Cold Email Templates for Better Outreach and Sales

An effective cold email template can streamline outreach and get you the desired prospect you need. It’s often said that the more you’ve reached out to someone, the more likely you’ll actually get a response. A cold email can be a great, fast way of reaching a prospect.

But if you cannot entice people to open your email, you won’t engage enough people to make any meaningful conversation happen. If your cold emails don’t get a response, you’re already out of the game.

Therefore, we have outlined the best cold email templates to break the ice between you and your future client. Let’s start by understanding what a cold email is.

What Is a Cold Email Template?

Cold emails are long-form emails that include genuine introductions and personalized information about an individual.

They are a sales tool to attract potential customers when an organization or company is looking to make a sale or close an opportunity. A cold email template is usually concise, personalized, and well-researched.

Do you want to get to know a person, or are you hoping to attract leads? You can create cold email templates that help you in relationship building. Basically, cold email templates help you be persuasive in your pitches and more appealing to your email recipients.

What Is Not a Cold Email?

Now that we know what a cold email is, it is also crucial to realize what a cold email is not. Remember that a cold email is not spam nor a traditional cold call sent to the entire list of email contacts.

It’s a planned strategy that focuses on individuals at particular businesses who might be attracted by your offer. A cold email should be like a one-on-one personal call without being too intrusive or annoying.

Cold sales email templates are vital to boosting sales for your company. A cold email ensures that it has essential information of benefits and proof to establish trust.

Moreover, employing a sales template saves your sales team time and improves open rates.

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5 Effective Cold Email Templates to Nail Outreach

Investing enough effort in crafting the perfect cold email template will enable you to get the most out of this incredibly popular sales channel. Now that you know the importance of cold emails let’s look at some effective cold email templates to nail outreach and generate sales.

1. Recent Event Cold Email Template

Subject Line: Congratulations on [event]!

Hey [first name],

I just recently saw you [event — acquisition, the introduction of a new product, etc.]. Congratulations! [greetings expressing excitement, mentioning positive press, etc.]

Many businesses concentrate more on [value you provide] after [event]. At [prospect company name], things are certainly chaotic right now, but I’d be happy to highlight how we can help with [key benefit].

Are you available for a meeting or call next week? [mention your availability windows or a link to your calendar.]

Congrats again,

[your name]

2. AIDA Cold Email Template

AIDA is an effective cold email campaign strategy that has been around for a while. It stands for attention-interest-desire-action that describes the sequence of the actions to include in your primary email content.

Subject Line: Time Saving Program

Hi [name],

When was the last time you crossed everything off your daily to-do list?

Like most busy executives, you must be struggling continuously to remain on top of things, let alone be the leader you need to be.

Our program enables driven businesspeople like Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vaynerchuk to save up to ten hours each week. This time can then be redirected to your top goals.

Let me set up a time to walk you through a personal demo. Are you free to talk next week?

3. Be As Direct As Possible

Subject: 10x [prospect company] engagement in 10 minutes

Hello [name],

I have a concept that I can pitch in 10 minutes to obtain the next 100 top clients for [the company].

Using this concept, I recently assisted our client’s [SaaS company/competitor] in nearly tripling their monthly revenue.

Let’s arrange a quick call so that I can explain the concept to you, [Name]. What time works best for you?

4. Requesting an Introduction Email Template

Subject Line: Can you connect me to the right person?

Hey [first name],

My name is [name], and I work at [company name]. We collaborate with groups like [business name] to [enter sales pitch].

[A brief sentence mentioning the benefit].

I’d really appreciate it if you could direct me to [company name]’s appropriate contact. It would help us discuss whether this would be beneficial for the business.


[your name]

5. Highlight a Competitor’s Product/Service Email Template

Subject Line: Scale [their company name] in [a specific time frame]

Hi [first name],

I came across your profile while looking up [company name]. Honestly, I am impressed by how dedicated you were at [company name] to helping scale the [department] team. It looks like you were also the go-to advisor for your expanding customers.

But I suppose you might be having trouble with [pain point your solution addresses]. Are there any customer accounts at risk that could benefit from [what you offer]?

[Competitor company name] was looking for a way to [what you provide]. And leveraging [our company], they gained [significant benefit]. This had [business impact] for their clients.

Is it reasonable to consider ways we may assist your team as well?


[your name]


With the endless new opportunities available, you never know what type of pitch you’re walking into. And you may be the one who ends up landing a contract.

Whether you want to market your company or look to capture eyeballs online, a cold email template can help you craft the perfect pitch. This article lists some effective cold email templates for inspiration.

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