Key Steps to Run Facebook Ads Campaign

Creating a paid Facebook ad can get overwhelming as there are quite a few boxes to check. This article explains how to get ads on Facebook to reach the right audience.

Facebook is a socially oriented advertising platform that you can use effectively to generate leads, build relationships, and create awareness around your brand. The key steps outlined in this post will help you find success with Facebook advertising.

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How to Get Ads on Facebook: 7 Key Steps

Running a successful Facebook advertising campaign requires understanding how to make Facebook ads work for you. Make sure you analyze the metrics Facebook Insights report and set clear goals for your campaign.

Without a clear objective, you’ll never fully understand how to take advantage of what advertising has to offer. You’ll likely waste money and time advertising poorly. Here are seven steps on how to get ads on Facebook and tap on the right audience.

Create a Facebook Ads Manager Account

Facebook Ad Manager is an advanced dashboard that gives users a summary of all their campaigns. The dashboard displays an estimate of your daily spending upfront. The column-based layout makes it simple to filter through your ads and generate a personalized view of your results. You cannot run ads using a personal profile. So, you must create a Facebook Business page to use Facebook Ads Manager.

Following are the steps to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager:

  • Visit the site
  • Click on Go to Ads Manager.
  • Verify your information on the page for setting up an ad account.
  • Fill in details about your payment method, then hit Save Changes.

Create an Ad Using Facebook Ads Manager

You’ll see a performance dashboard after logging into the Ads Manager. Here, you’ll find all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, along with the outcomes each ad has generated for your Facebook page.

Next, choose your preferred ad type and click on the Create button in the upper left corner.

Choose an Ad Objective

Like many social media advertising networks, Facebook’s Ads Manager is designed to meet your campaign objective. Ads Manager will ask you to choose an objective for your campaign before you begin.

You can choose from 11 distinct objectives, which include everything from brand awareness and website traffic to boosting traffic and conversions. These objectives help Facebook understand what you want to accomplish so that it can give you the most suitable ad options.

Choose Your Target Audience

The next step is to set up a target audience for each ad set. If you’re just starting out with paid advertising, you need to experiment with Facebook’s different targeting options to reach the ideal target audience.

To narrow your focus, Facebook’s targeting criteria support an audience definition indicator. This tool on the right-hand side takes all your chosen features into consideration to estimate your potential audience reach.

Consider your objective if you’re unsure whether you’ll choose a narrow or broad audience. If your goal is to drive traffic, you can focus on a more specific audience who will be interested in your product or service. However, if your target is to increase brand awareness, you can go for a more general and broader audience.

Set Your Ad Budget

Facebook allows you to choose between two different budget options for your ad. Here’s the difference between the two:

Daily Budget:

This is the option you should use if you want your ad to run constantly all day. Setting a daily budget will help Facebook control how much you spend each day. A daily ad set budget must be at least 1.00 USD.

Lifetime Budget:

You should select a lifetime budget if you plan to run your advertisement for a specified period of time. Facebook will spread out your spending over the duration of time you specify for the ad.

Create Your Facebook Ad

This is where you will determine how your ad will be displayed to the audience. The primary objective of your ad plays a significant role here. If you want to increase Conversions and sell more products, Facebook’s Ads Manager will recommend the Conversion ad option.

You can choose between two different ad display formats: Links and Carousels. ‘Links’ means a single image ad will be shown to the audience. On the other hand, a ‘carousel’ is a multi-image ad that allows up to five scrolling images. You can choose either of the two options without any additional charge.

Analyze the Performance Metrics of Your Ad

The metrics that Facebook displays for ads are crucial to every Facebook ad campaign. They illustrate how effective your ads or Facebook pages are and what kind of impressions they get.

You can use this data to improve and refine your social media marketing campaign. There are various key metrics that you can find on Ads Manager to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

This information is important to understand the return on investment on each ad. You need to measure the performance of your ads on the Facebook platform to find out what works and what doesn’t. Facebook lets you track which performance tactics have the best return on investment.


Facebook advertising has been working wonders for businesses and brands. And creating an effective Facebook Ads Campaign starts with fully understanding the platform you’re advertising on.

Facebook Ads are all about maximizing your return on investment, which can be done by targeting audiences with the right fit. You can learn how to create the perfect Facebook the right way by following these seven steps.

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