Multiple Accounts: A Special Guide on How to Switch Accounts on Facebook

Does your business have many Facebook accounts? Do you want…

Does your business have many Facebook accounts? Do you want to organize them simultaneously? You should learn how to switch accounts on Facebook.

Provided the continual progress in the digital world, businesses are doing their best to engage in marketing. Technological advancements have created new battlefields for enterprises to advertise their brand effectively. Among others, Facebook appears as the most prominent ad channel worldwide.

This article will teach you the fundamentals of how to switch accounts on Facebook. Through this quick guide, you will learn the basic steps for using two or more of your accounts all at the same time. Take note of the steps and follow them!

Different Ways to Switch Accounts on Facebook

Do you own multiple Facebook accounts? If so, you do not have to log out of one of them to log in to another Facebook account. You can quickly change your Facebook accounts with an easy process.

You can easily switch between your Facebook accounts and add a second one. If you have multiple accounts, why not add them to the Facebook app and change them whenever possible? 

Switching accounts is far more convenient than logging out from one account.

Here’s how you can switch accounts in Facebook’s app.

Ensure you update your Facebook app to the latest version to use this feature on your phone.

Step #1: Select the Facebook app and tap the three lines on Android. Using an iPhone, use the three lines at the bottom.

Step #2: If you have already added an account, you will see the Switch Accounts option. Tap on that. You will not see the Switch Accounts option if you have only logged in with a single account on Facebook.

If that’s the case, you must log out of your account to log in with another.

Step #3: Log in with your other Facebook account. Go again to the three lines. Select and you will see your different account’s profile icon for the switch.

Step #4: Tap it to open your Facebook app.

Other Methods

  • Open the Messenger app on your phone.
  • You can now see your profile picture from Chats.
  • Scroll down and click Switch Account.
  • Tap on the account that you want to use.
  • Give your password if required, then tap OK.

To Wrap Up

Different methods to switch accounts on Facebook differ from person to person. Once you have switched it up, you can stop worrying about your old account. Start to craft a new one that’s just right for you.

Facebook’s new updates allow you to switch from one account to another. 

Remember to follow the guide above whenever you wish to use your second Facebook account. 

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I switch between Facebook accounts anymore?

If you have used only one account for the first time on Facebook, you will not be able to switch as a user. To log in with another account, you must log out of your account.

How do I unlink two Facebook accounts?

  • Tap on Facebook at the top right.
  • If you want to adjust your privacy or privacy, go to Settings.
  • You can find Accounting Center at the bottom.
  • Tap Accounts
  • Select Remove next to the account you want to remove.
  • Tap Continue

How do I search multiple Facebook accounts?

Enter in the address bar for access to its mobile website. Two accounts are required to log in. Next, log into your second Facebook account and password and tap “Log in”. Your Facebook accounts can be viewed and used simultaneously.

How do I switch between two Facebook accounts on my Iphone?

How do I fix the switch account problem on Facebook Messenger?

To fix Messenger’s issue of switching accounts, delete and then reinstall Messenger app. Occasionally, Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Messenger app will resolve the issue. Afterwards, you should remove the Messenger app from your phone, then reboot and check whether the app is working or not.

How do I switch between two Facebook accounts?

Click on the Account button next to Notifications when checking Facebook. As you switch accounts, select Log Into another account. Specify your username and password and click Log in. When switching accounts, remember passwords won’t prompt you to enter your password.

Can you be logged into 2 Facebook accounts at once?

Maintaining more than one account against the Facebook Community Standards is against the rules. Facebook allows you to create and manage a page based on your personal account if you want to represent your business, organization, brand, or product.

What is the account switcher button on Facebook?

Facebook’s Account Switcher button now appears next to your profile name on a desktop computer PC. This feature allows you to add up to ten profiles to your device, so it should prove useful for family members who share a computer for connecting to Facebook.

What happens if I have two Facebook accounts?

How do you switch users?

Switch users on Android Go From the Home screen, tap Switch user. Tap on a different user. Now that user has access to this webpage, he can log in.

Multiple Accounts: A Special Guide on How to Switch Accounts on Facebook

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