Recommended Interactive Fun Games for Facebook Groups

Are you managing a page for your business’s social media presence? Do you want to engage your members effectively? Check out this list of interactive fun games for Facebook groups.

You could spend time discussing content strategies to keep your audience engaged on social media. That’s fine — the reward can be quite high. Has it ever crossed your mind that you might overlook the simple, creative options aimed at a rather broad audience?

This article will show you a list of recommended interactive fun games for Facebook groups.

The 3 Traits of Interactive Fun Games for Facebook Groups

Social media provides a vast medium for businesses to share engagements with their target buyers. Such a move intends to build new relationships to boost company sales and start conversations.

Here are the three traits of interactive fun games for Facebook groups you should keep in mind when considering one.

1. Engaging

This trait allows you to look through the perspective of your company’s social media pages.

Is your page engaging enough to market your goods? Do your games allow your followers to learn new things about your company?

The games that you will use should encourage your customer to learn more about the most notable feature of your services. It should address their different preferences through different approaches.

Your team should make your Facebook page games include interaction as its most vital characteristic.

Here are the reasons why engagement is important:

Engagement Can Help You Save Time

If your Facebook page games are engaging enough, they help you save time from looking for ways on how to connect with your followers. This is one of the best logistic approach towards increasing social interaction with the people you’re trying to reach.

That way, you allow yourself to maximize your resources to know about the preferences of your clients.

You can use the information you gathered to create a compelling content through the games you post.

Engagement Lets You Learn More About The Market

Since you are seeking responses from the people interested with your product, you get to know more about the entire marketing field.

Social media can help you encourage people in buying your product. However, you should first learn about the marketing approaches you must use.

Facebook is a social medium that can help you on the marketing side of things. You can do this by creating great games that your followers will like.

Through these interactions, you get ideas from their responses. That way, you can use their responses to brainstorm about the right approaches that can satisfy their needs.

Engagement Maximizes Your Platform

Lastly, engagement allows you to maximize your platform. If you intend to grow your online business, using persuasive games will make your followers love your page.

It is right, and a great idea, to use social media in sharing things about your company. That way, you get to introduce your goods in the best ways possible.

Online businesses like yours are missing out on these ideas. Typically, they would mainly depend on articles, blogs, and newsletters.

Using Facebook to your advantage is the best idea you could use in maximizing its potential on helping you increase sales.

2. Provides Ideas

Next, an interactive fun game can support your marketing idea generation.

As your followers read more about your goods, they either intentionally or unintentionally share ideas about their preferences with you.

By simply responding to the questions you ask them, they provide you data you can use to your marketing advantage. That’s good news for you, because it allows you to capture an image of their likes and dislikes.

3. Creates a Chain Reaction

Additionally, interactive games should create a chain reaction.

Users that have participated on your games will surely share their experience with their friend or group of friends. Through that, they become news spreaders of your Facebook page’s activity.

Consequently, you can witness how your sales increase through a simple gesture of your followers sharing the games with their loved ones.

Afterwards, these people share it with others—spreading awareness about your company.

Interactive Fun Games for Facebook Groups

The most fundamental way to effectively engage your followers is to lead their attention towards your goods.

This may also allow them to socialize with other people, creating a community of potential clients within your reach.

Like articles or various types of content, games have the potential to go viral. Below are a few game ideas to buff up your Facebook strategy today.

Check out these interactive fun games for Facebook groups you can use to accomplish such things for your brand!

Mad Libs

It is an excellent choice for social networks, since it makes it easy for players to provide answers that users want to share. Using this word game, players are able to build a narrative framework.

There are blanks for key nouns and verbs that require input.

You could use a text post, and permit users to submit their additions in the comments. Make sure that you post the best and most well done entries.

Consider giving incentives such as coupons or other prizes to the winners.


A classic game, Hangman aims to keep your audience engaged. Making an American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) character hang man can increase the players’ chances of winning on Facebook.

As people guess letters, reply in comments with the latest game updates.


Its gameplay is simple. People who play this game begin with a 3×3 square of randomized letters.

The aim is to make as many words as possible within a certain period of time.

A game of Boggle is easy to play through your social networking page. You just have to create a picture of the 3×3 grid for the participants to work on.

As you finish accepting input, set a time limit and come back after the game concludes.

The person with the most valid matches wins.


Jumble is a difficult game to set up. However, it offers a longer running game you don’t have to monitor.

You create a vocabulary puzzle and a clue for your followers to solve it.


Anagrams is a fun game that uses tiles to create terms from a jumbled mess of letters. There are tiles that aren’t used in a given round that you can use for subsequent ones.

You can set this game up on social media by uploading pictures of tile setup. Keep track of the tiles that never get used by the selected winner, so you can keep it.

Especially since it does not require extensive active monitoring and hands-on help, this game might run well on your page.

Family Feud

It was a popular American television show wherein two families compete each other. In this game, survey questions are asked to identify the most popular responses.

Family members with the most popular survey responses would receive the most points and win prizes.

To use this game on your Facebook group, all you need to do is create a fun graphic with any topic.


Scramble is an old word puzzle game where you take scrambled letters and make new terms.

Through this game, you help your followers add more entries to their “lexicon” and sharpen their minds.

The aim of scramble is to make participants think about terms they can use to win the game.

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Can you recall playing this game as a child? Everyone would sit around in a circle and someone would be the Goose. They would have to walk around the circle, touching the children’s heads and saying “Duck, Duck, Duck.”

Then all of a sudden they would select a person to serve as the Goose. Afterwards, they’d run around the circle to sit on the Goose’s spot.

Here’s how to play this silly game through your page:

Your followers should comment “DUCK” until someone says “GOOSE.” The last response before the “GOOSE” answer wins!

Mix Chop

This was traditionally a quiz game where you had to name a song, tune, or whatever.

It’s free to play. All you have to do is provide ideas about specific things your target market can answer or provide an example.

Some brands also use this game on Instagram and Twitter. Try to make it more interesting by choosing a variety of topics.


  • Food- ask anything edible starting with a particular letter.
  • Video game- ask your followers about a specific video game through clues about its characters.
  • Candies- Use your followers’ names’ first letters to ask about a delicious candy’s name.
  • Company- Ask about a famous brand through its well-known products.


BINGO is a probability game. The game normally uses 25 squares on a 5×5 square card.

A host will announce a number, and the first person to get five row wins.

Preparation is required before playing this game, since you need to create a graphic.

To Wrap Up

Finally, you have learned about recommended free interactive games for Facebook groups. Like the ones enumerated above, you can use these activities to market your business better. You don’t have to organize enormous events just to spread awareness about your goods!

All you have to do is take advantage of Facebook and its online perks. Consider using the free games above-mentioned as tips on how to increase your business’s sales.

You no longer need to search—the response is right in front of your eyes!

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