Consider These Effective Application Follow-Up Email Templates

A job application can be both exciting and disheartening. The long wait is more anxiety-inducing than getting declined. There’s nothing wrong with asking potential employers for an update on your application. However, there’s a proper way and channel to do it. If you’re writing a job application follow up email, make sure to check out these templates. 

What is a Job Application Follow Up Email?

It is an email sent to a potential employer after submitting a job application. It is used to check on the status of a job application and to show your continued interest in a specific role or position. It’s a great networking tool that lets the hiring manager see that your application is still active. 

The Importance of Follow-up Emails

In today’s competitive job market, following up after submitting a resume or application is critical to getting noticed by employers. A well-written follow-up email shows your interest in the position and motivation to land the job. It also allows you to sell yourself and stand out from other candidates.

However, make sure you don’t overdo it, either. Remember that hiring managers are busy people. They likely have hundreds of other applications to review. Avoid spamming potential employers for a reply. While this isn’t any ground to disqualify applicants, it can hurt your chances of landing the job.

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Job Application Follow Up Email Samples

Sample A

To [hiring manager], 

I’m writing to follow up on my job application. I submitted my application on [date] and have not yet heard a response. It would be deeply appreciated if you could let me know the status of my application or, if possible, arrange an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Sample B

Hi [Employer Name], 

I wanted to follow up on my job application and ensure you received everything. I am extremely excited about the position. I’d love to come in for an interview. Please contact me if you need any clarifications about my application.

Thank you for your time!

Sample C

To [Company name], 

I’m writing to follow up on my job application. I submitted my application on [date] for the [position] position. I’m very interested in the position and would like to have the opportunity to interview for it. 

I’ve included a copy of my resume and cover letter for your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


[applicant name]

Sample D

Hi [Name], 

I wanted to drop you a quick follow-up note on my job application. I submitted my application on [date] and am very interested in the [position] position. My skills, experience, and expertise make me the ideal candidate for this role. I would be grateful for the chance to interview for the position. 

If you need clarification on anything in my application, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can contact me through [phone number] or by email at [email address]. Thank you very much for your time.


[Your Name]

In Summary

job application follow up email is the proper way to ask potential employers about the status of your application. Applicants can also use these emails to sell their skills and experience. 

These emails are simple enough to write. The key is to be clear and professional. You can also take inspiration from the examples provided. Good luck!

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