as easy to delete a comment as it is to hide it. Here’s how to get rid of comments:

  • Like with the hide function, you can look through the comments and find the one you want to get rid of.
  • Tap the three small dots on the right side of the comment.
  • Choose “Delete” to get rid of the content for good.

Hiding Vs. Deleting Comments on Facebook

You can’t bring back a deleted comment like you can with the hide feature. The comment will be removed without warning or notification to the original poster.

The marketer has the option of removing or hiding any comment. Be careful while using the delete button, as doing so can provoke the author into taking retaliatory action.

Using the hide feature is more secure while handling client complaints. The poster may become angry if their comment is deleted because they feel their concerns were ignored. You also lose the option of investigating the problem to find a solution.

Users who repeatedly spam your Facebook posts or write nasty comments can be permanently removed from your friends’ list. It won’t be necessary to keep hiding or removing comments from such users if you block their accounts.

Disable Comments on Facebook Posts Using These Steps

There is no option to deactivate comments on Facebook posts. As an administrator, you can disable comments on Facebook group posts. Follow these instructions to disable comments on a group post.

  • Locate the group post where you want to disable the comments.
  • Go to the three little dots on the right side.
  • Select the ‘Turn off Comments’ option to stop comments on the post.

To Wrap Up

Working on a specific comment to hide it or on a post to delete it from a particular person’s comment? You now know what to do using this guide.

Disabling comments does not delete them from Facebook, but disabling them will prevent them from appearing on your profile.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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