How to Create a Template for Product Description

Have you ever experienced customers asking many questions about a…

Have you ever experienced customers asking many questions about a product you are selling through your store? Maybe because you are lacking an essential element for marketing. You should never forget to use a template for product description.

Clients want to know everything about a particular product or service. Giving them all the information they need before buying something is best. As a producer, you should enlighten them about the things they intend to purchase.

Are you having trouble sharing information about a product or service you sell? Luckily, you are now reading this article. It will provide a template for product description by providing its definition, importance, and three essential tips.

What is a Product Description?

This is an informative document traders use to provide clients with the necessary information before purchasing a particular product or service. 

A product description offers detailed information about a product that a buyer wants to purchase. It includes the product name, features, benefits, hosting websites, price, and delivery time. 

Having a good product description gives you an advantage against your competitors.

A product description is a text used to describe a tangible or intangible product. This is typically included with the product to describe its features, benefits, and potential uses.

It attempts to entice potential customers to purchase the product.

A product description is a consumer-facing document that gives the specification, benefits, features, pricing, and current status of an asset or resource.

The Importance of Having a Product Description

After learning the definition of a product description, you must know why you should have one.

Not all entrepreneurs understand the essence of having a compelling marketing element like this. Business people who have outstanding product descriptions for their brand receive a significant number of sales conversions. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Informs Your Client About the Product

The primary purpose of a product description is to inform your clients about your product. People will not opt to buy your product or services without them knowing anything about it. A mere brand name is not enough to persuade them to purchase something.

Helps You Gain Advantage Against Competitors

Having an outstanding product description also helps you gain an advantage against competitors. Not all marketers understand the vitality of having product descriptions. This will not only cause your sales to increase but also help you establish your brand’s reputation.

Builds Interest In Your Product

If you have an excellent product description, you enable your brand to build interest among your target clients. Through the information you provide, they can get curious about the actual quality of your product or services. Consequently, they decide to purchase the things your brand offers.

3 Essential Tips in Writing a Product Description

Knowing the importance of writing a product description is not enough. You should learn three essential tips in writing one to create a compelling product description. Make sure to remember these things.

1. Provide All Necessary Information

When writing a brand description, you should provide all the necessary information. Remember, this marketing element intends to enlighten and persuade your potential buyers about the different things regarding your product.

Here are a few details you should include in your product description:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Date Manufactured
  • Materials/ Ingredients Used
  • Location of Production
  • Benefits
  • Outstanding Qualities in Comparison to Other Brands

. . . and many more!

2. Keep it Compact

Despite the need to include all necessary information, you should still ensure to keep it compact.

Your product description should not exceed more than a paragraph. The rule of thumb is between 300-400 words only.

However, within that restricted number of words, you should be able to provide everything you need to inform your clients.

3. Make it Easily Comprehensible

Lastly, you should ensure that your product descriptions are easily comprehensible. Do not use technical terms like scientific names or Latin words as much as possible.

Remember, you are not writing for a courtroom discussion. Instead, you intend to educate an audience with various backgrounds and educational attainments.

Your product descriptions should be effortlessly understandable.

Template for Product Description


[PRODUCT DESCRIPTION] Between 200-250 words.

[DETAILS] Between 50-100 words

[SHIPPING & RETURNS] 25-50 words.

To Wrap Up

Product descriptions are essential in selling your products or services to your clients. The template should contain the product name, description, details, and information about shipping and returns. If you follow this format, expect a significant positive impact on your sales.

Frequently asked questions

What is description and example?

61. 26. Descriptions are words used to describe someone or something they represent. An example of description is a trip given by a family.

How do you describe a product to a customer?

  • Think about explaining it to your extended family.
  • Let the customer decide what format works best for them.
  • Explain foreign affairs by using familiarity.

How do you introduce a product?

  • Establish a selling point. Selling points are a reason your customers may purchase your product.
  • Gather support
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Train your team
  • Demonstrate the product with your team.
  • Dates and schedules
  • Keep your product life afloat.
  • Make a mission statement.

How do I write a product description copy?

  • Write for the person who would love it.
  • As you begin to use your product, paint a picture of how it feels.
  • Keep your tone consistent with your brand message.
  • Let them feel something.
  • Make features and benefits more accessible.
  • The use of cliches and empty phrases is banned.
  • Feel free to use sticky words or sensory words.

How do you introduce a product example?

Dear (name of the recipient), We at (introduce your company) are proud to introduce you to our new product (intrintroduction of your newly launched product). Write your reasons (describe). There is a possibility (give us details of your product and discuss its feedback and market value).

How do you write a good description?

  • Make clear all obvious descriptions.
  • Use surprising words
  • Remember sensory details
  • Use metaphor
  • Consider who is describing.
  • Be cautious of overdescriptions.
  • Use examples of descriptive writing.

How do you create a unique product description?

  • Highlight features using bullet points.
  • Make sure to focus on the benefits.
  • Use action-provoking words to convince customers that your product is effective.
  • Cut out fluff

How do I write a copy to sell my product?

  • Obtain a single focal point.
  • Know who you want to reach.
  • An engaging language and a compelling story.
  • Your text should be readable, conversational, and concise.
  • Make your product’s benefits prioritizing, not its features.
  • You’ll conclude with a clear, convincing call to action.

What does a product description include?

Product descriptions should include information about the product’s features, benefits to the buyer, and problems it solves.

Can you copy product description?

Copy and paste product description from original manufacturer’s website for the easiest way. You can, after all, do this in a legal way. Your expectations are actually high. Large brands want you to take the product descriptions seriously.

How do you write a product description in Excel?

Description. Taking all the numbers given as arguments as arguments, the PRODUCT function returns the product. If cells A1 and A2 have numbers, you can multiply those two numbers together with the formula =PRODUCT(A1, A2).

How to Create a Template for Product Description

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