Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Campaign

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that helps businesses reach…

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that helps businesses reach new prospects and nurture relationships with current customers. The platform offers advertisers several options, including lead generation forms to collect data such as prospect contact information. If your want to grow your business and stay at the top of your game, LinkedIn sponsored content lead gen form is one way.

Companies increasingly use LinkedIn to advertise their brand’s offerings and acquire leads. The LinkedIn lead gen form is one of the best mediums for generating leads. This article covers the nitty-gritty details about lead gen forms ads, including how they work.

What are LinkedIn Gen Forms?

A lead generation form is used by businesses to collect data such as contact information (e.g., email addresses and phone numbers) from prospects. The marketing team then follows up with leads to convert them into paying customers.

A LinkedIn lead gen form permits advertisers to include a pre-filled form containing users’ LinkedIn profile data in their sponsored ad. Once users click on the call-to-action option on the sponsored ad, the lead gen form appears with pre-filled information.

All the user has to do is hit the “submit” button. This feature makes it easy for a user to convert to a lead as users do not have to fill out the form manually. It also keeps users on LinkedIn rather than sending them to a landing page or website.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Form

1. Easy conversions

LinkedIn lead generation forms make it easier for users to convert to leads by eliminating friction. Sending users to a landing page where they have to fill out forms manually adds friction that can reduce conversion rates.

These forms reduce the number of steps to just two clicks – clicking on the call-to-action and clicking on ‘submit.’ These can help your business get the highest conversion rates possible.

2. Double conversions

LinkedIn lead gen forms can give you a double conversion. Once a user submits the lead generation form, you get their email address which you can use for follow-up through email marketing.

After submitting their information, your leads are shown a thank-you message with a prompt to visit your website. This gives you the option of enticing them with another offer.

3. Targets professionals

LinkedIn has a vast professional database, allowing ads to target people using demographic markets. Such as location, skills, job experience, education, where they work, and job title. This makes it easier to reach high-quality audiences and convert them to customers.

How to Set Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Another advantage of using Linkedin Lead Gen Forms is that they are easy to set up. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set it up:

  • Visit Campaign Manager
  • Click the correct account name
  • Select ‘Account Assets,’ then click on Lead Gen Forms.
  • Click ‘Create Form.’

There are four sections of the Create Form page, and these include:

  • The form details
  • Lead details & questions
  • Confirmation
  • Hidden fields

1. The form details. Enter the Form name, Language, Offer Headline, Offer Details, Privacy Policy URL, and Privacy policy text.

2. Lead details and custom questions. In this section, you specify the type of data you want to collect when someone signs up on your form.

3. Complete the Confirmation Section. You can create a custom thank you message and enter the website URL you want members to visit after completing your form.

4. Complete the Hidden fields section. You can add up to 20 Hidden fields (optional), which allows you to create and track additional areas in your Leads report.

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The LinkedIn sponsored content lead gen formrepresents a considerable growth opportunity for advertisers and marketers alike. It helps companies get the contact information of leads, creating a means for effective email marketing. LinkedIn lead gen forms are easy to set up and offer several benefits, including conversions.

If you’re not using them now, you should try them. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain countless leads and increase your conversions!

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a LinkedIn ad campaign?

  • You must sign up for Campaign Manager. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is LinkedIn’advertising platform.
  • Choose your objective
  • Provide a target audience.
  • Make your choice
  • Budget and bid
  • Get creative and set your schedule.
  • Please save your billing information.

Are LinkedIn ads worth it?

If you have a high-ticket offer, Linkedin ads are worth it. This is due to the higher cost of running ads than on other platforms. However, you will get better leads and have a higher conversion rate.

What are the 3 approaches of lead generation?

Here goes, the three best lead generation methods: search engines, content marketing, and of course, social media.

Can I use LinkedIn for lead generation?

Campaign Manager provides real-time reporting that shows LinkedIn’s value. Monitor your LinkedIn ads’ conversions on your website using conversion tracking and your campaigns’ analytics built-in. Leads are sourced through LinkedIn, one of the most valuable channels.

How do I test lead gen form on LinkedIn?

Click the More icon to the right of the Ad creative and select Preview from the dropdown. The preview will appear with a call-to-action button. Test leads from the desktop or mobile preview. View the advertiser privacy policies, form fields, and custom checkbox(es), if applicable.

How do I optimize my LinkedIn profile for lead generation?

  • Goals for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Create a banner with an original picture.
  • Make a clear and simple header.
  • About provides a detailed value proposition.
  • Featured sections include social proof.
  • Linkedin URLs can be customized.
  • Keep the Activity section organized.

How does LinkedIn use B2B lead generation?

B2B showcase pages were basically custom designed to generate leads. LinkedIn writes, “You should plan a Showcase Page when you want to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative.”. The pages were created to provide an audience with long-term relationships.”.

What is a good budget for LinkedIn ads?

Minimums. LinkedIn has a minimum budget of $10 per day for any calendar format. Investing $100 in new, inactive campaigns is required to live a lifetime budget. The minimum lifetime budget is re-adjusted to the minimum daily budget multiplied by the total days scheduled.

How do I Advertise on LinkedIn 2022?

  • Choose your objective. Each campaign begins by choosing the objectives that matter most across awareness, consideration, or conversions.
  • Select your target
  • What LinkedIn format should you use.
  • You should establish your budget and schedule.
  • Optimize your campaign and measure it.

How do LinkedIn lead forms work?

The Lead Generation Form on LinkedIn is automatically filled with all their contact and profile information when they click on a call-to-action button. The company can then send their information through the form without having to manually type it in.

How do you set up a campaign?

  • Define the Goals. In a campaign, one has to outline goals.
  • Set a Budget
  • The target audience to choose.
  • Select Your Medias
  • Develop Your Messaging
  • Measure the Results
  • Compare yourself to the competition if necessary.

What makes a good lead gen campaign?

Thus, make sure your campaign highlights a clear understanding of your target market, multiple media channels to capture potential leads, compelling offers, and a strong strategy that measures performance. All of these are all good, so you’re good to go!

How does LinkedIn Campaign Manager work?

The Campaign Manager tool is a tool that enables anyone to create, launch, and evaluate LinkedIn ad campaigns. Online advertising tool guides advertisers to launch campaigns in 23 languages and reach the largest professional network in the world.

How do I optimize lead generation campaign on LinkedIn?

  • Develop a strong offer.
  • Bold Images, Videos, and Messages.
  • Keep the number of questions short.
  • Answer your custom question quickly.
  • Follow-up with Leads in a Timely Manner.
  • Keep your lead generation forms updated.
  • You Can Improve Your Target Audience Through Demographic Data.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost 2022?

Bid TypeAverage Cost
CPS$0.80 per send
Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Campaign

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