Effective Guide to Recovering Your Facebook Page

Recovering a Facebook page can be challenging. This is because it is tied to an admin’s account and has no password, email address, or phone number specifically assigned to it. This is not to say it’s impossible to recover your Facebook page if you’ve lost access to it. It just requires a little more work than recovering a Facebook account. If you’re looking for how to recover a Facebook Page, this guide is for you!

Why You May Want to Recover a Facebook Page

The method used to recover a Facebook page will typically depend on how you lost access to the page. Some of the ways you could lose access to a Facebook page you manage include:

  • Cyber hack. Another person has administrative access to your Facebook page and a hacker takes over the person’s Facebook account and removes you as an admin.
  • Bygone: You were recently employed to manage an organization’s Facebook page. The person who created the page no longer works at the company, so you can’t access the page.
  • Spite: You own a Facebook page and made other persons the page admins. On firing them, they decide to delete you as an admin, and you automatically lose access.
  • Buzz: Your business is popular, but since you didn’t create a page for it, Facebook automatically did. Such a page is without an admin and is an ‘unofficial’ page. You can claim the right to the page and begin managing it.

How to Recover a Facebook Page

1. If a Hacker Took Over an Admin’s Account and Removed You As an Admin

Facebook pages are only accessible through the admins’ accounts. If you cannot access your Facebook page, chances are an admin’s account was hacked and the page tempered with, hence your removal. You’d need to learn how to recover the person’s Facebook account in such an instance.

Recovering a Facebook account is straightforward. Ask the person to visit the account recovery page or reset their password to regain access to their profile. Password reset is easy, provided the person can access the email address or phone number used to create the account. Once recovered, the person can add you back as an admin.

2. If a Hacker Removed You and Other Admins From the Page

If a hacker tricked you into releasing your page to them, and removed you and other admins, you could gain access with Facebook’s help. You’ll need to report the page to Facebook, claiming that someone else infringed on your property.

Follow these steps to recover your Facebook page.

  • Log into your Facebook profile on your desktop.
  • Head to ‘Help Center.’ You’ll see this option under “Help & Support” when you click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.

Alternatively, you can visit the help center directly at https://www.facebook.com/help and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Policies and Reporting” in the left tab.
  • Select “Intellectual Property.”
  • Click the “Fill in this form” link.
  • Choose whether you’re reporting on behalf of your organization, as the page’s owner, or for someone else.
  • Fill out the form accordingly. Note: Your chances of recovering your page depends on the information you provide in the form.
  • Complete your electronic signature by entering your full name.
  • Finally, click submit.
  • Facebook will typically contact you via email within one-two business days, asking more questions to confirm your request.
  • After the process, you’ll gain access to the page if Facebook is convinced that the page truly belongs to you.

How to Claim an Unofficial Page

If your business is popular and many people search for its page, Facebook could automatically create a page for it. You can claim the page and begin managing it by following these steps.

  • Log into your Facebook account and visit the page you want to claim.
  • You’ll see an “Unofficial Page” tag on it indicating that it has no owner. If you can’t find this tag, the page has probably been claimed by someone else.
  • You’ll also see the “Is this your business?”tag on the page. Click the link.
  • A window will open asking if you want to merge the page with an existing one or verify it using documents.
  • Select your most preferred option and click Continue.
  • Based on your chosen option, you’ll be required to merge the page with an existing one or provide documents for verification.
  • Respond to Facebook’s request as prompted.
  • Once you’ve completed all the required steps, you’ll wait for a period while Facebook processes and confirms your request. The page will be yours if the information you provided is verified as correct.
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Wrapping Up

Recovering a Facebook page is complex but not impossible. You don’t want to begin building a page from scratch, the reason why you should try recovering your page, no matter the effort required.

If successful, the entire process will be worth it. Regaining access to your Facebook page might be essential to keep your business afloat. No need to worry, a recovered Facebook page will function in the same manner as it did before the hack. This guide discusses how to recover a Facebook page.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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