Twitter Hashtags: How To Utilize Them?

You might be losing out on many potential impressions and engagement opportunities if you aren’t utilizing Twitter hashtags to their fullest potential. To put it another way, it might have been a chance lost to bring relevant users to the platform.

Even if you know what to tweet, you might not get the most exposure for it if you don’t use the proper hashtags. This post covers how to find popular and relevant hashtags for Twitter, and when to use them. Without further ado, let’s get cracking, shall we?

What Are Twitter Hashtags?

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A word or phrase after the pound or hash symbol (#) and is a hashtag. They aid people in finding content on a social media platform that relates to a particular subject.

Search for “#ElectricCars” to find articles about it, for instance, if you want to learn more about it. In 2007, Twitter was where hashtags first appeared, but they have since become popular on other social media networks.

Capitalize the first letter of your hashtag to make sure screen readers can read it. Although it’s uncommon, doing this can be beneficial for those who use screen readers to access content.

The Importance of Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags enable people to find and follow content that interests them by grouping Tweets and conversations around a common subject. You can find all profiles and public posts that use a particular hashtag by clicking on it or searching for it.

For instance, I can find many posts of organically cooked meals if I search for #organiccooking on social media.

By using hashtags, you can make your content searchable and arranged into pertinent topics. You can make your participation in topics like Twitter trends or industry discussion visible to people by using hashtags.

By increasing your visibility to a larger audience outside your current fan base, you can increase the discoverability and reach of your content.

Trending Hashtags in Twitter

Participating in popular Twitter hashtag discussions may assist you in attracting a relevant audience. These hashtags may help some people find your products, while others may decide to follow your company.

A Twitter hashtag becoming “trending” means what, exactly? The “What’s happening” sidebar on desktop or the “Search” tab on mobile will display popular things on Twitter. These sections list the topics that are influencing discourse on the social media platform. According to user preferences, the Twitter algorithm may choose topics, news stories, or trending hashtags based on global, regional, or personal interests.

The holidays are a good place to find inspiration for new Twitter hashtags, they rise to the top of the list when they happen. 

Beyond these top hashtags in Twitter, which are predictable, some are created around the day’s news, events, and even memes that unpredictably go viral. While joining hashtags and conversations, make sure that you fully comprehend the meaning of each one. Not only that, you should assess its applicability to your voice and identity before sending out a Tweet. Similar to how some brands have been appropriated by organizations seeking to slant their message, hashtags can quickly become new, unexpected meanings.

In order to efficiently and effectively incorporate hashtags into your upcoming content, use hashtag search and research tools. Continue reading for tips on how to find popular Twitter hashtags.

More Ways to Find Trending Hashtags on Twitter

Finding out which hashtags are trending is equally important to knowing when to use them on Twitter.

You can stay current on hashtags using Twitter’s built-in search feature. Using the #Explore tab on your Twitter dashboard, start exploring.

Then click the “trending” tab to view a list of the subjects and hashtags that are popular right now in your area on Twitter.

A list of trending hashtags and topics that is customized for you based on your interests is also available on Twitter. The most well-liked subjects in various categories, like sports and entertainment, can also be found there on Twitter.

Despite this trend covering a broad audience, it can be hard to focus on the specifics that your brand audience might be interested in.

Utilizing social listening tools enables you to focus on the precise conversation your target audience is having about your company. It’s one thing to use trending hashtags to gain visibility. However, using hashtags that are highly relevant to your audience increases your chances of generating long-term value like brand loyalty and conversions.

In Conclusion

Instead of just using them carelessly and hoping for the best, hashtags on Twitter should be used strategically. This is especially true for those who manage social media accounts for businesses because proper hashtag marketing calls for a deliberate strategy.

Businesses that include strategic hashtags in their tweets to get more visibility from their customers. People share their tweets more often on Twitter. However, you need to work on understanding hashtag marketing on Twitter. In the early days of Twitter, you could use any hashtag and be done with it. However, the algorithm has changed since then. You can’t include all the hashtags in your tweets and hope for the best. Rather, you have to use them strategically and target specific words for specific hashtags in your tweets on Twitter.

You have to consider the time when you are using hashtags on Twitter. Stop using #Christmas on February, for example!

We hope our guide on hashtags for Twitter showed you how to best include them in your tweets. Correctly using hashtags will help your business immensely, and will save a lot of time. If you need any more help with the use of hashtags in Twitter, let us know!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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