How to Craft a Detailed Product Description in Business Plan

A well-written product description in your business plan has the…

A well-written product description in your business plan has the potential to attract investors and aid in the expansion of your company. 

In addition to describing your manufactured goods, your product description should emphasize the benefits of the goods. These benefits must align with your business. 

This article discusses developing a product description for a business plan and offers writing advice to help you craft your own.

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What Is a Product Description in Business Plan?

The product description in the business plan describes all the products the company produces

A business plan product description describes a product or service, the firm supplying it, the problem it answers, the price, and the target market. Your product description should explain how your products differ from similar ones on the market or why they’re needed if no market exists.

Product descriptions should be factual and not promotional or salesy. As with other business papers, a product description should be in the first person, so it doesn’t appear overly promotional.

A product description in a business plan should be understandable, so the value of your products is clear.

What Does a Product Description Entail?

A product description introduces your product to potential investors and customers. The following items below should be included in the document when presenting your product to potential investors and customers.

1. Features and Benefits of the Product

Describe the features and benefits of your product. If your product addresses a problem for customers, this section should convey that information.

2. Your Product Vs. Competition

Take a look at the competition and see how your product stacks up. Make a case for why your product is better than your competition’s offerings.

3. Price of Product

Include the price of your product and how it compares to other similar products on the market in your pitch. The cost of production, the selling price, and the profit margin all need to be discussed.

4. Trademarks

You should add this information if you’ve had your product tested by professionals in the field. Including any certifications, intellectual property, copyrights, or patents is also a good idea. 

These awards and honors bolster your product’s credibility. As a result of being awarded patents and trademarks, your company is the only one that can make this product. This increases the product’s worth.

5. the Life Cycle of the Product

The idea, prototype, and expansion stages are part of a product’s life cycle. If you’re still in the concept stage, use this section to explain how you’ll build the product and why it’s necessary.

If you already have a prototype, discuss how you intend to evaluate it and manufacture your product. Include it here if you have been producing your product but need to grow to meet demand.

6. Distribution and Sales Strategy

Describe your product’s distribution strategy, including how and where it will be sold. Vendors, brick-and-mortar stores, and online retailers are examples of possible sales channels. If you already have a list of suppliers selling your goods, insert their names and addresses here.

7. Product Delivery to Final Consumer

How do you intend to get your product into the hands of your clients? All the manufacturing and shipping details should be included here. Include information on the manufacturer, such as their location and manufacturing time. It is advisable to outsource the production of your goods, including delivery schedules and methods.

8. Resources

Identify any unique equipment, materials, or technology required to produce your product.

9. Future Expansion Projections

As your firm grows, describe your product development and introduction plans.

10. Evidence in the Form of Photos and Brochures

Photos and brochures can help investors visualize your goods. Include pictures and brochures in an appendix to your business plan, but reference them in the product description.

To Wrap Up

With a business plan product description, you’ll enlighten the reader about the firm, the product, and its market.

A product description tells the reader what the product is. It also explains how it works, how it benefits the company and consumers, and how much it costs.

Frequently asked questions

What is product description and example?

The product description describes the product you want to purchase and why you should invest in it. Providing customers with important information about the product’s features and benefits should make them compelled to buy.

Why is it important to write a clear and attractive product description?

A succinct product description attracts the customer’s attention. If they read your product’s most important features, they are more likely to buy it. There should be a detailed description so that consumers can find out how the product works.

What should be included in the product description of products and services?

The basics of a product description are three basic criteria: the problems it addresses, value for customers, and what differentiates it from the competition – a unique selling point.

How do you introduce a product example?

Please, (name of the recipient), we are pleased to introduce you to our new product (please introduce your new product). Please describe. We are able to guarantee your product (give us details about it and discuss its feedback).

What is the importance of creating a product description?

A successful online business depends on product descriptions that help you become more visible on the internet, share information necessary to make a purchasing decision and, consequently, drive more sales.

How do you write a business description?

  • Business name. Describe your company’s official name as it is registered with your state.
  • Business goals
  • Target customers
  • Competitive advantages
  • Opening date and location of the business.
  • Mission statement
  • Products or services
  • Business structure

How do you create a unique product description?

  • Highlight features by using bullet points.
  • Identify the benefits
  • Use action-provoking words to convince potential customers of your product’s effectiveness.
  • Cut out fluff

How do you write a product description template?

  • Make a headline that catches your audience’s attention.
  • Introduction to your product using a short description paragraph.
  • Consider bulleted product features and the benefits they provide.
  • Include any details that are necessary.
  • Highlight social proof

What is a good sentence for description?

Description in a sentence. The vehicle’s description was reported to him by the station. Her description of the situation was Angry. The man’s vehicle and license plate number were shared with Howie.

What makes a good product description?

Good product descriptions should focus on the features and benefits of each product. There is obviously a clearer cut in the features. Your target audience will be more interesting and you will need to be creative. Although both features and benefits allow for creative writing, they can also be utilized.

How do you write a detailed product description?

In order to describe and explain your product’s benefits, a product description is a form of marketing copy. This provides all of the information you need to sell your product on your ecommerce site. One sentence, a short paragraph, or a bulleted list of product characteristics are useful. The characters can be serious, funny, or quirky.

How to Craft a Detailed Product Description in Business Plan

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