A Clear Guide On How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications

Social media is one of the best platforms to help people get updated with current events. However, sometimes, the “pinging” sound of notifications annoys you. Worry no more because this article will help you learn how to turn off Facebook notifications.

Have you ever felt such annoyance when you are working on an urgent task? The Facebook notification ringtone won’t stop distracting you. Luckily, there is a way out of that sickening situation.

It is time for you to discover how to turn off Facebook notifications. You will find out a few steps to take in doing so. Finally, you no longer need to throw anger at your phone.

How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications?: Things To Remember

Facebook is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with family and friends, but it can sometimes feel too inactive.

You might not want to keep up with how your politically zealous college friend constructs a status. Maybe you’re in a chatty Facebook group and want to get away with the notifications on your phone.

The only problem is that you do not want to block them. Thankfully, you can mute them without having to leave the group and hurt some feelings.

Follow these steps to turn off Facebook notifications.

  • Find ‘Settings.’
  • Click the toggle buttons next to the notification type to ‘Off.’

If you have a Facebook marketing strategy, you can still do so. You can choose which notifications to receive on a particular device.

Turning Off Facebook Notifications On Laptop

If you’re working from home on your laptop and are distracted by Facebook notifications every 15 minutes, let’s say you’ve got a tablet. If a deadline comes your way, you will become frustrated with it.

You can turn off those notifications while you’re on the laptop.

The menu bar’s downward arrow allows you to navigate to Settings.

Make sure you choose the device you’d like to change notifications for. In the above example, you’d want to change how you receive notifications on the desktop and mobile on a laptop.

Turning Off All Live Notifications

Live broadcasts on Facebook allow users to see themselves live as a real person. You may receive a notification inviting you to tune in whenever a friend or a Page you follow goes live.

If these notifications come at a time that is not convenient for you, disable them in Facebook settings.

  • Click on Settings in the dropdown list
  • Select the down arrow in the top right corner.

Turning Off Notifications Through Device

You don’t have to suffer longer if you’re tired of your phone pinging with Facebook notifications. Smartphones are already cluttered enough.

Get rid of those unnecessary notifications!

  • Choose the menu button on your smartphone to find ‘Settings.’
  • The button looks like three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the second-to-last option in the menu.
  • A dropdown menu appears under Settings.
  • Afterward, click the “Notification Settings” button.

There are a variety of notification types you can edit. Turn off push notifications by turning the first toggle button under ‘Mute Push Notifications.’

To Wrap Up

People who turn off their Facebook notifications are bound to leave out some potentially proper functionality. 

This guide is an effort to help you turn off not only Facebook notifications but any other notifications in general. Keep in mind that there are different types of notifications on various aspects of Facebook. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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