10 Best LinkedIn Tips and Tricks to Make You Stand Out

Some of the world’s most successful B2B companies use LinkedIn as a key branding and marketing tool in marketing their online product and services. Job seekers use LinkedIn’s passive marketing power to stand out in a crowd of B2B professionals.

Everyone knows your profile picture should have a decent resolution, and you should compose an engaging synopsis, etc,. We will not bore you with all the apparent optimization techniques.

We have outlined important LinkedIn tips and methods you’ve probably never heard of. These LinkedIn methods can help you create your brand, improve sales, extend your contacts, and enhance your career.

Here are 10 LinkedIn tips tricks to become a pro.


10 LinkedIn Tips Tricks to Make You Stand Out

Want to stand out? Here are 10 ways to spice up and win on LinkedIn. All 10 can be finished within minutes! Here’s what we have in store for you.

1. Increase Your LinkedIn Social Selling Score

Have you heard of the Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn? Don’t panic if the answer is “no.” Many folks are unaware this tool exists.

Your SSI can be located on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It evaluates your social selling abilities. Each factor is worth 25 points. The maximum possible SSI score is 100. LinkedIn uses this score to determine how well the algorithm works in your favor.

Increase your score, and LinkedIn will show more people your material. The portal will also recommend your profile to other job recruiters and those seeking to expand their professional networks.

If you follow LinkedIn’s advice and increase your SSI score, you will perform better on the platform. Check it out to see what is outstanding and what is needing improvement.

2. Complete your profile

Complete every field on the page, including the summary, experience, education, groups, recommendations, and talents.

Then begin posting and publishing LinkedIn articles regularly. They also want to see that you are saving leads, which allows them to send you actionable insights.

LinkedIn encourages you to be actively involved on the platform and to follow their recommendations. Occasionally, the platform will prompt you to update a profile section or publish a post.

If you adhere to these recommendations, LinkedIn will appreciate your efforts. Also, ensure you answer all your messages. If you don’t want to take a job, check the “Not interested” option to let LinkedIn know you’re active and involved in the community.

3. Establish relationships

There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to create connections on LinkedIn. The incorrect approach is to bombard everyone with connection requests. Carefully choose who you connect with, and include personalized notes in your connection requests.

LinkedIn desires a high acceptance rate for your connection requests, which indicates that most people are connecting rather than rejecting.

4. Analyze Skills and Skills Overlap

Consider the talents required for the position. Examine the skills overlap between your chosen jobs to see what you already have and what you need to learn. 

5. Tick Message, Job Request, and Connection Request

LinkedIn desires your participation on the platform. LinkedIn wants you to respond if a salesperson or recruiter uses InMail credits to send you a message, even if your response is “no.”

Always respond to job requests and connection invitations. If you are not interested in the position, kindly decline. If you receive a connection request, do not leave it unanswered on the “My Network” page. “Ignore” or “Accept” it.

When you interact with the LinkedIn community, LinkedIn promotes your profile. You now receive increased reach, connection exposure, and profile visits.

Don’t believe us? Every day for a month, make a post on LinkedIn. Complete each day with an empty inbox, including no unanswered invitations or unread messages. Observe your LinkedIn performance rising and moving to the right.

6. Let your cover image represent you

LinkedIn’s users recognize the importance of a good profile image, as it is the first (and frequently only) thing they see on the platform. Other users will see your profile picture when you publish posts, like, or comments.

Nevertheless, the cover image is the next most valuable piece of real estate. Even before your profile picture, it is the first thing viewers will see when they visit your profile page. It occupies a tremendous amount of space at the top of your website, but few people take advantage of it.

Change it at a minimum to something that represents you. Anything is preferable to the default image, which shouts, “I don’t care.”

Add design and a call-to-action (CTA) to your image if you want to step things up a notch.

5. Search Like an Expert

LinkedIn’s search features are sophisticated if you know how to utilize them. You can apply many modifiers to refine your search and locate just what you require.

Find a precise phrase by enclosing your words in quotation marks.

  • Type “AND” in all capital letters between two or more terms to search for profiles that contain several terms

For Example: “Founder” AND “Technology.” 

  • Type “OR” with all capital letters between two or more search terms to return profiles matching either term. 

For Example: “Founder” OR “Entrepreneur” OR “Co-Founder.”

6. Utilize Employee Advocacy

This recommendation is not exclusive to LinkedIn, but we believe it has the best potential on this platform. An employee advocacy program encourages staff participation in marketing your organization.

Such services like Dynamic Signal, Gaggle AMP, and Sprinklr enable your employees to share business-related content on their accounts. They can automate posting or schedule content manually.

These initiatives assist your staff in becoming thought leaders (by frequently providing pertinent industry content) while also increasing your company’s exposure. Some businesses even utilize leaderboards and incentives to motivate team members to share more.

People have more faith in their relationships and connections than businesses. Edelman reports that employee advocacy-related leads convert seven times more frequently than other leads.

This does not imply that your brand is not trustworthy; this is simply the case.

7. Be unique

Do not attempt to be somebody else. Yes, seek out influence and inspiration on LinkedIn, but provide something unique. What abilities, skills, or knowledge can you give the community? Choose something that only you can provide, if possible.

On LinkedIn, there are numerous entrepreneurs, but how many can claim to be first-generation college graduates? What insights does this give you as the founder of an up-and-coming technology startup?

Or consider being a mother of three while running an internet business. What obstacles have you encountered? What creative strategies have you developed to overcome obstacles?

There is only one you on LinkedIn, just as there is only one you in the world. This may sound like advice from a fortune cookie, but give what only you can offer.

8. Insert Appropriate Keywords

LinkedIn’s algorithm analyzes your summary, experience, skills, and postings for keywords to learn more about you. Once the keywords are selected, the system displays qualified applicants, promotes relationships with users, and presents specific job postings based on user preferences.

Find the keywords with which you wish to be associated. You should rank for terms such as “freelance,” “writer,” “content writer,” “copywriting,” and “web writing” if you are a freelance writer. LinkedIn’s users searching for experts will locate your profile if you optimize your profile.

9. Rearrange (and Pin) Your Top Capabilities

Did you know that you may prioritize which talents appear on your profile? Click the edit button beneath the skills and endorsements section of your profile.

Pin the skills you wish to emphasize. You may also reorder the remaining abilities to reflect your desired priorities and narrative.

In continuation with the last step, you should pin talents that contain your keywords. This indicates to LinkedIn’s algorithms that this is your area of expertise.

10. Request Recommendations

Someone who enjoys LinkedIn (and likes working with you) may occasionally write you a recommendation. This doesn’t happen very often. Try seeking a referral instead.

Click on “Ask for a recommendation” under the Recommendations section of your profile. Here, you can select a link and then your working relationship with that individual.

They will receive a notification requesting a referral. You can include a note asking it, and you should. While you’re at it, inquire about using their recommendation elsewhere. You might use it as a recommendation for prospective clients or as a recommendation on your website.

These LinkedIn tips tricks are tested and trusted, so you can use them to their full extent.

To Wrap Up

These LinkedIn tips tricks are the best easy hacks for companies, professionals, students, and more.

All of LinkedIn’s functions must be implemented into your career plan and used to connect with like-minded individuals in order to be successful.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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