Best Hashtag Examples for Your Social Media Campaign

As the 21st-century digital world continues to progress, new norms are rising. Using hashtags in social media is essential, particularly if you want to hop on current trends. If you need references for your social media posts, try referring to a well-known hashtag example.

People prefer having hashtags in their social media posts. Not only does it enable them to involve themselves in social media trends, but it also keeps people informed. However, not everyone knows how to make a trendy hashtag for their captions.

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What Is a Hashtag?

A hashtag creates the hyperlink between a term and the info supply. People use them as hash marks to make it easier for social media users to search for them.

It’s also the social media chase button

Using hashtags for various social media marketing reasons is common. The most basic function of a hashtag is to associate posts with a topic

Looking for a popular hashtag on Twitter allows you to search for tweets related to a trending subject. 

A hashtag is a symbol usually used with a pre-existing message. It usually expresses a topic or describes a place.

Also, it intends to tag posts and comments on social media.

Why Should You Use Hashtags?

Brands can use hashtags to their advantage. Check out these two significant benefits brands get from using hashtags.

Spreads Brand Awareness

Creating your hashtag for marketing purposes can open opportunities to increase awareness of your brand.

If a new hashtag is created, the brand behind it gets rewarded with shares of credit and awareness.

It’s a great way to communicate with like-minded people. Hashtags are helpful for almost anything.

For example, as a small business owner, you can use hashtags to promote your products or services.

Gives You Greater Engagement

Adding hashtags to your posts means participating in conversations on your social media platform. Additionally, it makes your posts visible in the search engine.

Increased engagement can result from promoting your brand’s social media presence with likes, shares, comments, and new followers.

You can create hashtags by using your company name or incorporating a tagline. 

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Platforms

Before creating a hashtag, you should first learn how to use hashtags on different social media platforms.

Facebook Hashtags

Many hashtags appear on Facebook because a brand is posting the same message on multiple platforms at once.

You can use Facebook hashtags for branding purposes only.

Having a branded hashtag for a campaign you’re running on other platforms would make sense to include on Facebook posts.

YouTube Hashtags

While hashtags on YouTube help organize content similar to other platforms, they are not used as much by creators or viewers. YouTube’s viewers browse the platform and find new content through other sources like home page placement, suggested videos, or searches.

You can organize your content on YouTube with hashtags.

Tags allow you to organize your content without creating playlists for each topic. With multiple hashtags on one post, a video is added to numerous relevant groups, with very little work on your part. 

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram marketing depends on hashtags. There is no easy way to share someone else’s post on “IG.” Hashtags have become the most common way to reach a new audience on Instagram.

Your hashtag strategy is essential for Instagram to attract your ideal follower. Start with broad hashtags representing your service or product, then niche down to what keywords your clients might search.

The best Instagram strategy is to use the maximum number of hashtags. While you can use up to thirty hashtags, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clutter your content.

3 Useful Tips to Remember When Creating a Hashtag

While hashtags were initially intended to organize the immense amount of content flowing through Twitter, they have evolved into much more than that. 

Many people and companies use hashtags to create conversations and interact with friends and fans. It’s also used to promote their products to many new users.

Influencers use hashtags to kick-start trends or effectively engage with their fans. If you are an ordinary individual, you still need to learn these tips on creating a hashtag.

#Ready? Let’s go!

Be Creative

Creativity is key in making a trendy social media hashtag. Although you can use one word only, you can try to use two or more that describe the subject. Use your wit in forging the best hashtag ever!

Use Hyperbole

Hyperbole is a great way to show creativity in your hashtags. People love extreme emotions that trigger their interest. Whether to emphasize your happiness or amplify your frustration, use exaggeration to attract viewers.

Use Quotes

Another great way to add creativity to your post is by using well-known quotes. However, you should ensure that these statements are related to your theme. You cannot use a quote about exhaustion if your post is about an electric fan.

Use Metaphor

Aside from hyperbole, you can also use metaphor in your hashtags. You can do this to make your caption more mysterious, elegant, or artistic. People love to use hashtags with a little class in them.

Be Fun

Nothing beats a fun hashtag. People don’t like reading dull hashtags. Add humorous words or phrases!

Be Trendy

Do you want your hashtag to spread worldwide? Then it should be trendy. Trendy hashtags are eye-catching, unforgettable, and relatable.

After learning these tips, it’s time to see each hashtag example listed below.

Hashtag Example for Chosen Social Media Themes

Now that you know the purpose of a hashtag and tips on how to make one, it is time to look into hashtag examples.


Hashtags About Happiness

  • #happymoments 
  • #happyday 
  • #happymoment 
  • #enjoy 
  • #bepositive 
  • #happinesss 
  • #believe 
  • #life 
  • #hapiness 
  • #happyness
  • #look 
  • #likeme 
  • #loveislove 
  • #momlife 
  • #moments
  • #sincerehappiness 
  • #naturelovers 
  • #naturephotography 
  • #family 
  • #fashion

Hashtags About Sadness

  • #goingmental 
  • #feelings 
  • #sadquotespage 
  • #heartbroke 
  • #heartbreakquotes 
  • #depressedquotes
  • #breakheart 
  • #instasad 
  • #sadmood 
  • #cry
  • #sadthoughts 
  • #heartbroke 
  • #sadness 
  • #heartbroken 
  • #crying 
  • #deppressionedits 
  • #brokenheartclub 
  • #deppressing 
  • #sadquotestumblr 
  • #sadpost

Hashtags About Achievements

  • #goaloriented 
  • #setgoals 
  • #disciplined 
  • #accomplishment 
  • #persistence 
  • #payoff 
  • #achieveyourgoals 
  • #achievers 
  • #achiever 
  • #achieve


Hashtags are an integral part of today’s world of social media. It relates topics with one another and helps individuals look for posts from other users. Using hashtags in marketing is essential because it allows you to take advantage of the growing digital platforms.

Take note of each hashtag example provided above, including the different things discussed about hashtags in this article.

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Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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