Trending Hashtags: Writing Creative YouTube Hashtags

Hashtag has become an integral element in social media posts. One of the most prominent platforms that use these symbols includes “YouTube.” You should learn about YouTube hashtags if you are a vlogger in this video streaming application.

For nearly 17 years since its first launch, YouTube has garnered millions of users (and counting). Because of that, it became a social media platform wherein people worldwide interact with one another through videos and comment sections. It also became the first site to use hashtags in captions, leading to a new trend.

#Curious about how to make YouTube hashtags? Why not #SitBackAndRelax as you read this article, providing everything you need to know about hashtags? Let’s #JumpRightIn then!

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video hosting service created by Google in November 2005. The site’s headquarters is located in San Bruno, California.

YouTube, LLC owns the site. It currently has hundreds of millions of active users, both in the United States and all over the world. YouTube is the number one online video-sharing site in the world. 

The site claims to have 90 hours of video uploaded every minute and hundreds of hours of videos uploaded daily. 

YouTube was named after the video file extension. Just like “.doc” for a Microsoft Word file and “.rar” for a RAR archive. YouTube has a “.mp4” extension for files in the video format. 

What is Hashtag (#)?

Hashtag (#) is a widely used symbol in social media posts that intends to describe a feeling, event, trend, or topic.

You can use a hashtag in a URL, the body of an email, or on social media sites like YouTube. Hashtags are often used on Twitter to negate the 140 characters’ restriction.

Hashtags are supposed to be a quick way to organize content over social media platforms. However, hashtags are incredibly subjective. 

Hashtags can be a valuable tool within the media industry to find content, but they can also mislead users and have negative connotations. 

What are YouTube Hashtags?

On YouTube, hashtags let viewers of videos know what type of content they’re viewing. This is important because as more videos come on YouTube, the more audiences can find their desired content. 

YouTube hashtags serve as a keyword for viewers regarding a particular subject or topic.

For example, a video about World War 2 can have the hashtags #Germany #UnitedStates #Army #Valor, and so many more.

It helps YouTube users to look for related videos quickly. They no longer need to spend hours searching for the same video about World War 2.


Finally, you know the basic things about a YouTube hashtag. Use these things you have learned in making hashtags for your YouTube videos. Remember to add one when creating a caption for your new vlog.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

Trending Hashtags: Writing Creative YouTube Hashtags

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