Introducing Two Parties Over Email: an Effective Guide

Introducing two people to each other is one of the…

Introducing two people to each other is one of the most natural and straightforward networking skills. Introduction email between two parties allows you to connect a potential job candidate to a colleague who is hiring. Such emails can also be used to invite someone to mentor another in the same field or career path.

Introducing two parties to each other over email must occur thoughtfully and professionally. This guide will teach you how to craft emails that introduce two people to each other uniquely and successfully.

Why Should You Introduce People Over Email?

Introducing people is a great way to establish new professional relationships. It is also an excellent way to create solid partnerships and meaningful networks. Introduction between two parties is done to create mentoring opportunities, provide potential hiring candidates, and grow professional and personal networks.

Features of Introduction Email Between Two Parties

Below are some of the key features you should consider when you’re composing your introduction email.

1. Greetings: Begin with pleasantries and well wishes to both parties.

2. Introductions: Write a few sentences presenting each person and state why they’re being introduced.

3. Closing: Conclude with a note showing appreciation for the opportunity to bring both parties together.

How to Introduce Two Parties by Email

Here are the steps to follow for a practical introduction of two parties over email.

1. Write an Informative and Concise Subject Line

Your subject line should tell the purpose of the introduction email. It should be brief and to the point. Using both parties’ first names in the subject line is best. For instance, “Introduction: Kenneth Meet June” is a short and straightforward subject line.

You can include company names in parentheses when introducing two parties for business purposes. For instance, “Introduction: Kenneth (Benson Enterprises) Meet June (Robinson Corporation).”

2. Provide a Pleasant Greeting

Begin your email with a warm greeting and good wishes to both parties. For instance, “I hope this finds you in good health” is an acceptable opening, but it is often overused. Try something unique and more straightforward.

Consider these examples:

  • “I’d like you to meet Henry. Henry is…”
  • “I am eager to introduce you to Nancy. When we discussed…”
  • “Allow me to introduce Benjamin. Benjamin is our go-to man for…”
  • “Tom, meet Marcus. Marcus is…”
  • “I wanted to introduce you to Jerry, who is…”
  • “Take a moment to get to know Michelle, the head of…”

3. Address the Point of Your Connection

State who you’re introducing and why. Explain why you think the connection is beneficial to both parties.

For example, “Kenneth, I would love to introduce you to June Davidson. She is pursuing an MBA and looking to apply to advertising agencies in New York after graduation. I understand your firm is growing, and I consider her skill set and work ethic a perfect fit.”

4. Highlight Each Person’s Achievements

Concisely highlight each party’s abilities by sharing their accomplishments. For example: “Kenneth and I met at Value Media, where he was head of Advertising. During his tenure there, he doubled revenue percentages on each campaign he led.”

5. Establish a Connection

Highlight the similarities between both parties. For example, “June is also a Columbia University graduate who loves playing football. She’s also originally from Detroit.”

6. Include a Clear Call to Action

Give both parties suggestions on the next steps and the channel for connecting. For example, “June, would you have time to grab coffee with Kenneth and share your experience pursuing an MBA?”

7. Say ‘thank You’ and Close Your Email

Show appreciation to both parties. Expressing gratitude for the connection helps create a meaningful relationship between you all. For instance, “Thank you both for taking the time to connect. It means a great deal to me to see two colleagues who are passionate about digital marketing get together.” Other examples of appropriate closing for your introductory email include:

  • I hope you will be able to connect with me. Please do let me know if you need anything else from me.
  • I am glad I made this connection; I’ll let you take it from here.

Tips for Introducing People Over Email

Some tips to note when introducing two parties over email include:

1. Get approval: Before you send an introduction email, ensure that both parties are willing, interested, and open to a new connection.

2. Be careful with personal information: Only share information that both parties are comfortable with. Do not include phone numbers if they are unwilling to exchange such contacts.

3. Vary your introductions: Instead of introducing individuals to the same colleague every time, call on other people within your network for introductions.

4. Make meaningful connections: Introduce only people you can vouch for and those you’re proud to present.

How to ask for permission to start the introduction

Before the introduction, get permission from the person your connection is proposing to meet. Send them a professional email describing your relationship with the connection. Explain why they should meet the person and why you think an introduction would benefit both parties.

If you’re proposing the introduction, send separate emails to both parties requesting permission for the introduction. Remember to state why you think they should meet.

Example of a Letter of Permission

Hi Thomas,

I hope you’re well! Would you be interested in meeting Ben? We worked together at Bing, and he recently co-founded a digital marketing agency. They’ve recorded tremendous growth within the past six months and are amongst the world’s top 10 digital marketing agencies.

Ben is the most dedicated leader I know, and I think you’d be excited about his vision.

Let me know if you’d like to meet him, and I’ll introduce you in a new email.



yellow cube with email symbol on blue background picture
yellow cube with email symbol on blue background picture

To Wrap Up

Introduction email between two parties is a great way to jumpstart a meaningful connection. Such emails connect a colleague to a potential job candidate or invite someone to mentor the other. The relationships established by introducing people are usually mutually beneficial.

The tips to follow for crafting an effective introduction email have been highlighted in this article. We hope you find them valuable.

Frequently asked questions

How do you introduce a new team member to a client?

  • Name and title of the new employee.
  • What they do, their key skills, and their experience.
  • If you have any questions, please provide your contact information.
  • You should be aware of any specific instructions or expectations your client has to follow.

How do you introduce someone in an email professionally?

My template: Hi [Name], I was asked by [Name of contact who reached out to you], a quick description of contact and/or how you know them], to make an introduction to you to discuss [topic or question they want. My first step was to run it by you.

What does CC and BCC stand for in email?

Despite the outdated terminology used by email systems (CC stands for “Carbon Copy” and BCC stands respectively for “Blind Carbon Copy”), both of these fields operate in a fairly straightforward manner. If you enter an email address into the CC field, then your account will receive a copy of your email.

How do you introduce two people professionally?

When asking both parties permission, be professional. Explain your relationship with the other person and why you think that an introduction would be useful on both sides. You can put something like: “Into (name)?””.

Who should respond first in an email introduction?

It is likely that you requested an introduction from a colleague, so you will respond first and as soon as possible, since you are the one being introduced by a company colleague. If you have received the message within 24 hours, you should respond.

Who do you introduce first?

Introduce men and boys to women and girls, and children to older people. First, you will need to mention the name of the person you’re introducing to. Order doesn’t matter when the introduction involves two people of the same sex and about the same age.).

How do you introduce an audience example?

How do you introduce two parties in an email?

Start by saying “Introduction:” or “Initiation:”. Self-explanatory and attractive, it catches the eye quickly. Give names of people that you intend to introduce to the public. It is recommended to use the letters “” and “”, “/”, “x” or similar between the names.

How do you introduce someone professionally?

  • Include the name of the individual you are making an introduction to.
  • Make sure to tell them your intent.
  • Let us know about the person you are introducing.
  • Please provide additional information, if necessary.

How do you introduce a new team in an email?

Introducing our newest team member(s), [new employee’s name(s)]. Starting [the start date] they will join us as [new employee’s job(s)]. I am confident that they will be a valuable asset to the team. Make sure they are welcomed.

Introducing Two Parties Over Email: an Effective Guide

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