A Free Guide on How to Cold Email Professors for Research

You might have already heard about cold emailing as an excellent tool for effective brand marketing. However, have you ever tried using it for academic purposes? If not, you must learn how to cold email professors for research.

Some academic research studies require the personal insights of field experts. Teachers and professors alike. However, finding the best academician who knows many things about your thesis topic is not easy.

This article will teach you how to cold email professors for research. It will let you know its definition and the three things you should remember when making one. Treat this guide as one of your related literature reviews!

What is a Cold Email?

First, we need to define what is a cold email. Cold emails are first used in marketing. This kind of correspondence aims to reach a stranger from a pool of prospects.

As time passed, students started to use cold emailing to reach potential research samples. A cold email intends to propose something to someone by presenting facts or questions.

It simply means requesting a person to reply to you. In general, this is used as an effective strategy for contacting a particular individual.  This person may know something about your topic without putting forward a lot of personal details.

How to Cold Email Professors for Research?: A 3-Step Guide

Now, you know the definition of cold emailing. It’s time to learn about the three things you need to remember when composing a cold email for research purposes.

Don’t take your attention away yet in reading this article. You still have a lot to learn. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Avoid Being Intrusive

Professors are the last individuals you should bother by writing a random email. They are busy academicians who have many important things to do.

By sending your cold email, you should ensure that you recognize that they may be preoccupied. You can do this by indicating in your subject title that the cold email is for research purposes.

Do not write subject lines that contain “pushy” words and capitalization like “URGENT” or “REPLY QUICKLY.” 

Not only are these titles disrespectful, but they may also cause panic in your professors. Instead, you can use words like “Invitation for Research Interview” and insert your thesis’s title afterward.

2. Explain Your Purpose

Next, you should clearly and concisely explain the purpose of your cold email.

Do not go around the clock trying to let your professor know about the intention of your correspondence. Be straightforward.

Let them know immediately that their participation in your research would be appreciated. Professors do not prefer reading long emails. It’s a waste of time for busy individuals like them.

Write short sentences that give them a summary of your study. You do this, so they’ll be well-informed about the interview you invite them to join.

3. Ask For Their Availability

Lastly, you should ask for their availability. As aforementioned, professors are “busy bees.” They don’t have much time in their calendar to attend to other matters.

That’s why when you write a cold email for them, you should send it in advance. Preferably in a month or half a month before the suggested date of the interview.

That way, they can prepare and set a schedule to meet with you.

Avoid sending sudden cold emails that may interfere with their schedule.

In Summary

Collecting facts and reliable opinions from academic sources will highly benefit the credibility of your study. That’s why learning how to cold email professors for research is essential. Follow this guide, so you won’t have any trouble inviting an expert for an interview about your thesis. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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